Stories About Rabbits for Kids

Story 1: Clever Rabbit And Lion

Stories About Rabbits for Kids – Once upon a time, a wild and terrifying lion lived in a dense forest. He hunted and killed many animals every day. There was a fear of lion in the whole forest. All animals were afraid of him and kept hiding from that lion. The jungle had become difficult to live for those animals. They were afraid and not able to go out for the food.

In such a situation, the animals called a meeting to solve this problem. Apart from the lion, the animals of the forest were present in that meeting. One after another, animals started giving them suggestions. But, everyone found the suggestion of the fox to be most correct. The fox had said in his suggestion, “We will send an animal to the lion every day. By doing this, the lion will also get his food and he will not kill other animals. After that, we will be able to roam freely in the forest and look for our food Without fear. “

Everyone listened to the fox and agreed to her. Now the fox approached the lion to tell the same thing. The fox said to the lion, “We will send you an animal to eat every day. You will not have to hunt so much every day for your food. Rest at your place.”

“Well,” said the lion, “but keep in mind that even if I don’t have any animals for one day, I will go out on the hunt again and kill a lot of animals.”
The fox agreed to the lion’s terms and left. Now every day a single animal would be sent one by one and he would kill and eat them. Now, it was the turn of a rabbit. That rabbit was very clever and used his mind all the time. This time also he thought what to do to get out of this trouble.

Before leaving he said to all the animals, “Today, it is my turn. But today either I will die or the lion.” Saying this, the rabbit left from there. While walking along the way, he started thinking about how he would get rid of the lion. While walking, he saw a well. He went to the well so that he could drink water from there. The water was far from his reach so he could not drink water.

When he looked into the well, he saw his shadow in the well. Seeing his shadow, the rabbit got an idea and started going straight towards the lion.

On the other side, the hunger of the lion was increasing. His anger was also increasing due to feeling hungry. In his mind, he started thinking that he will kill many animals by hunting again today. But only after that the rabbit arrived. The rabbit said, “Here I come, my master.”
“Why is it so late for you to come? I have been waiting for you. I am hungry” the lion said to the rabbit.

The lion looked very angry. Rabbit told, “I would have come earlier but another lion has come to this forest. That lion is more powerful and stronger than you. He calls himself the real king of this forest. Because of that lion, I had to come in hiding and because of this, I was late. “

The lion became even angrier upon hearing the rabbit’s words. The lion said to the rabbit, “There cannot be a king of this forest except me. Only and only I am the king of this forest. Take me to that lion and I will teach him a lesson.”
The rabbit then took the lion to the well where he had tried to drink water. As soon as the rabbit and the lion approached the well, the rabbit started to act feared. The rabbit said, “This is the well from where that lion comes out and goes back after hunting.”

Now the lion went to that well and looked into it. After peeping into the well, the lion was seen his shadow, which he thought to be another lion. He roared in anger. The shadow also started copying the lion. This caused the lion to become irritated and angrily the lion jumped into the well. The lion wanted him to fight but after jumping into the well he came to know that there no lion. It was just his shadow. In this way, the lion lost his life.

After the lion died, all the animals were now completely free. Everyone praised the understanding of the rabbit and thanked him.

Moral of the Story

This story gives us lessons that no matter how big the problem. We should always be mindful. Only by using the mind, we can solve our problems. Rabbit did the same, he worked with his mind in trouble.

This story also teaches us that anger is the biggest enemy for everyone. There was a lot of arrogance inside the lion, because of this he would get angry very soon. It was because of anger that the lion lost his life.

Story of Rabbit and Turtle

In the banks of a river there a dense forest, in that forest, many wild animals lived. A rabbit and a turtle also lived there. Rabbit used to run the fastest, on the other hand, the tortoise ran very slowly. Rabbit always make fun of turtles because he always moves slowly. Whenever he saw the turtle, he would make fun of him, “Look, came the slow turtle. It must have taken 2 days to come here for him. haha haha!”

Story of Rabbit and Turtle
Story of Rabbit and Turtle

The rabbit was very proud of himself. Now he went to the turtle to show the people and proved the turtle low and said, “Hey slow-speed turtle I want to give you a chance to prove yourself. You and I will compete in a race. Let us see who is realy fast?”

Tortoise agreed to compete with rabbit? He did yes to that competition. Now the next day there was going to be a competition between the two. As soon as the next day start, with the rays of the sun, the animals of the forest begin to gather. As the rabbit came, everyone started praising him. Everyone said that only the rabbit will win. Then after some time the turtle also reached there. Seeing the turtle coming late, everyone started teasing him, “See, he has come late even today. He can never win.” The turtle did not care about them.

The two stood together for the race and the competition between the two began. The rabbit started running at full speed as soon as the competition started. But, the tortoise kept moving at its slow pace. The turtle was very fast and he had covered a long distance in a short time. The rabbit stopped for a while when he got tired. When he looked back, there was no one behind.

At that time the turtle thought, “Oh wow! I am very far ahead. I will win this competition very easily. I take some time to rest under this tree.” Now the rabbit was resting under the tree. While resting, he fell asleep and slept.

On the other hand, the tortoise was moving towards its destination with ease. On the way, he saw the rabbit sleeping and he moved forward. Suddenly the rabbit woke up and he immediately ran to end ending point. When he reached the last place, he saw that the turtle had already reached and the rabbit had missed the competition.

The defeat of the rabbit ended all his pride and he apologized to the turtle.

Moral of the story

We got this lesson from this story that boasting and mocking another is not a good thing and ego is our biggest enemy.

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