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Return From Gallows. One day Emperor Akbar was sitting with his wife having some conversation with her. While talking, his wife said to Emperor Akbar, “You talk about Birbal all the time but never give any chance to others. Why is that so?”

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Emperor Akbar replied, “A king must take the advice of the best wazir(minister) and obey it and Birbal is my best and most intelligent wazir. That is why I always talk about him.”

“But Mansingh my brother is one of your wazirs, but you do not talk about him nor give him a chance to do anything. Give him at least a chance to do something so that he can prove himself.” The emperor’s wife urged Emperor Akbar.

In such a situation, Emperor Akbar said to his wife, “All right. I will send both of them together on a tour of Iran. In that tour it will be proved that which of the two is the most intelligent and capable?”

As soon as the next day arrived, everyone entered the court. In the court, Emperor Akbar called Mansingh and Birbal, “Both Mansingh and Birbal come here to me.” Both emperors went to Akbar and asked, “What is the matter? what we can do for you?”

“I want you both to visit Iran and deliver my message there.”

“Huzur, as you say. We will definitely visit Iran and convey your message there.” Mansingh told Emperor Akbar.

Birbal asked Emperor Akbar, “When shall we go to Iran?”

“You have to leave for Iran tomorrow.” Emperor Akbar replied. The next day, Mansingh and Birbal left for Iran. It took them a long time to reach there. But eventually they reached.

As soon as they reached Iran, they were presented to the king there. The king looked at both of them and said, “Come-come, I was waiting for both of you. You are welcome here both Mansingh and Birbal. Both of you are special to Emperor Akbar and that’s why both of you are special guests of ours.”

“Thank you very much, we have brought here a message of Emperor Akbar.” Both of them told the king of Iran.

“Well, let’s bring what is that message. I will read it.” The king said. After this, Birbal gave the message of Emperor Akbar to the king of Iran. The king opened the message. It was written in it that both Mansingh and Birbal should be hanged. The king of Iran was amazed after reading this message and started wondering. What the two of them had done because of which Akbar wants to hang them?

Then the king of Iran ordered his soldiers, “The soldiers take them captive. They will be hanged tomorrow because this is the order of Emperor Akbar.”

Hearing this order, both Mansingh and Birbal got upset. Both of them wondered how this could happen. On the other hand, Mansingh was afraid and said again and again, “You have a misunderstanding. Emperor Akbar can never give such an order.” But the soldiers did not listen to him and took them to prison. Both Mansingh and Birbal were prisoners. There, both of them were talking to each other. Then Mansingh said, “How can it be so that Emperor Akbar orders the two of us to be hanged?”

At the same time, Birbal tried to pacify Mansingh and said to him, “You calm down and don’t worry. Surely the king will want to prove something, so he has given such an order.”

After this Birbal told Mansingh further tricks and told him what they had to do the next day. Next day, both were called for hanging. Both reached in front of the king and said that they want to go to the gallows first.

Mansingh said, “First of all, you hang me.”

But then Birbal cut it off and said, “No, no, I want to be hanged first. You should first hang me.” Then Mansingh also said that he wants to be hanged first. Both of them started saying that they wanted to be hanged first.

Seeing this, the King of Iran asked both, “What do you want? Why do you want to be hanged first?”

In such a situation, Birbal said to the king, “The fact is that our priest has said that if any one of us will be hanged first, he will become the king in the next life and the second person who will be hanged will become the Prime Minister. That is why I want you hang me first. “

After listening to both of them, the king started thinking how this could happen. Then he thought that they could not be hanged till their mistakes were known. In such a situation, he ordered his soldiers to leave both of them.

After this both returned to their country. Mansingh and Birbal reached the court. At the same time, Mansingh asked Emperor Akbar, “How did you give the message of hanging us? What did we do?

Akbar said, “Don’t worry. I did this to test you. But I also sent another soldier who had another message that if they hang you then you should be taken out.”

After this, the king asked both of them, “How did you escape from there?”

Then Mansingh told the whole thing and in the end Mansingh said that it was due to Birbal that we came from there, otherwise we could not have survived. In this way it was proved that Birbal was the most intelligent.

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