Cinderella Story For Kids (Full Story, Summary, PDF, Video)

Cinderella Story For Kids. Long ago there used to be a girl named Cinderella in a city. Cinderella was very beautiful and she loved others and treated everyone well. Cinderella also loved animals and birds and gave them a variety of things to eat. She was a girl who had all the good qualities. We should become like her and good children always love everyone.

Full Story of Cinderella For Kids in English

Cinderella did not have a mother. Her mother had died when she was young. But, Cinderella’s father was very good. He never let Cinderella miss her mother. Her father loves Cinderella very much and takes good care of her. Cinderella’s father also married another woman. Because of this, Cinderella also had a stepmother and also had two stepsisters.
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Stepmother and Stepsisters

Cinderella’s life was going very well. But everything changed when her stepmother and her two stepsisters came to live with her. Her stepmother and her two stepsisters were very envious and jealous of Cinderella. One day when Cinderella was sitting with the birds, her stepmother came and said, “From today you will live in that storeroom and you will do all the works.”

Cinderella did the same and she moved to the storeroom. Now she would do all the household work. Cinderella quickly woke up in the morning and started doing her work. She would spend the whole day doing work. Her sister used to harass her while she worked.

One day an announcement was made in the city that a ball celebration(Dance Party) would be held at the palace in which the prince would see a princess for himself. Story of Cinderella

Ball Celebration

All the girls in the city were very happy to hear that news and everyone thought that she would definitely participate in this ball celebration. Everyone started making their own preparations, the girls went and started choosing beautiful clothes, shoes, and other embellishments for themselves and wearing them. It seemed that the festival was coming. The same Cinderella sisters also told their mother that news. Her mother heard the news and told, “One of the two of you will become a princess. Because both of you are the most beautiful.”

Cinderella’s sisters gave the tailor to make beautiful gowns for themselves and the tailor stitched their gown very well. When their gown came readily from the tailor. They started getting ready for the program. Both the sisters called Cinderella to ready them. One of her stepsisters said to Cinderella, “Come and prepare us for today’s party. Anyway, you keep stealing your work. So let’s do a little bit of work.” Saying this, both were taunting Cinderella.

Cinderella groomed both of her sisters, and then she mustered up the courage to ask her stepmother, “Can I go to the event too?”

After this, her stepmother made fun of her and said, “The prince needs a princess, not a maid. Go away and do housework.”

Fairy’s Magic

Hearing this, Cinderella became very sad and started crying. She was crying too much. Her heart was filled with sadness and sorrow. She started crying, “I wish my mother was alive. If she were, I could go there happily today.”

Then suddenly an angel came in front of her. Cinderella was scared to see the angel. The angel told her,” Cinderella does not get so disappointed. I will help you so that you can go to today’s ball party.” Cinderella was a little nervous at first seeing that angel, but later she was happy to listen to her.

Cinderella said, “Thank you, but I have neither a beautiful dress nor any pair of shoes to go to the program. Where will I bring all this instantly?”

“Don’t you worry,” the angel said to her, “go and get a pumpkin and bring your 7 rat friends with you too.”

Cinderella did as the angel told her. She immediately went upstairs and brought a pumpkin from the kitchen and brought seven of her rat friends with her. Story of Cinderella.

Cinderella’s Preparations

After Cinderella arrived, the angel turned the pumpkin into an amazing chariot and 6 of those rats into horses. The angel turned one as the charioteer. After doing so the angel cast her spell on Cinderella. Cinderella stood in front of her wearing a beautiful dress from the fairy’s magic.

She had very beautiful glass shoes on his feet. Her dress and shoes looked very precious. Cinderella looked like a princess and a decent family girl. Cinderella was very happy to see all this happening. She was fully prepared to participate in the program. Cinderella said, “Thank you so much. I look like a princess. It looks like my mother has decorated me today.”

The angel said to Cinderella, “You look very beautiful. But, make sure that you reach home before 12:00 at the night. Because after 12:00am my magic will completely over”

“Yes. As you said, I will return to my home before 12:00.” Cinderella said.

Cinderella in The Party

After this Cinderella immediately sat on the chariot and immediately moved towards the palace. Cinderella entered the castle. As soon as she reached inside, everyone’s eyes were on her. Cinderella looked like a princess in appearance. There was also Cinderella’s stepmother and her stepsister at that event. As soon as they saw Cinderella, they was shocked to see her. All three were wondering how did Cinderella come here and where did such a beautiful dress come from?

Then after some time, Prince came to that party. When prince was going down on stairs he looked at Cinderella. On seeing Cinderella, the prince immediately started going towards her. Upon reaching Cinderella, the prince said, “Would you like to dance with me?” She was very happy to hear this and immediately said, “Yes, I will.”

Both Prince and Cinderella started dancing in front of them and everyone present at that event was watching them. They both looked very good together. Both were talking to each other while dancing.

Time was slowly coming out. Cinderella had no idea that it was midnight and it was about 12:00 in the night. In such a situation, Cinderella stared at the clock and saw that it was going to be 12:00. She remembered what the angel said. At 12:00 the effect of the fairy magic will end. Cinderella told the prince, “Now I have to go.” Having said this, she started running from the palace and while running, one of her foot sandal left on the stairs. Story of Cinderella.

Discover Cinderella

Prince chased after seeing Cinderella go out so soon. The prince ran after her but he could not see her and Cinderella left. But when the prince looked down, there was a sandel on the stairs. Which was of Cinderella.

The prince picked up that sandel and told his men, “With the help of this sandel find the girl who was dancing here with me. If need be, go to every house in the city and find that girl.”

The prince’s men started searching for that girl. They went to every house in the city and were trying to find out who the girl was. Men go to everyone’s house and wear that Sandal in the feet of the girls present in the house to see if the sandal fits in their feet.

They searched almost the entire house of the city. Now it was the turn of Cinderella’s house. The prince’s men arrived at Cinderella’s house. Cinderella saw from the window that the prince’s people were standing in front of her house and she was overjoyed to see this.

She immediately started leaving her room in happiness. Suddenly her stepmother came to the door and stood up. Her stepmother said to her, “You don’t need to come down here. You stay inside, this is the right place for you.” Having said this she locked the door of Cinderella’s room and locked the door from outside. Story of Cinderella.

In Cinderella’s House

The prince’s men entered Cinderella’s house. At first, they put the sandal on the leg of Cinderella’s sister that was too thin. When she wore that sandal, it was too big for her. Then they tried to put the sandal on the other sister’s leg. She was fat and her foot was not fit for sandal.

In such a situation, they started leaving Cinderella’s house. As they was going out, Cinderella came in the window and started trying to tell them with a gesture. But they don’t look to her. Cinderella started crying. Then a friend of his, who was a mouse, immediately ran out of the room from below the door and took out the key of the room from the clothes of Cinderella’s stepmother. The rat opened the door of Cinderella’s room.

Story of Cinderella to Read and Watch
Story of Cinderella to Read and Watch – Source – Pixabay

Seeing the door open, Cinderella was overjoyed and ran to the prince’s men. She reached to them and said, “You haven’t worn me that sandel yet.”

After saying this, the prince’s men immediately came to her and they gave her the sandel. The sandel fit perfectly into Cinderella’s feet, and this showed them that the girl was Cinderella who was dancing that night with Prince. They took Cinderella with them to the palace.

Looking at Cinderella’s eyes, the prince immediately recognized that she was the girl who danced with him in celebration that day. He immediately asked Cinderella, “Will you marry me?” In response Cinderella said yes.

Cinderella Story Summary in English Short Cinderella Story in English

Cinderella was the only girl from her father who lived with her step-mother and step-sisters in her house. Her stepmother and step sister used to harass Cinderella and make her do all the household work. One day a message was sent from the royal house in the city that the prince is looking for a girl for his wedding. Because of which he invited all the girls of the city to the ball party. In such a situation, all the girls of the city started getting ready to go to this party. The same Cinderella’s step sisters also started getting ready to go to that party. But Cinderella’s stepmother did not allow Cinderella to go to the party. All the people went to the party but Cinderella started crying in her house. Then an angel came in front of her. She changed Cinderella’s dress and gave her beautiful glass sandals. The angel turned a pumpkin into a chariot. Cinderella also had 6 rats, one of them replaced by the angel as the charioteer. Before Cinderella leaves, the angel tells her that Cinderella must return from the party before the fairy magic ends at 12:00. Cinderella went to the party and the prince’s eyes fell on Cinderella as she looked the most beautiful. At 12:00 O’clock Cinderella run away from there. Cinderella left her one sandal in the stairs of the palace. With the help of the same sandal, the prince tells to his soldiers to find out about Cinderella in the whole city. The prince’s men discover Cinderella with the help of sandal. Then both, Prince and Cinderella Married to each other. So this was the Cinderella Story Summary in English Short Cinderella Story in English.

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