Cain and Abel Bible Story for Kids With Moral

Cain and Abel Story for Kids-In the story of Adam and Eve, we saw that in the beginning, God gave man all the comforts so that human beings can live well. God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, and later Eve also placed with Adam the garden of Eden.

We should obey what God says if we do not do this, then things can go wrong with us. The same happened to Adam and Eve when they ate fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God prohibited them to do so but they did not listen to God.

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God later drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Now both of them started living like ordinary people. Adam grew grains for himself and raised animals. But both of them were embarrassed that they acted against God. Now both wanted to apologize to God.

Adam and Eve both prayed to God, “We are ashamed of everything that we have done. We beg you to forgive us and tell us what to do so that you forgive us?”

Hearing both of them, God said, “You must sacrifice a lamb.”

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Cain and Abel -
Cain and Abel –

Cain and Abel Story for Kids

Birth of Cain and Abel

Adam and Eve sacrificed their best lamb. That gratified God and gave Adam and Eve two children in the boon. The older child was named Cain and the younger child was Abel.

Cain would cultivate and grow grains for everyone, and Abel would raise animals on the other side.

One day Adam said to Cain and Abel, “We have to thank God. God has given us many things and it is our duty to thank God for this. To do this we must sacrifice a lamb or best thing we have. By giving the sacrifice, God will forgive our sins and bless us for our good future. “

Cain and Abel listened to him carefully and Abel immediately agreed to do so.

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Sacrifice to god

The next day Abel sets out to sacrifice his best lamb. Cain comes to Abel and says, “Abel, what are you doing? Will you sacrifice your best lamb? You are a fool, we need more of this lamb, not God.”

“We have to thank God. I know that this is our best lamb and I am also sad to sacrifice it but we must do it,” Abel told Cain.

Cain tries to convince Abel a lot and says, “Why do we need to sacrifice our good and best things for God? We can give him other things too. See me I am a farmer, I grow all the grains and I can’t use it in a year, so I will offer the leftover grains to God. “

Sacrifice by Cain and Abel -
Sacrifice by Cain and Abel –

Abel said, “No, we have to give the same thing which we love the most to God. By doing this, God will accept our sacrifice and will be happy. You should do the same.”

“No I don’t want to do my harm and I’ll do what I’m saying. You go and give it up like a fool,” Cain told Abel.

Abel listened to Cain but did what he wanted to do. Abel sacrificed his best lamb, and on the other side, Cain gave his remaining crop, to God.

God accepted Abel’s sacrifice but God did not accept the sacrifice given by Cain. Seeing this, Cain became angry and jealous of his brother Abel.

God then told Cain, “The sacrifice that your brother Abel gave was valuable to him and he loved it too. Now you don’t need to be jealous of your brother. If you do what is right then you will always be happy, but if you do the wrong things, you will have to be sad. Whatever you do you will do it thoughtfully, think about it with a calm mind and control your anger. “

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Jealous of Cain

Cain did not listen to God and he began to believe that his brother Abel was the reason for everthing. Throughout these days, Cain thinks that God does not love him and he loves Abel. Cain could not bear this.

Cain’s anger was increasing day by day and he took the wrong decision. Now one day he thought that he will finish his brother. He started thinking about killing him. Cain took his brother Abel away from his home on the pretext of help and took him in a strange place and killed him.

Cain killing Abel
Cain killing Abel –

After killing Abel, Cain’s anger subsides and he was terrified to see Abel dead. He began to regret about it. He immediately ran away.

Then God appeared to him and said, “Whatever you did was completely wrong. You killed your family member and one of your only brother. I can see the drops of blood in this land. Whatever your brother did he was doing it for you and his family. “

After hearing all the things of God, Cain’s eyes opened and he started apologizing to God. But now it was too late.

God was angry with Cain. God said, “No crop will grow in your land from now on. This is your punishment that you will now wander to eat. You will suffer for everything what you have done with your brother.”

Cain said, “God please forgive me, if this happens, people will kill me.”

God said, “I will put a mark in your body people will see it and they will know that it is a sign given by God. No one will kill you after seeing that sign.”

Cain left his house after this and he wandered according to the punishment given by God and now God was not with him.

Cain - pixabay
Cain –

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Moral of Cain and Abel Story

We have been made by God and we should obey his words. When God forbade Cain to get angry, he did not listen to God and he started to get jealous and got angry with his brother. For this reason, Cain murdered his brother and then Cain had to face his punishment. He wandered here and there in search of food as God had punished him.

This story also teaches us that it is wrong to be angry and jealous. When we envy someone, we try to match him. When we can not match him, we get angry and take wrong decisions.

Cain was also jealous of his brother that God loves him more, which was not right. Cain’s jealousy slowly turned into anger. Because of this anger, he took the wrong decision. The outcome of that decision was very bad.

That is why we need to control our anger. If possible, a decision should be taken only after the anger subsides.

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    KT Kishan

    Let me please explain my understanding on the story of Cain and Abel.This is one of the classic stories on UNFAIRNESSES of the world we live in and how we respond to it. God purposely tries his favoritism in mimicking the world by accepting the juicy fat lambburger, Abel brought! That is how the world is, its about power, wealth authority and so forth. Of course, Cain doesn’t like that, who wouldn’t when some one is rejected? Naturally his face becomes downcast. It was a first rhetorical question God asked Cain Why are you angry? But he doesn’t stop there, he warns by staying in anger sin is crouching at the door. Nothing wrong in getting angry but its a slippery slope, sin devours you! The Gospel of Thomas also says Blessed is the lion (sin) that the human being will devour so that the lion (sin ) becomes human. And cursed is the human being that the lion (sin) devours. As we read further in the story, anger pushed Can to commit murder his own brother. Cain knew he did something bad. But he has to cover it up. When God asked where is your brother, Cain still in anger spits out with a another rhetorical question Am I my brother’s keeper?,
    squarely putting blame on God himself, it was God’s job to watch over! He should have accepted his offering in the first place! Here Bible gives a challenging paradoxical views for us to contemplate not taking the story literally. The point is to watch our anger consciously otherwise in its worst form it kills your own soul.
    Another observation is Abel tried to please God with the best offering but that resulted his own demise! The point is stop trying to please God but just accept His Grace.

  2. 15
    KT Kishan

    Continued.. yes the world is not going to judge you on fairness. Look at the false activities of present day politics like BLM. Matters to whom? Unfairness is every where but the point is how you deal with and move on instead of dwelling into the past bitterness.

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