Samson Bible Story For Kids

Samson Bible Story For Kids – Samson was very powerful, he was a resident of Israel. It is said that Samson would stab the lion’s jaws with his hands. He fights the Palestinian army alone and finishes them. Samson was a Nazirite. This meant that if he had cut his hair, his vow would have broken and he would have lost all his strength.

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This story is very popular among people, which children also like very much. This story is a good example of betrayal. In this story, we also get to see that if we apologize for our mistakes to God with a sincere heart, then they definitely forgive us. So let’s know the story of Samson.

God helped everyone to settle Israel. He helped the prophets like Elijah, Moses and Jonah so that they could do good to Israel. God also assisted King David, a great ruler of Israel. But with time, people started moving away from the path of God and committing their sins. They began to worship another God. So God punished them and Israel remained under the control of Palestine for 40 years.

Samson Born

There was also a woman in Israel who prayed and loved the true God of Israel. But the woman had no child. One day an angel came to her who blessed the woman with God’s blessings. Angle said, “God is pleased with you, he is going to give you a special child in the boon. He will later become the protector of Israel. He will be very powerful. Remember you must not drinking alcohol and eat meat. “

The woman was very happy to hear this and said, “Thank God. My God is the God of the poor.”

“Remember, your child should never cut his hair or else all his strength will go away,” the angel said to her.

A few months later, the woman had a child. She named her son Samson. He was very powerful. Samson easily defeated the Palestinians.

Palestinians were upset with Samson over this. They were eager to know why Samson is so powerful and how to weaken him?

Samson and Delilah

Samson loves the girl named Delilah. Delilah was from Palestine, yet he loved her very much. Samson would visit her.

When the Palestinians came to know about Samson and Delilah, they took advantage of this. Palestinians reached out to Delilah and said to her, “Is your name Delilah?”

“Yes, I am Delilah. But what happened, why are you at my house?” Delilah asked.

“We ask you to know if you will help us catch Samson.”

Delilah replied, “But Samson and I love each other a lot. We are both going to get married. I can’t do that.”

Upon hearing her, the Palestinians lured her that they would give her lots of money so that she could live comfortably. Delilah gets into their word and gets caught into greed. Delilah tells them, “Well I’m willing to do this but what do I have to do?”

Those Palestinians told her that she would have to know what is the secret of Samson’s powers. Also, how could they capture him?

Samson’s Secret

The next day Samson came to Delilah’s house. Delilah thought this was a great opportunity for her. She made delicious food for Samson. As Samson began to eat, Delilah asked him the question, “Samson, you look very good to me. You are very powerful. You fight a lot of people together. Will you tell me the secret of your strength? What is it that you are so powerful? “

Samson then told Delilah, “If you tie me with seven green ropes, I won’t be as strong as before. My stomach is very full, I want to sleep a little.” Saying this, Samson slept at her house.

Palestinians were waiting in hiding outside Delilah’s house. After Samson went to sleep, Delilah went out and told the Palestinians about the whole thing. And said to them, “Go and get seven green ropes. I will tie him with those ropes.”

The Palestinians immediately arranged the seven green ropes and gave it to Delilah. Delilah tied him to those ropes. After doing so, Delilah shouted out loud, “Get up Samson, Samson, Samson! Palestinians are coming here! Get up!”

After this Samson got up, then he broke those ropes with great ease and he left. Delilah was shocked to find that Samson was lying to her.

The next day Samson again went to Delilah’s house. Seeing Samson, Delilah said, “Why did you leave yesterday? I was joking. Why did you lie to me?”

Samson replied, “If you tie me with unused ropes, I will lose all my powers. Well, I am very tired. I will sleep a little.” Samson fell asleep saying this.

Samson Revealed His Secret

This time Delilah brought ropes that no one had used. She tied Samson with that ropes. After tying the Samson, Delilah shouted again, “Get up Samson, Samson, Samson! Palestinians coming here wake up!”

This time Samson got up again and easily broke the ropes. This time Delilah did not keep quiet and asked Samson, “Samson you are lying to me again. Don’t you trust me? Tell me if you love me.”

Upon Delilah’s repeated question, he replied, “I am a Nazirite. I cannot drink alcohol and never cut my hair. If my hair is cut, all my powers will be gone.” Saying this again Samson Slept.

Now Delilah knew Samson’s secret. After Samson fell asleep, Delilah cut his hair and then went to call the Palestinians. Palestinians came and surrounded Samson. This time Samson woke up, feeling different. He was already feeling weak. When he laid his hand on his head, he knew that his hair had been cut off by someone.

Samson in Captivity

He was taken captive. Samson was then blinded and put in jail.

He then prays to God daily and apologizes to God, “Oh God, forgive me for my mistakes. My God, please forgive me.”

After this, the people of Palestine were about to celebrate that they had captured their greatest enemy. Everyone gathered in a palace to celebrate. Samson was brought there and tied up with two strong pillars of the palace. They were mocking Samson. Seeing all this, he prayed to God and with full force, he dropped the pillar. After the pillar dropped, the Whole palace collapsed in which Samson and others died.

Some Questions From The Samson Bible Story For Kids

Question: Who was Samson?

Answer: Samson was very powerful, he was a resident of Israel. Samson was a Nazirite. This meant that if he had cut his hair, his oath would have broken and he would have lost all his strength.

Question: Why was Samson special?

Answer: Samson was special because he was sent by God. He was different from others and was very powerful.

Question: Who was Delilah?

Answer: Samson loves the girl named Delilah. Delilah was from Palestine, yet he loved her very much. Samson would visit her home to see her which was in Palestine.

Question: Why did Samson not tell the truth to Delilah for the first and second time?

Answer: Samson may not have spoken the truth to Delilah because he could have got into trouble by doing so. If this secret had been available to the Palestinians, the danger would have increased for him.

Question: Should Delilah have been with the Palestinians?

Answer: No, Delilah should not have been with the Palestinians because she was in love with Samson. By doing so, Delilah betrayed Samson and her love.

Question: Should Samson have told his secret to Delilah?

Answer: Samson should not have told his secret to anyone. Because by doing this, people would know about his weakness. And we should not tell our weakness to anyone.

Q: How did Samson’s powers go away?

Answer: Samson was a Nazirite. If he had cut his hair, he would have broken his oath and he would have lost all his strength. When Delilah cut his hair when he was sleeping in her house. He lost his all strength.

Q: Who cut Samson’s hair?

Answer: Samson’s hair was cut by Delilah because she was helping Delilah.

Question: What did the Palestinians do to Samson after capturing him?

Answer: After capturing Samson, the Palestinians blinded his eyes. After this, he was put in jail.

Question: How did Samson die?

Answer: The pillar with which Samson was tied in the palace was dropped. After the pillar collapsed, the Whole palace collapsed in which Samson and others died.

So this was the Samson Bible Story For Kids. If you like it, then share it with your friends.

Samson Bible Story For Kids video

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