Bedtime Pirate Story For Kids

Bedtime Pirate Story For Kids – Pirate’s stories are interesting full of adventure and mystery. People love to know about pirates even kids also like pirates too much. That is why we bring you a story of a pirate. Are you excited to read this pirate story? Enjoy.

Bedtime Pirate Story For Kids
Bedtime Pirate Story For Kids

Jack The Arabian Pirate – Bedtime Pirate Story For Kids

This is a story of Jack who is a pirate of Arabian Sea. Jack controls the arabian sea. Everyone fears from him. Let’s see what happens in this story.

About Jack

Jack is a pirate of Arabian sea. People scare with his name only. Jack was a small child but everyone was afraid of him. He was an Arabian pirate who also owns a parrot. That parrot repeats everything what Jack says to anyone.

Jack’s ship was very large, with cannons. Jack’s ship was named ‘Sea King’. In the ship, apart from Jack and the parrot, there was a ship captain and 10 other people who would always listen to Jack.

Jack’s one eye was always covered. (Pirate cover their one eye because it helps them to fight in dark. When they fight in the the dark they use the covered eye.)

Every ship that passed through the Arabian sea would have to pay tax to Jack. Jack himself imposed this because Jack was the only one who controls the whole Arabian sea. If someone refused to pay Jack, he would have to face Jack.

The tax depended on the size of the ship. If the ship is small then 10 gold coins, if the ship is of medium size, 30 gold coins and the ship is big then 50 gold coins had to be given.

Approximately 8 to 10 ships went throughout the day and Jack would get 200 to 300 gold coins daily.

Sometimes at night, many ships secretly try to get out of the sea, but no one can escape from the sight of Jack.

Bedtime Pirate Story For Kids
Bedtime Pirate Story For Kids

Entry of The Enemy

One day one of his men came to Jack and said, “My Lord there is a trouble.”

“There is no trouble that can withstand Jack.” Jack said.

Jack’s parrot immediately reiterated, “There is no trouble that can withstand Jack. Yes! Yes! Mithu mithu I love Jack. I love Jack.”

Jack asked his man, “What’s wrong, tell me that?”

The man said, “My Lord there is a very big ship passing by here, the name of that ship is Great Shark. In which many people have guns in their hand and they said that they will not pay tax or will not give even a penny to you.”

Jack said, “Who dares to refuse a great pirate like me. Let’s go and teach them a lesson.”

Parrot repeats pirate Jack, “Let’s go and teach them a lesson.”

Jack immediately told his people, “Get ready we all have a chance to ship after long days.”

Saying this, Jack ordered his companions to take off the ship. The captain of the ship took his place and the ship’s people lowered the sail and then the ship started moving rapidly.

On seeing Jack coming, the enemies increased their speed. Then Jack also told to his companions, “Look my friends how are they running away. They are scared of me the great pirate Jack. But, we cannot let them go like this, we have to catch them under any circumstances.”

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Bedtime Pirate Story For Kids
Bedtime Pirate Story For Kids

Attack by Enemy

Jack’s ship started approaching the enemy’s ship. Enemies started attacking as soon as they got close. The enemy ships were very large and they also had a lot of weapons even big cannons.

Jack’s ship and Jack’s men began to escape the attack, after which Jack ordered everyone, “Friends, get ready for attack immediately. Our enemy is powerful.”

On hearing this, all the people were ready for the attack. Then Jack immediately ordered, “Attack!”

After this, Jack’s ship began to attack continuously with cannon. The enemies also started attacking. The enemies’ weapons were powerful. Their cannon and gun were more powerful than Jack’s weapon.

Bedtime Pirate Story For Kids
Bedtime Pirate Story For Kids

A fierce fight ensued between the two. The sound of cannons and guns started echoing nearby. Suddenly a cannon directly hit Jack’s ship, which caused a hole in Jack’s ship. Jack’s ship started sinking.

Jack ordered everyone, “Everyone, jump into the water and we have to attack directly in their ship. My friends, we are going to have fun today.”

Saying this, all the people jumped into the water below and Jack’s parrot started flying in the air. Jack and his companions slowly walked towards the ship. They attacked as soon as they reached the ship. But no one could escape Jack this time. Jack tied everyone up.

Jack told his companions, “Look, my friends, no one can escape from this great pirate Jack. Go search this ship and whatever is in this ship is now ours and this ship is also ours.”

Map From The Ship

Saying this, Jack planted his flag on the ship. Now the ship belonged to Jack which was better and more modern than the previous one. The ship had a variety of weapons. Suddenly one of Jack’s companions came and said, “See our great Jack, what have I got?”

Jack said, “What’s show me?”

Pirate Jack saw that it was a map. Jack asked his enemies, “Tell me about this map I want to know everything about this place.”

Enemies said, “This map is of the world’s precious treasure. So much treasure that this whole ship is too small for it.”

Jack was stunned to hear this and decided that he would now go to bring that treasure.

Jack said to all, “Friends, get ready, we have to go on a long journey.”

One of the enemies said, “It is not as easy as you are thinking. There is a lot of danger there. It is a place where the ferocious animals live. Such animals which neither you have seen nor someone has heard. If you go there, it is difficult to escape. But we know how to go and come back from there safely? “

Jack was listening intently to his enemy. Now Jack’s decision had become even stronger because this journey will have both thrill and danger.

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