David and Goliath Bible Story for kids With PDF

This is the story of Israel where King Saul used to be the king. There used to be a shepherd named David in this country of King Saul. David had 8 brothers of which he was the youngest. David was an expert in playing sling (slingshot). The target of his sling was never missed. You can also watch the video of the story at the end of this post.

David and Goliath Story for kids

Saul the king of Israel, attacked Palestine regularly, but this time Palestine attacked Israel.

One day the Palestinian army marched into the Valley of Ilah to attack Israel. Seeing the army of Palestine, King Saul decided that Israel would not attack first because it would harm them.

But the war started between the two countries. For 40 days the people of Israel faced Palestine. There was a warrior named Goliath in the army of Palestine. Who looked like a giant. Goliath was much taller than ordinary warriors. He would kill many Israeli armies at once. Because of which no one came forward to fight him.

The troubles of King Saul and his troops continued to increase as there was no one in his army to confront Goliath.

One day David’s father sent David to the battlefield so that he could go there and bring news of his brothers. When David reached the battlefield, he saw that Goliath was daring everyone in a loud voice.

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David in Battlefield

Goliath was saying, “He who wants to fight with me will come before me, if I win you will be my slave and if I lose we will all become slaves of you.”

David listened to all of Goliath and decided that he would fight Goliath. But he would need the king’s command to fight in the battle, so David reached King Saul to ask him to allow him to fight.

David Asking King

David told the king, “I am coming from the battlefield, King. I saw that Goliath is challenging us and I want to accept his challenge. You command me that I can fight him.”

The king heard David’s words and said, “David, have you seen Goliath? You, look at Goliath’s body and see your body. You can’t fight him. He’ll finish you at once. David, you’re too young So that’s why I can’t allow you to fight. “

David again tried to ask for the command, “Don’t worry about who is small or who is big. Just command me to fight Goliath.”

The king then asked the question, “Well how will you fight him, have you never fought?”

David replied, “I give up on my God, defeat and victory. When I go in the forest with my sheeps, God is the one who protects me from the lion and the other wild animals. It is God who will save me from the devil.” And will help me fight Goliath. “

Listening David’s words and his faith in God, the king allowed David to go to war and said, “Well you can fight Goliath but you have to wear armour for your safety before going to the battlefield. You have to obey me or else I cannot allow. “

David told the king that he did not have the habit of wearing armour and he could not bear the weight of it so he could not wear it. He said, “My God will protect me and give me the strength to fight, he is my true saviour.”

David then took off his sling and said to the king, “This is my weapon and God has given me the skill to use it. My king, you don’t worry and allow me to go to war.”

David Facing Goliath

Now King Saul allowed David to go into battle. David then moved towards the battlefield. On the way, he picked up 5 stones for the sling.

David and Goliath Story for kids
David and Goliath Story for kids

David reached the battlefield and stood in front of Goliath and said, “Look down here Goliath, I will fight you. With God’s blessings and with his power, I will finish you.”

Seeing David, Goliath mocked him, “O boy, are you going to fight me with a stubbornness? I will easily crush you with my feet. You are all insulting me together. To fight a great warrior like me, you have sent a child. “

Everyone’s eyes were on David as David went to fight with the faith of God. On the battlefield, David said most of all, “Even though Goliath has great weapons, God is with me. He will protect me and support me in fighting Goliath. The war is not won with just a sword. War is won by the blessings of God. “

“Today I will kill you and people will see how God protects his loved ones,” David told Goliath.

Soon after, Goliath moved towards David. After Seeing Goliath, David pulled out a stone and stuck it in his sling. David swung the sling very quickly and released the stone towards Goliath.

David and Goliath Story for kids
David and Goliath Story for kids

The stone from the sling fell directly on Goliath’s head and Goliath fell down. David took out Goliath’s sword and cut Goliath’s throat.

As Goliath died, the Palestinian army fled and Israel won the battle. After the war, David thanked God, “Thank you, O God the Father, who took me in his blessing and protected me. You are our true father.”

So this was the story of David and Goliath.

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David and Goliath Story Message

What do we learn from the story of David and Goliath?

This story teaches us a very important thing that we should love God. In this story, David loves God and trusts him. Whatever would have been good with him, he would believe in God only. David was a master at slinging but believed that it was a gift from God. God has given this skill to him.

David believed that God protects him from the lions and wild animals of the forest. It is God who saves him from troubles. Those who trust in God face every trouble and win. In the battle, David seeks help from God and God helps him.

That is why we too should trust our God without any doubt and pray to God like David used to do.

We should trust God and not doubt him. Whatever God does, he does for the good of all.

We should always pray to God. Prayers to God are never worthless. David also prayed to God.

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David and Goliath Bible Story for kids video

David and Goliath Story For Kids PDF

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