14 Bedtime Short Detective Stories For Kids With Audio

Here we will post Short detective stories for kids. We know that our kids have various interests. Keeping that in mind we will provide you with an amazing spy story but it is for children. If you are fond to read stories regarding children you can also read this story and discover your inside child. So read these stories and share your experience with us.

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The Vault – Short Detective Stories For Kids

Mike was a wealthy man. There were many servants and a maid at his house. Mike lived in his house and left for work in the morning. One day when he returned from work he saw that his vault was empty. All the money inside the vault was missing.

Mike gets very upset seeing the vault empty. He thought, “Only I know the password of the vault, so how can anyone open that vault?” Now he called Detective Dane to find out. The detective was also accompanied by his partner William. The detective investigated that vault very well. During the investigation, he found a nail piece that was long and his suspicion first came upon the maid. Both of them called the maid and said to her, “What is your nail doing near this locker?”

“Forgive me, sir. I don’t know how it got here. But I haven’t stolen anything.” The maid folded her hands and told them both.

Now both of them had a suspect and that was the maid. They had to find out whether the maid had committed the theft or not. They had proof but still, both of them were not convinced by that. Then the detective asked William to investigate further.

After investigating William found another piece of evidence. He told the Detective, “I have found one more piece of proof and I know who the thief is. I can claim that who committed the theft.”

After this, all the servants and maids of the house were called into the room. Everyone entered the room. Then the detective said to Mike, “Mike, now tell me who the real thief is?”

“Yes, I will.” William said, “There is only one servant in this house who only washes the dishes and his name is John. There is also a smell of soap in the locker which is used to wash the dishes in the kitchen. That’s why the thief is John.”

John started running away on hearing this, but the other servants caught him. John began to say, “Forgive me, I didn’t want to steal. That was my compulsion.”

The detective then asked him, “How did you steal, you didn’t know the password?”

“One day, I sneaked into the room and hid under the bed. When the owner was entering the vault’s password, I saw the password. I put the nail near the vault so that the entire suspicion would go to the maid. This way I stole the vault.”

The Vault Audio Story

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A Dead Body – Bedtime Short Detective Stories For Kids

One day suddenly a security guard found a dead body on the stairs of the City Center Mall. The security guard was horrified when he saw that. Frightened, he immediately called the police. He was very scared and could not even speak properly on the call. He said to the police, “Hello, come here quickly. Somebody’s dead body is here. A corpse is in front of me.” Saying this, he immediately disconnected the phone and sat in a chair nearby.


After some time two police came there and investigated the body. First, they tried to know who was the person. Whose body was lying there?

An ID card was found on the man’s shirt with his name written on it. His name was ‘Mike Williams, an employee of a company. The police then called Mike’s company and took details of his family members.

Now they had to know who killed Mike and who left him here. They first tried to check CCTV. They went to the security room and there they saw on CCTV that a long-haired man completely covered his face and dragged Mike’s corpse. He left the body on the stairs. Now all they had was proof that the person who killed Mike is long-haired.

After knowing all this, the policemen went to Mike’s house. On their way home, they told the sad news to Mike’s family. The family was deeply saddened to hear of Mike’s death.

The police then asked Mike’s family members if they knew anyone with long hair. After inquiring thoroughly, they did not find anyone who was long-haired. In such a situation, the police thought of going to Mike’s office. They then went to Mike’s office. There too, they could not find any person whose hair was long. Now policemen tried to find out about all of Mike’s friends. They asked Mike’s cousins, his friends, relatives, etc. but they could not find any clue or information.

Now they were confused as to how to investigate further. In such a situation, both of them thought that those people would place ‘warning notices’ at different places. Both did the same and put a notice everywhere. Days passed after putting the notice but no news was received.

A few days later, suddenly a call was received from those policemen. The person who was on that phone told the policeman that he knows a person whose notice has been placed everywhere. Both of them got up immediately and went to the person.

The man was a barber who cut people’s hair. As soon as the police reached him, the barber said, “I am a barber and cut people’s hair. One day a person came to me who lives nearby. He was very scared and he told me that he would cut his hair. He loved his hair. Whenever I asked him to cut his hair he would get angry immediately. But that day he came and said to cut the hair. I cut his hair short. He also gave me more money. Seeing all this, I got a little suspicious. Then yesterday when I went to the market, I saw the notice you had put, which I understood by seeing that something was wrong. That’s why I called you here. “

After saying all this, the barber revealed the boy’s address. The policemen went to his house and caught him. After questioning well, that boy told the truth and everything he did. The police ask him why he murdered Mike. He then told that Mike was his friend from whom he had taken $20,000. Mike went to get his money back when he had it. He did not want to return the money to Mike. Then he fights with him and killed him. After killing Mike, he left his body on the mall’s stairs. Now that killer will spend years in prison.

A Dead Body Audio Story

Little Detectives – Short Detective Stories For Kids

This is the story of two siblings, one of them was Rohan and the other was Mira. Both of them were very good children. Rohan and Mira loved finding their lost things and used to search for them like a detective. They both had a magnifying glass and a telescope. Rohan and Mira used to see distant things from that telescope nearby.

Both of them were also very fond of sports and played especially with their ball. They used to throw it at each other with great pleasure.

There was also a dog in their house named Jumbo. Which was very cute and very naughty but everyone loved Jumbo. Both of them liked him. All three played together with that ball.

One day in the morning, Rohan and Mira thought of playing with the ball. Rohan and Mira started searching for that ball from place to place. They searched everywhere but could not find that ball anywhere. Now they started thinking that where did that ball go?

They saw all the places and especially that place where they had kept that ball. But, the ball was not there. This was not just the first time. Many things in the house were disappearing. Sometimes some things were disappearing from the kitchen, some things of the mom and papa.

Both of them could not understand what was happening in the house. It had become a mystery inside the house.

Now it was the time to find the lost things, now both of them were going to be spies “The Little Detectives”. Detectives who would find out everything. Now, they will remove the curtain from this secret soon and find out who is hiding things from their home.

Both of them put a cap on the head, of them hung their binoculars on the shoulder, and started searching for him with a magnifying glass in hand.

First of all, they both looked closely at the place where the ball was placed. Rohan and Mira examined the place very closely. After investigation, they found a piece of evidence. By finding this evidence they got the first lead in their investigation.

There they found a small dark hair. This was like proof for them that they wanted to use to find their lost ball.

Rohan showed that black hair to his sister and said, “Mira, look what we got?”

Mira said, “What did you get?”

“Look at this short black hair. See this carefully. We got our evidence.” Rohan said.

“Now the question arises, whose black hair is it?” Rohan asked Mira.

Both Mira and Rohan started thinking about that hair. At first, they thought that everyone’s hair is black in the house, also of father, also of mother, and also of us, and our dogs also have black hair.

Both of them thought that their parents could not take the ball because what would they both do with it? And they can’t suspect each other because they don’t tell lies to each other, they are like ‘truth buddies’ who never tell lies to each other. In such a situation, the suspicion of both of them was only and only on their dog.

Now both of them kept an eye on their dog and looked closely at him. They both kept an eye on his antics. Both wanted to know what he was doing.

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They would keep an eye on every movement of Jumbo and follow his every movement.

The day went on but they had not got the ball yet. But, still, their suspicion remained only on a jumbo.

One day both of them saw that their dog was digging a pit behind a tree. Both of them were surprised to see this action of Jumbo. Then started thinking, what is he doing?

Both of them watched his actions quietly and kept watching him till Jumbo left from there. Then after some time the dog left from there, then together they decided that now they will go there and see what is there. And there may be the end of their investigation.

Now both went under that tree and saw the place well. There, detectives dug the pit and were surprised to see what they saw inside that pit.

At that place, there were many such items from the house that the dog had brought and hidden there and they found their ball in that place.

Detectives took all those things inside the house and showed the mother and father. They told them that it was our naughty Jumbo who hides the household items from various places.

Seeing all this Jumbo started jumping in the house. He was trying to show his innocence but all they know is that he was behind it.

Now it was the time to keep things back in their briefcase. Yes! They have briefcases to keep their things. They keep their magnifying glass, telescope, and hat in their briefcase.

Again they played with the ball and enjoyed what they did.

In this way, both of them retrieve their lost ball and are called ‘Little Detectives’.

Little Detectives Audio Story

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Magical Sticks

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The Case of the Stolen Bike

It was a warm summer day, and all the neighborhood kids were out playing. Johnny and his best friend Timmy were riding their bikes around the block when they saw a group of kids gathered around something. They rode over to see what was going on, and that’s when they saw that one of the kids had Johnny’s bike! Johnny couldn’t believe it—his bike had been stolen!

Johnny and Timmy knew they had to act fast. They asked the other kids if they had seen anything, but no one had. They looked around the neighborhood for any clues, but they couldn’t find anything. It was as if the bike had just vanished into thin air! Just when they were about to give up, Johnny noticed something strange about the bushes in his front yard. Timmy took a closer look, and sure enough, there were tire tracks! The boys followed the tire tracks until they led them to a house two blocks away.

They knocked on the door, and a woman answered. She said she didn’t know anything about a stolen bike, but she would ask her son if he knew anything. A few minutes later, a boy came to the door—and it was the same boy who had Johnny’s bike! He said he found it abandoned in an alley and thought it was just a piece of junk. But now that he knew it belonged to someone, he would give it back right away. The boys were so relieved that they got Johnny’s bike back safely. They learned an important lesson that day—that if you work together, you can solve any mystery!

Annie The Detective

Short Detective Stories For Kids

Detective Oscar

Robert was the owner of a well-known real estate business. He used to build big houses for the people and sometimes he got the work of making big buildings. He was very popular in his area and he had a lot of money. Robert also had a friend named John. The two used to work together. The two started working together. But Robert had the most money out of Robert and John.

One day Robert gets a call threatening to kill him. He considered this phone a small joke and let it go lightly. He only told this to his son William.

Robert died 3 days later. The post-mortem stated that Robert died of a heart attack, but Robert’s son William was not sure that his father had died of a heart attack. Because there was a threatening call a few days ago. Because of this, he wanted to know the real truth. He enlisted the help of a detective to find out the truth. The detective’s name was Oscar. William goes to Detective Oscar and tells him the whole thing. Now Detective Oscar went to Robert’s house with his assistant and investigated Robert’s room.

Oscar’s assistant told him, “Sir, the room was locked from the inside and his room is on the third floor. So how can anyone come here? I feel his death was natural”

On hearing his assistant, Oscar said to him, “It is not what it looks like to us.”

Oscar investigated the room carefully watching each of the nuances. While he was investigating near the window, he encountered a strange smell. Detective Oscar asked William, “What is this smell coming off?”

William told him, “A few days ago there was painting work outside the house. It is a smell of paint that is coming from outside.”

Then Oscar peeped outside the window, and there was a ladder made of ropes. Oscar told William, “How many painters were working here?”

“There were three painters working here who have been working here for the last 7 days,” William told Oscar. Detective Oscar had found a new direction in connection with this case, now he knew what he had to do.

Detective Oscar told his assistant, “Go and get information about those three painters.”

The assistant investigated the painters and collected their complete bio-data. He became well-known with the three painters and then he suspected a painter named Leo. Oscar went to Leo’s house. Leo was not there in his house. Leo had left from there. In such a situation, his assistant asked Detective Oscar, “Sir, why do you think this murder was done by the painter, Leo?”

“If you had read the information of the three painters carefully, you would have known. The other two painters have been painting for the last 10 years. But Leo is a painter who started painting only 2 months ago. When I further investigated Leo, I came to know that he is a well-known criminal who commits a crime by taking money. He also killed Robert by taking money from someone. This murder is very well planned. Now we just have to find Leo and catch him first, then we will know the truth.” Oscar told his assistant.

After this, both got involved in the task of finding Leo. Oscar had a lot of people in his network that gave him all kinds of news. He went to a person and told him about Leo. Leo’s address is found 3 days later.

Leo was hiding in room 232 of the Olivia hotel. He catches Leo from the hotel room and takes him to the police. He was taken to the police and jailed. Leo was interrogated well in jail when he told that he had got the money to kill Robert. Leo also told that Robert was murdered by his friend John.

Leo also describes how he killed Robert. He said, “One day while I was painting, I saw that the other two painters had gone to eat. Then seeing the opportunity, I climbed the stairs and opened the window, and entered his room. The way John told me In the same way, I changed Robert’s medicines. After eating those medicines, he suffered a heart attack. He died in this way.

On receiving this news, the police also caught John, and then he was asked why he killed his friend. He told, “Robert was a good friend of mine but was ahead of me in business. He was making more money than me because he had more shares of the company. One day I told him that we would distribute the shares of both companies equally. This will equal our earnings. Because both of us started working in this company together. He refused to do so and because of this I got him murdered.”

As soon as the truth was revealed, the police put John in jail, now he will have to spend in jail for his whole life.

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Detective Oscar Audio Story

The Case of the Missing Cookie

It was a dark and stormy night. Okay, it wasn’t really dark or stormy, but it was a mystery nonetheless. One of detective John Jones’s prized cookies had gone missing, and he was determined to find out who had taken it. He had his magnifying glass in hand and was ready to put his sleuthing skills to the test. Blog Body: The first suspect was John’s little sister, Emma.

She was always trying to swipe his snacks, so she seemed like the most likely culprit. But when John asked her if she had taken the cookie, she denied it. “I didn’t do it,” she said with an innocent look on her face. “But I know who did,”Emma told John that she had seen their mother take the cookie. This couldn’t be true! John’s mother would never steal his snacks. But when he confronted her about it, she admitted that she had taken the cookie. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I was hungry and your cookie looked so good.”

In the end, John got his cookie back and learned a valuable lesson: always be sure to hide your snacks from your mom! If you’re looking for a fun mystery to solve with your young detectives-in-training, this case is sure to keep them entertained (and maybe even teach them a thing or two about sharing).

Birbal The Detective

Short Detective Stories For Kids

Detective John Watson

Detective John Watson was having a cup of coffee in the break room when he got the call. His heart raced as he listened to the briefing from his captain. A serial killer who had been on the run for years had escaped from prison and was on the loose in the city. Watson knew this case would be his biggest challenge yet.

The detective quickly got to work, canvassing the area for any clues that might lead him to the killer. He visited local businesses, talked to witnesses, and even checked out some of the suspect’s previous known addresses. But despite all his efforts, Watson couldn’t seem to get a lead on the case. As days turned into weeks and then months, it seemed as if the killer had vanished into thin air. But Watson refused to give up; he was determined to bring this criminal to justice.

Finally, after months of frustrating investigation, Watson received a tip that led him straight to the killer’s hideout. He arrested the murderer without incident and brought him back to justice.

The Supermarket Mystery

Short Detective Stories For Kids

Business Trip

I was on a business trip and I had some free time, so I decided to explore the city. I was walking around, looking at all of the sights, when I saw a sign for a detective agency. Intrigued, I decided to check it out. The agency was small but very professional.

The detective welcomed me in and offered me a seat. He explained that they worked on all sorts of cases, from missing persons to murder investigations. I told him that I was interested in hiring them for a case. He asked what the case was and I explained that I had lost my ring while on vacation. He said that he could help me find it and we agreed on a price.

He gave me his card and told me to call him when I got back home. I was so relieved when he called me and told me that he had found my ring! It was great working with him and I would definitely recommend his agency to anyone who needs help solving a mystery!

The Tooth Demon

Short Detective Stories For Kids

Richard and Sam

Richard and Sam were two friends who both dreamed of becoming detectives one day. They would often spend their free time practicing detective skills, such as solving puzzles and tracking footprints.

One day, they were approached by a real detective who was looking for help with a case. The detective told them about a missing person who had last been seen entering a building. Richard and Sam agreed to help, and set out to investigate the building.

They quickly discovered that the building was abandoned, and there was no sign of the missing person. However, they did find something strange – a secret room that appeared to have been used for illegal activities. They decided to call the police, and handed over all of the evidence they had found. Thanks to Richard and Sam’s detective skills, the missing person was found safe and sound!

Now you tell us how you liked these Short detective stories for kids and also tell us that if you were in their place, whom would you suspect first?

Also, tell us in the comment that have you done any such detective work.


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