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Abraham Story For Kids

In the story of Noah, we saw that people do not pray to God and people stop loving God. But Noah, a true man of God, always loved his God and prayed to him. So God showed Noah the path during the flood and helped him.

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After the deluge, all the people were killed but only Noah and his family could survive the deluge. After the Holocaust, God blessed Noah and asked him to expand himself. Gradually, Noah’s family expanded and expanded. You can also watch the video of the story at the end of this post.

Who was Abraham

long after Noah, there was a man named Abraham. Abraham was also a true devotee of God and would always pray to God. He had plenty of goats and sheep with which he would live his life.

Abraham Story For Kids
Abraham Story For Kids (Source – Pixabay.com)

Abraham lived in Haran’s land with his wife Sarai. But both were sad for only one thing, they had no children. But still, Abraham believed in his God and prayed to him.

One day a light shone and a voice echoed in Abraham’s ears. That voice was that of God. God came in Abraham’s dream and said, “Abraham, my child leave this country and go to the land that I will show you. I will create a great nation through you. I will bless you and make your name so great that your name will become a source of welfare. “

Abraham reveals the words of God to his wife Sarai and tells her that God has spoken to him.

Sarai asked, “What did God say to you?”

“God has told me that I should leave this country and go to the land that he have mentioned. God will guide me and bless me,” Abraham said in response.

Hearing these things, Sarai got a little nervous and started thinking that it would be right to leave her house like this? But Abraham encouraged Sarai and said that this is the will of God, he will do good whatever he does. Therefore, we have to trust him and walk in the path described by him.

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Journey of Abraham

Abraham Story For Kids
Abraham Story For Kids (Source – pixabay.com)

After this Abraham departs with his wife, nephew Lut, and with his animals as they were told by God. As he walked, he crossed dense forests, ate various kinds of fruits, drank river water and faced difficult situations. Despite this, Abraham and his family’s faith in God did not decrease.

Abraham travelled a long way and finally reached the land of Canaan. Abraham and his family were happy when they arrived there. Then Abraham thought to thank God and he started praying to God, “God, thank you very much for showing me the way.”

Then a light came towards Abraham and it said, “Abraham, I will give this land to your descendants and you have to live here.” That voice was from God. After this, Abraham again thanked God.

Abraham decided to live in the land of Canaan. Now everyone started living there but it did not rain for long. Due to which a situation of famine started to arise and everything became dry and there was no drinking water. Gradually pets started dying. Abraham and his family moved south due to this water problem. While walking, he reached the border of Egypt.

Abraham knew that the Nile River flows in Egypt and there is a grain market on the banks of the river from where he can buy grain for himself. But Sarai started wondering whether the people of Egypt would let them go there or not? They also feared that what would happen if the Egyptians rob them?

Abraham was also afraid that the people of Egypt might be attracted to her by seeing the beauty of Sarai and could harm Sarai. That’s why Abraham discovered an idea and decided that he would tell everyone that Sarai is his sister. The people of Egypt will not bother Sarai by doing this.

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Abraham and King of Egypt

Now Abraham, his wife and his nephew went inside the Egyptian border. There he talked to the king’s guard about business. But the guard looked at Sarai and kept looking at her beauty. The guard decided that he would take them to the king.

The guard took him to Pharaoh, king of Egypt. King of Egypt, Pharaoh began to be fascinated by the beauty of Sarai. He asked Sarai, “Who are you? I’ve never seen you here before.”

“My name is Sarai. I have come with my brother Abraham from the north. I need grains to eat and water to drink,” Sarai replied.

The king said, “Sarai, you are very beautiful. You will have dinner with me here today.”

Sarai accepted the king’s invitation with a condition and that condition was she would be accompanied by her family. The king accepted his condition. Everyone gathered to eat at night. The king told Sarai that all of them should stay there. After this, the king told Abraham that I will make you governor and in return, I will marry your sister Sarai. Abraham was afraid, so he obeyed the king.

Now it was night, everyone went to their room. But the king went inside Sarai’s room and started going towards Sarai. As soon as he approached Sarai, the king’s head started hurting and he fell down. As soon as he fell, he ordered to call his doctor.

Doctor looked at the king very closely and said that it is a curse of God. He was cursed because he was trying to get close to Sarai and Sarai was someone else’s wife. Knowing this, the king asked Sarai, “You lie to me. You are already married. Who is your husband?”

Sarai said, “Yes, my husband is Abraham. We told you lies because by doing this we could save ourselves. If we don’t do this, we could be in danger.”

The king ordered Abraham to be summoned. As soon as Abraham came, the king asked him a lot of questions. Abraham was afraid and told all the things to the king and started apologizing to the king.

The king said, “I will forgive you only on one condition and let go from here. You can also take all the gold that has been given to you. For that, you will have to pray to your God to free me from this curse.”

Abraham prayed to his God as the king said. Abraham, his wife and his nephew went from there.

Now Abraham had more gold than before and he had become even more rich. Abraham returned to his land and saw greenery there so that he could feed his animals and make arrangements for his family.

After some time, Abraham gave some land to his nephew Lut and told him that he is now the owner of that place. He did this because he did not want there to be differences between them in any way.

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Abraham’s second marriage

Sarai is now troubled by the fact that she has no child and she cannot give birth to any child. That’s why she decided that she would get Abraham’s second marriage. One day she called her maid Hagar and said to her, “Hagar I have a request to you. You marry my husband Abraham and give birth to your child.”

Hagar listens to Sarah and she agrees to marry Abraham. After his marriage to Hagar, Abraham and Hagar have a child named Ishmael.

After a few years, God granted Sara a boon that she would give birth to a child at the age of 90 and her name would be Isaac.

So this was the story of Abraham and Sarai. If you like this please share it with your friends.

Abraham Bible Story For Kids

Abraham Bible Story For Kids PDF

You can also download the PDF of this story. To download the PDF of this story click on the download button.


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