Elijah Bible Story For Kids

Elijah Bible Story For Kids – This story dates back to the time when Ahab was the king of Israel. Ahab also had a wife named Jezebel. At that time, the people of Israel worshipped the weather god Baal and used to do such things which God don’t like. Sin was increasing in Israel, so God ordered Elijah to deliver a message to King Ahab.

Elijah was a man who made small mistakes, was afraid of many things, but he loved God and trust God very much.
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No Rain For 3 Years

One day God said to Elijah, “Elijah, go to Israel and tell King Ahab to stop sinning in his country and come on the path of God. If he does not do so then there will be no rain in his country for 3 years. “

Elijah did as God told him, he went to King Ahab and gave him the message of God. Elijah told the king, “My God has sent a message for you. He has said that Ahab must stop committing all his sins. If you do not do this, there will be no rain at all for the next 3 years.”

Ahab used to worship Baal, the god of weather. It seemed that whatever his deity would do, he would continue to show his grace in this country. He will continue to rain here. So he did not pay much attention to Elijah and continue his evil deeds and sinful acts.

The entire city was not going to rain for 3 years. Due to this there could be a shortage of food and water, that’s why God told Elijah to hide.

After this, Elijah hid in a place where there was a source of water and from there he could take drinking water. A raven would have given him bread and a piece of meat to eat. The raven would give him bread and a piece of meat in the morning and night. For some time Elijah was living there with no trouble.

Gradually, the source of water was also drying up. Seeing this Elijah’s concern was increasing. He thought that from where he would bring water for the future. Because he knew that it would not rain for the next few years. So he would ask God every day. He Prayers to know what he will do now and from where will he bring water?

God hears Elijah’s prayer and says to him, “Elijah, you worry, I’m with you, go to a place called Zarephath. There you will find a woman who will give you food to eat and water to drink.”

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Elijah in Zarephath

Elijah believed in God, so he listened to him this time too and went to the place where God told to him.

Now Elijah has left to go to the place that God has told him. It took him a few days to reach there, but as soon as he started going inside the city, he found a woman there. Elijah asked the woman, “Can you give me a cup of water to drink and some bread to eat? If I get both of these, it would be nice I’m hungry for a long time.”

The woman said to Elijah, “It seems that you believe in God and I also believe in God wholeheartedly. I believe in God with full devotion. But, there is only a little bit of flour and a very small amount of oil left in my house. So that I can cook the meal for now. But I do not have much quantity to cook ahead and I feel that later on I and my child will die of hunger. “

Elijah listened to the woman and could understand the woman’s concern. In such a situation, Elijah said to her, “Don’t worry, God has sent me to you and he has told me. The flour of your house will never run out and the oil in your house will never dry until it rains.” But first, you have to make a small bread out of it and give it to me. “

The woman did the same according to Elijah. She immediately went to her house and started making a piece of bread for Elijah. After the bread is made she went to Elijah to give bread. Then she returns to her home. As soon as she comes home, she saw that her house was full of flour and oil. She was surprised to see this. After this, she again finished her house flour and oil. But it was full again. Now she would make bread and give water to Elijah every day.

There was no rain because it was God’s order. One day, suddenly the woman’s child became ill and died due to illness. Seeing the death of the child, his mother started crying loudly.

Seeing her crying, Elijah came to her and said, “What’s the matter, why are you crying so much?”

“God is punishing me for my sins, God is punishing me for all the bad things I have done.” The woman said to Elijah.

Elijah asked her again “What happened tell me. Why are you crying so much?”
“He was sick for a long time. My child has died. He is not alive and that is why I am crying so much in his grief.”

After this, Elijah said to the woman, don’t you worry, your son will rise again. After saying this, Elijah went inside the house and knelt near that child. He put his two hands up and started praying to God.

Elijah said in his prayer, “Lord, listen to my prayers. You are the shelter of the poor and their father. Lord, make this child alive.”

Like all times, this time also God heard the prayer of Elijah and the child came alive. The woman was happy to see her child alive and thanked God.

Time has passed and it happened as God had said. There was no rain in all of Israel for 3 years. After 3 years of this, God again ordered Elijah to return to Israel. God said to Elijah, “Elijah, my child, now you go back to Israel. Go there and tell the people of Israel. Introduce them to their true God. They are all in darkness and bring them in the light.”

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Return to Israel

When Elijah reached Israel he met King Ahab in the city. As soon as Ahab saw Elijah, he started calling him a bad man and blamed him for not having rained in Israel for 3 years.

Hearing all this, Elijah said to King Ahab, “Tomorrow you will come to Mount Carmel. Also bring the people of Israel as well as the priests of your God Baal. Tomorrow I will show you who is the true God of Israel?” “

The next day, the people of Israel, Ahab and the priest of Baal, gathered there on Mount Carmel. After everyone came, Elijah said to everyone, “How long you will keep doing this? If your God is Baal then you all should be followers of Baal. I will prove that who is our true God? I am the only prophet and the number of prophets of your Baal is 850. Go bring two bulls and put them on the bed but they will not be set on fire by us but by God. Whose god today will do this then he will be the true God.”

Elijah wanted to test Baal. Elijah knew that the people of Israel worship a false god and the true God is his God who shows him the right path.

The people of Israel were impressed with Elijah’s idea. People started saying that yes this is a good way to find out whose God is true? But on the other hand, the fear inside the priests had increased and they all knew that Elijah was daring them.

Seeing the people, Elijah said, “What are you worried about go and get two bulls.”

After this, the people did as Elijah was saying, they went and brought two bulls. Then Elijah said that the number of priests of Baal is high. I give the first opportunity to those priests.

All the priests made the bed and prepared the bull and laid it on it. After doing this, all the priests started praying to their God Baal, “God send your fire. Make it light and prove that you are our true God. Baal Baal Baal”

Listening this Elijah made fun of those priests and said, “What’s the matter? Are your God is sleeping or are they not concerned about you?”

The priests spend hours praying to their God but nothing happened to the bull. Now after this, it was Elijah’s turn and he had to prove that his own God is the true God.

The Truth

He first prepared the bed and put the bull on it and then put all the woods on it. Then he did something that no one could expect. He asked the people to pour water on this bed and on this bull. People were shocked to hear that why he is asking to do so. Because after adding water it cannot burn at all.

After all is done, Elijah prays to God, “O God, God of Abraham and Isaac, God of Israel tell us that you are the true God of Israel. I did what you said. Tell the people that you are the true one God. “

Elijah prayed to God with a sincere heart and God heard his prayer. After some time the fire ignited on that bed. The bull started burning, seeing that the people of Israel, the priest and King was shocked.

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The people of Israel saw all that was happening before their eyes. Seeing this, everyone knew that who is their true God and whom should they pray for? Then all the priests were killed by the public and King Ahab fled to his palace. In this way Elijah introduced people of Israel to their true God.

So this was the “Elijah Bible Story For Kids” written for children. If you like this story, then definitely share it with your friends.

Elijah Bible Story For Kids

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