Dojo and The 7 Wonders – Story For Kids’ Bedtime. This story is about Dojo who loves to roam. He uses the help of his jumping balloon to move around. It is a balloon in which he enters and starts his journey and roam various places where he wants to go. Through this story, you can tell your child about the 7 wonders of the world. So let’s know about this journey of Dojo.

Dojo and The 7 Wonders - Story For Kids' Bedtime
Dojo and The 7 Wonders – Story For Kids’ Bedtime

One day his father gave Dojo a small book which told about the 7 wonders of the world. It was interesting for him to know those places. Dojo continued to read the book throughout the night and he finished the entire book by night. While sleeping at night, he considered, why not visit these 7 places? Now, he will get up in the morning and start his journey to know about these 7 wounders which he saw on the book.

Dojo woke up early in the morning and filled his balloon with air. As the air filled the balloon, the balloon started flying. Now Dojo took permission of his parents and set out on his journey.

Starting of The Journey

The dojo drew a map of the world and jumped ballooning and reached Mexico first. The name of the first wounder Dojo seen there was Chichen Itza. At Chichen Itza, he saw a pyramid from which he kept looking. Dojo came to know that it is about 1500 years old. Dojo continued to see people coming.

Dojo and The 7 Wonders - Story For Kids' Bedtime
Dojo and The 7 Wonders – Story For Kids’ Bedtime

There were many people who came there to explore that amazing place. Now it was time to move forward, he again took out his map and targeted his next destination and that was Machu Picchu of Peru.

Dojo jumped towards his destination in his balloon and he reached Machu Picchu. On reaching there, he saw that Machu Picchu used to be a city situated on a high peak.

Seeing the city settled at such a height, Dojo was amazed and wondered how the city would be settled at this height and how would the people live there? He was realy curious about that. He took many pictures and took selfies.

Now it was the turn of the third wonder which is Christ the Redeemer and that is in Brazil. Dojo pulled out his map and found a way to reach his next landing place. Now he jumped in the balloon and moved towards his next landing place and reached his destination.

Dojo was surprised to see Christ the Redeemer. He saw there that the tall idol of Jesus stood on top of a mountain. Seeing this, Dojo was surprised and thought how the people would have made such a long and big idol and that too at such a height. Dojo took a picture from his camera and soon went to his next destination and started to go because the next destination was far away.

It was the time for pyramid of Egypt, also called the Great Pyramid of Giza. It took him a long time to get here because it is far away from Brazil.

Dojo and The 7 Wonders - Story For Kids' Bedtime
Dojo and The 7 Wonders – Story For Kids’ Bedtime

He just kept looking at these big pyramids. He was surprised to know that it is more than 3800 years old. Dojo took lots of pictures of these pyramids and headed to its next destination.

Jumping he reached his next destination and that is the Taj Mahal which is located in India. Dojo was attracted to see the beauty of this huge monument made of white marble and began to look around from it and took a lot of pictures.

He finds out that the Taj Mahal is a symbol of love. Now his time was passing and he had to reach home early. Because of this, he moved forward quickly. He saw the path of his next landing place in his map and jumped towards it.

Now the next destination of Dojo was the China Wall. People know the Great Wall of China very well and it is said that it can be seen from space. Dojo saw that the wall was very long. He moved towards his next landing place.

Dojo and The 7 Wonders - Story For Kids' Bedtime
Dojo and The 7 Wonders – Story For Kids’ Bedtime

Now he had to go to the Colosseum of Rome, this is a huge stadium in Idli. But it was slightly destroyed by the earthquake. Dojo looked at this Colosseum carefully and took lots of pictures of it.

Now the journey of Dojo was to end here. Therefore, he now proceeded directly towards his home. On reaching home, he opened his balloon and came out from there and happily told his mother and father about his journey. He showed the pictures he took in his journey to his parents and in this way Dojo completed all his journey.

So in this way Dojo saw seven wonders in his journey, which he was very happy to see. Hopefully your child will also enjoy this story. If you like it, share it with your friends and stay connected with our website to read more stories.

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