21 Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral. Nowadays, there is a lot of decrease in the morality of children. After many troubles in their life, they get nervous, they tell lies, they do not listen to the elders and apart from this, there are many such flaws which are seen in children. In such a situation it is necessary to bring ethics to them. To guide and lead them on the right path. We can do all this through small stories. Short stories with morals. Children are very interested in listening to stories. Children love to listen to stories. That is why we have brought some interesting stories for your child which you must read.

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We always try to make our child better. We always want that they should learn good things, good habits, morals etc. But, the question is how can we do that? There are many ways to do so and one of them is reading good stories.

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Pigeon and An Ant – Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral


There was a very nice fruit tree on the banks of the river. A pigeon was sitting on that tree and he was eating fruits with great pleasure. In such a situation, he saw that a gust of wind came and an ant fell into the river by that gust of wind.

As soon as the ant fell into the river, the ant made a voice, “Save me, please help me.”

The pigeon sitting on the tree heard the sound of the ant. Now in such a situation, the pigeon immediately released the fruit and came forward to help the ant. He took a leaf and gave it to the ant. Ant saved his life with the help of that leaf. Ant thanked the pigeon.

A few days later a hunter arrived in the forest, that hunter laid a trap in the forest and after laying the trap, put some food grains in it. Ant was watching this whole incident.

After some time pigeon was coming down to eat grains, that ant thought that I should help him.

Then go into the thing and cut the hidden hunter’s leg hard, which caused the hunter’s scream. The pigeon was alert after hearing the hunter and saved himself from the trap.

In this way the ant saved the life of that pigeon

The moral of the story – you will get the same as you do, in the same way, that the ant also saved the life of the pigeon.

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Wisdom of Buddha – Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

Once upon a time, Gautama Buddha was on a journey with his disciples. While walking on the journey, Buddha felt thirsty, so he asked one of his disciples to go and fetch me drinking water.

Now, when that disciple looked around, no source of water was found anywhere. But when he tried more, he found a source of water on the way.

There he saw that some people are washing clothes in the source of that water. Then suddenly a bullock cart from there passed over the source of that water. In such a situation, all the water there became dirty and the water became muddy. Then he thought that how can he take that dirty water and muddy water for Buddha?

So he went back empty-handed and went to Gautam Buddha. He told everyrhing to Buddha. Buddha said that okay don’t worry. We all sit here and relax in the shade of this big tree.

After some time Gautama Buddha asked the same disciple to bring water again. Now that disciple went back to the same water source. Going there he saw that the water was absolutely clean and was potable. Now he took that water for the Buddha. He gave that water to Gautam Buddha.

Buddha told everyone that the way mud or the dust spread in the water. But after leaving it for a while, all his mud or dirt sat down and the water cleared back.

In the same way our brain is also. When our brain is disturbed, then give it time and calm it down. Our brain will also be calm after a short time.

No decision should be taken with a restless mind. All we have to do is to keep our brain calm for a while so that we can make good decisions. Children’s stories.

Moral of the story- Decisions taken from a restless mind are always wrong. We should always make a decision with a calm mind, which reduces the chances of making mistakes.

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Saving Life – Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

There was a small child named Raju. His habit was that he used to collect and keep things. He would collect coins. Used to collect various things and keep it in his box.

One day he saw a rat in his house. The rat kept coming to the house all day and disturbed everyone.

The next day the rat mutilated a book of Raju. Raju got very angry seeing his book being spoiled. He thought that now he would catch the rat and imprison it. He brought a cage from the market and placed the delicious fruit inside that cage. After doing this, he took the cage and kept it at a place where the rat used to come mostly. After doing so, he went to his bed and slept quietly.

The next day he got up and saw that the rat was stuck inside the cage. He took the rat from there and put it in a glass jar. He covered the glass vessel with polythene. He made a small hole on the polythene so that air could come in and out of that hole. By doing this, that rat would be able to breathe.

After this, Raju saw that the mouse started trying to get out of that pot again and again. That mouse would jump repeatedly and take its mouth near that hole of polythene. That rat kept doing this again and again and Raju looked at him carefully. After some time, the polythene hole gradually grew larger and finally the rat jumped vigorously. His neck stuck on that hole. The rat, with the help of his hand, enlarged the hole and he came out from the polythene’s hole.

Seeing this, Raju thought about how hardworking the rat is and how much it struggles to save his life.

Moral of the Story – We should also try hard to save our lives when needed. We learn from this story that those who try again and again are never failed.

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Elephant Herd – Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

There used to be a lot of small animals, birds and ants in a small part of a big forest. Small animals lived inside the ground by making burrows. Birds lived on nest on top of trees and ants lived in their earthen palaces. They used to live there happily.

But, one day their troubles increased. Actually it happened that the herd of an elephant passed through that part of the forest. Due to the passing of elephant herd, that place started to vibrate and due to that vibration, the bird’s nest fell from the trees, the mud palace of ants also fell and the animals living in the burrows were also disturbed by this vibration. The elephant herd used to pass through there every day and their houses would be destroyed. In such a situation, they decided to go together and talk to the elephants.

Everyone went to the elephants and told them all the things that caused them trouble. After seeing their problem, the elephants decided that they would pass through that part of the forest slowly and would not harm anyone.

The next day the elephants did the same and no one was harmed. Now elephants passed comfortably from that place and happily left from there.

One day suddenly hunters came in the forest. The poachers throw traps over elephants and catch them all. All the elephants were trapped in the trap. They could not understand what they would do. All elephants shouted together in fear. They started asking for help from everyone. The sound of their shouting echoed throughout the forest. Hearing the help of elephants, all the birds, small animals and ants came out of their house to save them.

Birds and small animals cut the net. Ants attacked those hunters. The ants climbed the body of the hunters and started biting them everywhere. Due to the burning of ants, all the hunters immediately started running from there. And in this way they saved the lives of elephants.

Moral of the story – If we treat others well then in turn they also treat us well. If we are in trouble, then they comes forward to help us without thinking. That is why we too should treat others well and should not disturb them. We should also help others.

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Story of Two Pots – Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

A potter lived in a small village. He worked hard throughout the day and made clay pots. He needed water to make utensils and he used to go to a nearby pond to fetch water. The water in that pond was clean.

Every day he used to bring water from to pond to make pots and utensils. He always used two pots to fetch water from that pond. One of those two pots had a small hole in it. Because of that hole water would slowly drain out of it.

Seeing this, the other pot used to make fun of him that his water falls. The pot became sad due to this. Seeing the pot sad, the potter said to him, “Don’t be sad. I bring you here every day deliberately. I know you have a hole, but still I bring you here to fill water. That’s because the water flows out of you and falls on these plants. Look at how beautiful these plants are and how many beautiful flowers have come in it. This has happened only because of you. So don’t be sad about your shortcomings. Think of it as your strength.

Moral of the Story – We should never be sad about our weakness. Rather, we should always consider our weakness as our strength and work on it.

Three Bulls and A Lion – Panchatantra Story in English

This story is about a forest where three bulls lived together. The three had a good friendship. They were happy together. The three bulls used to go to the forest together to graze grass. Because of this they were also safe.

There was also a lion in the forest which was very ferocious. The lion of the forest always kept watch over the three bulls and wanted to eat them. He also attacked the three many times, but he failed because whenever he attacked, all the three bulls made a triangle to defend themselves and drove the lion away. This is why the lion was not able to hunt them. Throughout the day, the lion kept thinking about how he would hunt them.

After pondering for a long time, the lion understood that he would have to break the friendship of the three and separate them. For this he did a trick. The lion spread rumors in the forest that one of those bulls is cheating on his friends.

As soon as these bulls came to know about this, the friendship of the three started to crack. They all started doubting each other. In such a situation the friendship of the three broke up and then they started living seperatly. Because of this, they would have to go to the forest alone.

What the lion wanted was completed. Now he could hunt all three one by one. One day he saw that one of the three bulls had come in the forest to graze grass. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he attacked the bull and killed him. A few days later he killed another bull and ate it.

On hearing the news of the death of both of his friends, the third bull had also understood that the lion would kill him and eat him and it happened. After a few days, the lion also killed that third bull and ate him.

Moral of The Story

This story teaches us that there is strength in the unity and this story teaches us that we should not trust the rumor.

Banana Peel – Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

There lived a man named Lallu Ram in a city. He was fond of eating various things. He would eat many things throughout the day. Whatever he eats, its peel or paper or polythene he would throw in the street. He was not aware that by doing this, the surrounding is getting dirty and anyone can slip and fall from the peels.

One day, seeing Lallu Ram doing this, a small child stopped him on the way and said to him, “Hey Uncle! Why are you throwing this banana peel like this? Someone will slip and fall on the road and this will make our surroundings dirty too. We should put garbage in the dustbin. Wasn’t this taught in your school? “

Lallu Ram did not pay attention to the child but instead jokingly started saying to him, “No child, I have never been to school. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

Lalluram laughed and left from there. But as he was returning to his house in the evening, the same child was playing with his friends nearby. Lalluram was watching that child. Seeing him. Lalluram was smiling, then suddenly his foot fell on the banana peel which he had thrown in the morning. As soon as he put the foot on the banana peel, he slipped and fell down. All the children around started laughing at him.

Again the child came back to him and said, “Uncle I told you not to throw garbage here and there.”

Moral of the Story – We should never throw garbage on the road. We should always put it in dustbin. This keeps our surroundings clean and does not harm others.

Story of Dog and Bone – Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

A hungry dog ​​was wandered here and there in search of food. While he was looking for food, he reached a butcher for some food. Then a butcher gave the dog a bone that had a bit of meat attached to it. The dog ate the meat that was in the bone. Then after that he started chewing that bone. When that dog chewed the bone he felt thirsty, he got up and went to a river. The dog kept pressing the bone in its mouth.

Before drinking water, he started thinking that if he would keep the bone down for a while, then another dog could come and take it. That’s why he started looking around to see if there was a dog or not. Suddenly, he saw the reflection on the river. That reflection was of that dog. But he could not understand that it was his reflection.

Then he thought that it was some other dog with a bone in its mouth. The dog was greedily thinking of grabbing that bone too. To do this, he opened his mouth. Suddenly the bone from his mouth fell into the river. In this way, the bone he had was also gone from his hand. That is why it is a bad thing to lure more.

Moral of the Story – Greed is a bad thing. With more greed we can lose what we have.

The Story of Three Fishes – Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

Three fish used to live in a pond. They were very good friends. The three play together and roam across the pond. Looking for food together. Whenever any one of the three was in trouble, all three would face the problem together and all three would consult before taking any decision.

One day some fishermen came near that pond. One of them said, “There are a lot of fish in this pond. Tomorrow, we will catch all the fish in this pond. We will be earning very well.”

While the fishermen were talking, the three fish were listening to them there. Hearing this, all three were very scared. But they thought, how to deal with it? Then the three called a meeting for that matter of fisherman. One of them said, “We must leave this pond and go to another place, otherwise our lives can be lost.”

The other fish agreed with her. To say his consent, she said, “We have to go through this. You are absolutely right. I agree with you.”

At the same time, the third fish refuses to leave this pond and she says to both, “I cannot leave this pond. It is the home of our ancestors and we have spent our childhood here. So how can we go from this place?” That is why I am going to stay here.”

After the conversation between the three, those two fish left from there. Next day, fisherman came to catch fish with his big net. The fishermen caught all the fish in that pond and that third fish also died.

Moral of the Story – That is why we should not rely on luck. We should always protect ourselves. Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral.

Wisdom Tree – Story For Kids With Moral

Once upon a time. A hardworking farmer lived in a village. His name was John. He was so hardworking that people had named his name as industrious(Synonym of hardworking).

Now the problem was that according to him the hardwork he put in never yielded much. There were many people in the village who earned more wealth even after working less. They lived a happy life.

He gets depressed and thinks, what to do so that will improve his life too? How can he live life like others?

After thinking about all these things, he started feeling sad. By doing this, He wasted his whole day.

One day when he was going through the path of the forest. So he sat down tired of a tree. He was cursing himself after sitting at the bottom of the tree thinking the same things. Then there came a voice from the child, “I know the reason for your problems and I can also tell you how to overcome it.”

Suddenly, John got nervous after hearing that voice. He looked around but no one was there and he shouted, “Who is saying these things?”

Then a voice came, “I am saying this. The tree behind you under which you are sitting.” I am a tree that fulfills the wishes of the people. And seeing you disappointed, I felt that I should fulfill your wishes. So, say what can I do for you? “

In such a situation, John kept panicking for a long time and wondered, what is happening? Then after taking some time, John said to that tree, “No one works so hard as me but according to that I do not get much money. So I want that I get some wealth so that I can spend my life well. “

The tree listened to John and said to him, “your wish is fullfilled, you will get all the money you need for the next 30 days and you can use it the way you want.”

In the way, John became very happy and walked straight towards his house. He saw that the vault of his cupboard was full of money. He bought all such comforts from those money and spent that money wherever he could. While doing this, he spent the next 30 days in full expectation and spending money well.

The time was over. He had spent all the money he got and now he had no money left. In such a situation, John again became depressed and worried again about the things ahead of him.

The John went to that tree again. He started telling him that he need more money and also more time so that he could save those money.

Then the tree told him, “This is your problem that you get money according to the hard work you do, but you do not save those money and spend it when you get it. So that you do not have money left for the future and you start comparing yourself to others. If you look at others, they save their money for future. You should also save it for your future and live life happily.

Hearing this, John’s eyes were opened and decided that whatever hard work he will do and whatever amount of money he get, he will spend it properly and save for his future. Children’s stories.

Moral of the story – We should always save money for the future and we must always learn, how to use the money properly? Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral.

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Golden Leaf – Story For Kids With Moral

Once upon a time, a woman lived in her small house with her two children. She was very poor. She was so poor that she had to struggle a lot to get food, sometimes she had to sleep hungry.

In such a situation, that woman would look at the sky every night and say the same thing, “God please help us so that we can live better.” And this happened to them as well. One night an angel was passing by and that angel saw the plight of the woman and listened carefully to her.

Hearing her, the angel felt pity and the angel gave the woman a tree and told, “whenever any leaf falls from this tree it will become gold. You can bring money by selling that gold in the market and can run your house happily.”

Look at all this, the woman was very happy. Now they got enough food for them.

The woman started taking good care of that tree. Gradually the tree started giving them more leaves. In such a situation, they also became rich.

But, the woman’s greed kept on increasing and she thought that she would take out the whole leaves and sell them, there would be no problem of daily and money would come to us together. She did the same.

The woman took out all the leaves of the tree and then she started waiting for the leaves to be converted into gold. Spent time but the leaves dried up and remained so. Then she realised that she had made a huge mistake.

Now the tree also dried up and the woman’s money started slowly ending.

After a few months, the woman became poor. Now her situation was like before.

Moral of the story – Greed is not a good thing. By keeping control of ourselves, we should overcome all kinds of greed within us.

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Journey of a Monk – Story For Kids With Moral

Years ago, there was a monk who was very famous. He was to leave one monastery and go to another monastery. However, there was a dense forest between the two monastery. So, because of that he decided that he would go through that forest in the afternoon.

In the afternoon he started his journey and got in the way of the forest. The path to the forest was completely deserted. No one was visible nearby.

Monk went ahead. While walking, he started to hear some sound from behind and when he tried to listen, the sound was of some monkeys who were chasing him. The Monk had some food in his bag, probably because of that they were following him. Gradually, the sound of the monkeys began to intensify, and he was scared that there were so many monkeys that could attack the monk together.

In such a situation, the monk stood there and looked back. The monk took some stones in his hand and started throwing it towards the monkeys. In doing so, all the monkeys retreated and fled from there. After that, no one was following the monk. And in this way he completed his journey and in the evening he reached his monastery.

Moral of the story – From this story we learn that as long as we keep running back from the troubles, then the trouble will not leave us and when we face it courageously, that problem will be over at some point or the other. Children’s stories.

That is why we should not run away from problems when we solve it, then that problem will be over.

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Strength in Unity – Story For Kids With Moral

There used to be a farmer named John in a village. The farmer had 5 children. There was a lot of fighting among those five children and John was very upset on seeing this. Despite John’s explanation, they did not listen to him and fought among themselves.

Now John was old and all his children had grown up.

John’s last time was near. He was worried about what would happen to these five after I left? If they keep fighting like this among themselves, then anyone can ruin them and take advantage of them.

At the last moment, he called all the five sons together and said, Go all, bring two pieces of wooden sticks.

At the behest of father, all the five did the same and all of them brought two wooden sticks together. After bringing the wooden stick, John asked then to break one of the wooden stick from their hand.

All the boys broke the sticks one by one in turn. All of them could break single wooden stick easily.

John told his children that you now gather all the five sticks together and make a bundle and break it.

Everyone did the same and made a bundle of five sticks and tried to break it in turn. At first the elder son tried but he could not break it. He tried to break it even harder but he could not break it. The other four brothers did the same but no one could break that bundle.

Seeing this, John explained to the five brothers that the way you can break a wooden stick very easily. But, when the group of five wood is formed, you are not able to break it even after trying a lot. If you look at you carefully, then you are five different sticks, in which there is no match. If you get together then no can spoil you and you will always be strong together.

In this way, Bola taught his children the importance of unity. This thing appears around us that the person who is alone is considered weak. But if there are five or more people with him, then people consider him strong and powerful and think a million times to tease him. That is why it is said that there is strength in unity. Children’s stories.

Moral of the story – There is strength in unity. That is why we are said to live together in unity.

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Selfless Tree – Story For Kids With Moral

This is a story of a tree which was very selfless. All the animals in the forest respected this tree very much. Many animals and birds used to sleep in the shade of this tree and some birds even built their nest on it. There were many animals who used to eat his fruits and fill their stomachs.

Everything in the forest was happy. But the problem begins when some humans came and started cutting down the trees of the forest. The trees of the forest continued to be cut down, but the animals did nothing when they cutting any trees.

Now it was the turn of the selfless tree. Humans were going to cut him. When humans were preparing to cut him, all the animals and birds of the forest came together to protest against humans. And drove them away from there.

In this way all the animals and birds saved the selfless tree. Then everyone started living happily among themselves.

Moral of the story – A selfless always gets respect in the society and whenever there is any problem on him, people definitely help him. In this story the tree was selfless. He used to give all his things to others and due to this he got respect in the society. He was respected among the animals and for this reason, when he got into trouble, all the animals helped him and saved him. In the same way we should also become selfless and help others along with becoming philanthropists. Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral.

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Real Friend – Story For Kids With Moral

There lived a boy named Mike in a city. Mike was a very good boy. But he was a disabled. He would often see people and would be happy to see them moving. Would have been happy to see his teammates play. But when he thought of doing this himself, he would get sad about this.

Mike also had two friends. One of whom was David and the other was named John. David always helped Mike and always came forward to help whoever had trouble. But on the other hand, when talking about John, he always made fun of Mike’s disability.

One day Mike suddenly fell on the way and got hurt when he fell. Seeing him fall like this, John started laughing at him and started making fun of him. But suddenly David came and picked John and helped him. At that time, David reprimanded and said, “What type of friend you are? seeing your friend in trouble, you are laughing! You should be ashamed of yourself.”

After hearing this, John became silent. Even after doing all this, there was no improvement in the habit of John. He again starts making fun of Mike. Seeing this, David and Mike broke their friendship with John. They started living separately from him. Now both do not talk to John and stay away from him.

In such a situation, John started making other friends. But everyone get away from John. Because his habit still had not changed. He did not stop making fun of others.

Now John was alone and had no friends. In such a situation, John started feeling very sad and he would remain sad all the time.

Seeing John’s condition, David and Mike decided to go and talk to him and explain him well. At the persuasion of David and Mike, John cried for a while and listened to his talk. After this he realized that John was very wrong and he should not have done so. Then from that day onwards John never made fun of anyone and he started talking with the best. Now Mike, David and John are very good friends and their friendship remained for years.

Moral of the story – Good friends always help us in bad times. And we should always make our friends only by choosing and we should know that who can be a good friend of ours.

In this story we saw that Mike and David to uphold their friendship. Seeing John sad, they supported John and explained it with great affection. This is a sign of a true friend. Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral.

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Excuse of Poverty – Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

There lived a boy named Rohan in a city. Rohan was depressed throughout the day and thought that his own life was the worst. He feels sad that his family is poor. He was always depressed about his poverty and always made excuses for poverty.

One day, while walking along the road, he found a monk in front of him. Looking at him, monk said, “Child, you look so sad, what is the reason, why you are so sad?”

Rohan said, “I am very poor. My family members are also very poor and I do not get a chance to do anything. Now tell me how a poor man can be happy. When his wishes are not fulfilled. If he does not get a chance to do something and move forward, he will always be sad, will he not?”

The monk said, “You are absolutely right.” But I can overcome your problems for this, you have to come to the front of the nearby temple tomorrow morning. ”

Rohan agreed and said to the monk, “I will definitely arrive on time tomorrow.”

The next day, soon after morning, Rohan got ready and reached the place mentioned by that monk.

Then the monk said to Rohan, “Come on, today we have a long way to go. We have to go to many places on foot today. “

First he took the Rohan to an orphanage. After being taken to that orphanage, the monk said to Rohan, “Look, all these children live here without parents. There is none of them here. They are here just like unclaimed. “

After leaving from there, the monk took Rohan to a colony where Rohan saw that there were some children who do not get to eat properly. The monk told Rohan that these are children who are same as your age. These children sometimes do not even have food.

The monk then introduced Rohan to three such people, one of whom was lame, the other was blind, and the third had no hands. But all three of them were doing something in their life.

After showing all this, the monk asked Rohan, “Do you now believe that you are the most disturbed person in this world?”

Rohan understood all the things of the monk. Rohan knew that he used to make excuses just when he got a chance. While he has all these things by which he can move forward. And can make his life better and better.

After this, Rohan apologized to the monk and said that from now on I will never make excuses and I will definitely prove myself when I get a chance.

moral of the story – We should take advantage of the opportunity by not making excuses. We should not be fond of what we do not have. The God has given us many things using which we can push ourselves forward.

Importance of Information and Experience – Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

Ramesh and Suresh were two good friends. Both of them had studied together since childhood and their house was in the same locality. The two wandered together and had fun. But now they grew up. They started worrying about work. They think that if they do not get any work, then what will happen to them in future? That is why both of them thought of doing business. Money is needed to do business. So, both of them thought that they would go to their parents and ask for some money. With the help of which they could start their business.

Ramesh went to his parents and said to them, “I have to do some business. Can you give me some money so that I can do business?”

Hearing this, Ramesh’s father said to him, “It is a good thing that you want to do business. But what will you trade?

“I don’t know what I will trade, father.” Ramesh told father.

Dad said to Ramesh, “Well, first find out what you want to trade? Then you will bring a lot of information about that business.”

Ramesh did as his father told him. He went to the market and saw in the market that the fruit business was going very well. So he gathered a lot of information about the fruit business. After collecting the information, he went to his father and told him, “Father, I have gathered all the information about the fruit business. I want to trade it.”

“Well you have done this work but now you have to get experience of this business. Go work with a fruit trader for next 4 months and bring experience about it.” Ramesh’s father told him.

On the other hand, Suresh also demanded some money from his parents so that he could start the business. But his parents did not question him and gave him money easily. Ramesh took about $1000 from his family and he went to the market and started trading fruits. He initially bought one kind of fruits worth $1000 and took them to the market to sell. On the first day, it sold very well but he was not abel to sell the entire fruit. The rest of its fruits were not sold because they had become old and by doing so, his fruits were rotting and ruining. This caused a big loss to Suresh and now he did not even have the money to carry on the business.

The same Ramesh worked with a fruit trader for 4 months and got a variety of experiences. After about 4 months he left work and went to his father. His father gave him only $ 500. Ramesh wisely chose different fruits from those money and bought different kinds of fruits. He sold those fruits in one day with his experience. He benefited greatly. Gradually he grew his business and with time he became a big businessman.

Moral of the Story – We should not always do any work without knowing it. Doing work with experience is successful. Working with good information and experience gives us the right direction.

A Lazy Donkey-Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

A businessman had a donkey. That donkey was too lazy to do his work. After his boss’s rebuke, he starts his work. One day his master thought that he would go to the city to sell salt. The owner put two sacks of salt on his back and then took him towards the city. On the way to the city, there was a small river which had no bridge to cross.

That is why they had to pass through the river. As they were passing through the river, the donkey slipped and fell down. Immediately his master picked him up but the salt bag was wet. Some salt from the bag flowed in water. As soon as the donkey got up, the weight of the salt back on his back was reduced. Donkey became very happy knowing that he would have to lift less weight now. The merchant then went to the city and returned after selling his salt.

The next day he also had to go to the city and will return after selling salt. Waking up the next day, the merchant again put sacks of salt on the donkey and took it and went towards the city. The donkey knew how to reduce the weight of salt on his back. The donkey pretended to fall again as they were crossing the river.

He again fell into the water and the salt load was reduced. Seeing the donkey doing this, his master understood what he was doing? The next day that businessman put cotton on his back. This time, the donkey pretends to fall again but cotton soaks up all the water so that the weight becomes heavy. This time the donkey had to lift a heavy weight.

Moral of the Story – That is why we should not be lazy for our work.

The Lion and The Mouse Bedtime Story for Kids With Moral

Long ago a king of the jungle used to be a dreaded lion. He would eat every afternoon and relax. One day when he was resting, a rat ran over his body and started jumping.

The lion was troubled by that rat doing so. In distressed, he suddenly made a big roar and the mouse ran away. The next day, when the lion was resting that rat came back again and started bothering the lion. Troubled, the lion caught the rat in his paws and then frightened him.

The lion opened his big mouth and was about to put the rat inside his mouth. In fear the rat said to him, “Forgive me king. I will not tease you anymore. Forgive me and I will definitely help you one day.”

Hearing such thing from a rat, the lion started laughing and said, “You are such a small rat. How will you help me?” Saying this, the lion left the rat because the lion’s stomach was full.

One day the lion was roaming in the jungle for hunting. Some hunters were laying nets for the lion in the forest. As soon as the lion put his foot on the trap, he was trapped. After catching lion in the trap, the hunters became very happy and went to bring the cage to take the lion from there.

The lion in fear shouted loudly and roared. The roar of the lion was echoing throughout the forest. All the animals of the forest were listening to the roar of the lion and the sound of shouting. When that rat saw the lion in trouble, he immediately ran and said, “Don’t you worry king. I will help you.”

Saying this, he began to bite the trap with his teeth. He cut the whole trap and the lion was freed back. At that time, the lion understood that no one can say when he gets help, whether he is small or big. After this, the lion thanked the rat. After some time, the hunters came back with the cage but upon seeing the lion free, they fled away in fear.

Honest Woodcutter Story For kids With Moral

There was a poor honest woodcutter who used to cut wood in the forest and earn money by selling it. He used to run his home with those money. The honest woodcutter had an ax with which he would cut down trees.

One day he climbed a tree on the bank of the river and started cutting its branches. While cutting the branches, suddenly the ax slipped from his hand and fell into the nearby river. The honest woodcutter had only one ax that fell into the river.

The river flow was very fast and that river was also very deep. That is why he could not bring the ax from the river. Thinking this, he sat on the banks of the river and started crying. He was now worried about how to cut wood there and where to get the money to run his house?

While he was crying, the god of water appeared before him and ask him, “What’s the matter. Why are you crying?”

The woodcutter cried, “I had only one ax. That ax has fallen in the river. Now how will I cut wood and run my house? I am crying here worrying about that.”

After hearing all this, the god of water said to the woodcutter, “Don’t you worry. I bring your ax now.”

Saying this the god of water went down the river and came back from there. He had an ax in his hand but that ax was of gold. The god of water said to the honest woodcutter, “Here is your ax. Now you can do your work with it.”

The woodcutter saw the golden ax and said to the god of water, “Sorry, this is not my ax.”

After hearing this, the god of water went down again and brought another ax. This time the ax was of silver. The god of water said to the woodcutter, “Here is your ax, take it and start your work.”

Seeing that silver ax, the woodcutter again said to him, “Sorry, but this is also not my ax. My ax was made of iron with a wooden handle. This ax is of silver.”

Hearing the woodcutter god of water went down again and this time he came back with an iron ax. The woodcutter said, “Yes, this is my ax. Thank you very much for bringing me this. I am grateful to you.”

The woodcutter was honest. Seeing the honesty of the woodcutter, the God of water was very pleased and gave the woodcutter an ax made of gold and silver. The water god said to the woodcutter, “Here I am giving you this other two axes because you are so honest.”

The woodcutter took his and the other two axes and went back to his home. On the way, he told the people of the village what had happened to him in the forest.

There was a greedy person nearby who was listening to that honest woodcutter. Hearing about the gold and silver ax, he too went towards the forest. He climbed the same tree on which the honest woodcutter climbed.

Climbing on top of the tree, the man pretended to cut wood and deliberately threw the ax into the river. After doing this, he came down and sat on the bank of the river and started crying. Then the God of water appeared again and he had a golden ax in his hand. The god of water asked him, “Is this your ax for which you are crying so much?”

“Yes, this is my ax.” The man greedily told to him.

The god of water had understood that the person is a greedy and indulging in greed by dishonesty. That is why he left from there and the person had to return home empty-handed. Now he did not even have his own ax.

Moral of the story – We should always be honest to others and by greed we can lose what we have.

Wolf came! Wolf came!

There was a village resided near the forest. Where most people did farming and reared animals. One of them was sephard with lots of sheep. His son took those sheep in the forest to graze the grass and brought them back home safely. He used to do his job well but he was very naughty.

One day when he went to the sheep to graze in the forest, he shouted loudly, “The wolf came! The wolf came! The villagers come here soon! The wolf came!”

Hearing the shouting of the boy, all the people of the village ran towards the forest with a stick in hand. When they reached the boy, they saw that there were no wolves. On seeing the villagers, the boy started laughing loudly and said, “I fooled everyone and I enjoyed it.”

Seeing the act of that boy, all the people of the village became angry at him and then went back from there. A few days later, sephard’s son again went to the forest to feed his sheep. He went there and shouted again, “Wolf came! Wolf came!”

Hearing the sound of his shouting, all the people of the village came running to him but this time also he was joking. In such a situation, people came back again in anger.

One day when he went to the forest to graze the sheep, the real wolf came there. Seeing the wolf, the boy got scared and shouted, “The wolf came! The wolf came! Villagers come quickly! Here comes the wolf!”

But after listening to him, all the villagers decided not to go to the forest because they thought that the boy was joking again. The wolf killed many of the boy’s sheep and took some into his mouth.

Moral of the story- That is why we should not tell lies even in jokes, otherwise if you tell the truth at the right time, no one will believe your words.

Hope you all like this stories for kids. If so, then please share your thoughts with us by commenting in the comment box. We will appreciate your little effort for us. Also share these stories with your friends. Best Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

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