8 Stories About Fox in English

Stories About Fox in English. The fox is very clever and intelligent. No one can fool them easily. But many times it is seen in the stories that the fox tries to fool others. She succeeds in fooling others. But if the person is also clever then it is difficult for the fox to fool them. Here also we have brought such stories about fox. Read these stories and enjoy it.

Fox and Rooster Story in English

A rooster lived in a small village. The rooster was very intelligent and clever. One day a fox came to the village. The fox saw that a rooster was sitting on a tree branch. Seeing the rooster, the fox thought that he would eat the rooster but for that, he would have to call the chicken down.

Fox Stories in English

Now the fox thought that she would fool the chicken and bring it down. Thinking that she said to the chicken, “What are you doing up there, come down and we can both sit down and talk together.” By saying this the fox wanted to fool the rooster.

The roaster said, “No I can’t come down because I stay away from the dreaded animals. That’s why I can’t come down to you there. I’m afraid that you will catch me and eat.”

“Hey! You don’t know,” the fox said, “Today all the animals in the forest have decided that they will live in harmony with each other and will not hurt each other. So now you don’t have to fear anyone. There is no need to be afraid of me either. Come down and we can sit and talk. “

The rooster was listening to the fox and he knew that the fox was trying to fool him. So that’s why the rooster put his mind into it and he said to the fox, “Oh wow that’s a good thing! If that’s the case then we can all live together. Having said that, the rooster up off his neck.” He was looking at the forest. “

Seeing the rooster do this, the fox started wondering what the rooster is doing? Because of this, she asked the chicken, “what the hell were you seeing there? What is there?”

“Nothing, just looking at the forest, it seems that some wild dogs are coming here and that’s why I am looking at them.” The hen said to the fox.

Hearing this, the fox panicked and tried to get out of there. As she started going from there, the chicken asked, “Why are you going from here? Wait we were going to sit and talk and when the wild dogs would come, we would be able to sit and talk with them.”

“No! No! I can’t stop here if I stay here and the dogs come and they will eat me that’s why I have to leave from here.” Fox say.

“Good, but it was decided in the morning that all the people in the forest will live together with each other and will not kill anyone, then why are you afraid?” The hen asked the fox.

The fox told the chicken, “Actually, this news has not yet reached the wild dogs. That’s why I have to run away from here.”

Saying this the fox immediately fled from there and in this way the hen saved his life and protected himself. Stories About Fox.

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The Lion and The Fox Story in English

A wild lion lived in a forest. That lion was very dangerous, which scared all the animals of the forest. The lion hunts and eat the animals of the forest to fulfill his hunger. He roamed the jungle to hunt. One day he was wandering in the forest for a long time but did not see a single animal. He was going crazy with hunger.

Fox Stories in English

After walking for a long time, the lion reached a cave. As he approached the cave, he thought, “There must be a animal inside the cave. I will hunt him and eat him.” The lion slowly went inside the cave. After going inside the cave, he saw that there was no one inside the cave. That cave was empty. But the lion was getting a fresh smell of another animal there so that he understood that an animal lives here. In such a situation, the lion hid there and waited for his prey.

After some time a fox came there. When the fox came close to his cave, he saw that there was footprints of the lion which is going inside the cave. In that situation the fox got very scared and started thinking about whether to go in or not? The fox calmed herself and began to use his mind. After a close look, she found that the footprints of the lion were going inside but not coming back. Then immediately the fox understood that the lion was inside.

The fox started thinking of another way to confirm his decision. The fox said loudly, “I came to my cave. Won’t you welcome me?” The lion was silently listening when the fox said this.

The fox then called out, “Is there any problem, my dear cave? You are not welcoming me today.” Hearing this, the lion thought that he should not sit silent or else the fox would run away. The lion said, “No no! Everything is fine. You are welcome, come in.” Now the fox knew for sure that the lion was inside. So she ran away as soon as possible and saved her life. On the other side, the lion died hungry while waiting inside.

Moral of the Story: We must always work with a calm mind. If we are in some trouble, then we should first calm our mind and then make a decision, this reduces the possibility of mistakes.

Fox and Crow Story in English

Once upon a time, a hungry crow was wandering here and there in search of food, when he found a bun on a road. He took that bread and went to a distant forest and sat on a tree. When he started eating bread, a fox came to him.

Fox Stories in English

The fox was hungry too, and seeing the bread in the crow’s mouth, she thought that she would eat that bread. Thinking that the fox said to the crow, “Hey crow! Today you are looking very good and I have heard that you sing very well. Will you sing for me? I am longing to hear your song. “

The crow was very happy to hear his praise and thought to sing the song. But before singing the song, he got the idea in his mind that if he sings, the bread of his mouth will fall down and then the fox will eat it. So the crow put the bread under their feet and hold it in his feet. Crow started singing.

When the crows did this, the fox understood that her idea was not working, so she tried another trick. Fox said to the crow, “Oh wow how sweet you sing. I heard that you are also very good to dance. Will you show me your dance?”

Hearing this much praise, the crow was even happier. Also forgot that there is a bread under his feet. The crow started dancing. As the crows raised his both two legs, the bread fell down. Immediately the fox pressed the bread into his mouth and went ahead.

Now the crows understood that the fox was fooling him. That is why we should not be happy to hear our false praise.

The Grapes are Sour Story in English

A hungry fox was wandering around in search of food. While wandering, she reached a place where a lot of grapes were planted in the trees in front of her. Seeing the grapes, her mouth was filled with water. The fox started thinking, “Oh! Amazing and tasty grapes I can see there, he will enjoy it. I will eat the whole grapes.”

Fox Stories in English

After thinking this she leaps so that she can jump and eat the grapes. But the grape was out of her reach. The fox leaped again but still she could not reach the grapes. In such a situation, she started leaping harder. The fox pushed hard, but still she could not reach. Despite trying, again and again, she could not get the grapes. She finally gave up, accepting defeat. As she went, she said, “The grapes are sour.”

Through this story we are being told that when we like something, we try our best to get it. But when we are unable to get it, we start talking bad about it. First, fox was calling the grapes taste. But when she cannot get it, she runs away saying that the grapes are sour. Stories About Fox.

Fox and Stork Story in English

Long ago there used was a fox and a stork in the forest. The fox was very clever. The stork was very intelligent and treated well with others. He used to get along well with others. He never tries to degrade anyone.

One day the fox came to him to embarrass the stork and said to him, “How are you my friend?”

“I’m very good,” the stork said to the fox, “You tell me how you came here today.”

“I have come here to invite you. Actually it is my birthday and I am organizing a party for my birthday and I am inviting everyone for that. I want you to come and celebrate my birthday.

Fox Stories in English

“Yes, it’s fine. I will definitely come.” The stork said. Having said that the fox left from there. Then the stork waited for the next day. As soon as the day started the stork was ready so that he could go to birthday party. The time for the party had arrived, now the stork reached the fox’s house and the fox welcomed the stork and asked him to dine.

The fox cleverly gave the stork food in a plate. The stork got nervous seeing food in a plate because the stork had a long beak and could not eat from the plate in this way. The stork always used to eat food in thin long neck jug. In such a situation, the stork had understood that the fox had called here to make fun of him and humiliate him.

The fox asked the stork, “What is the matter. Is today’s food is not good? Eat. Eat. We have made it very well. I can bring you more if you need it.”

“No-no, that’s enough.” Saying this, the stork went away secretly.

A few days later the birthday of the stork came, on this occasion he wanted to fool the fox. He too went and invited the fox and said to her, “Tomorrow is my birthday. You will come. I am inviting you for my birthday.”

“Yes, I will definitely come.” Fox said. The next day the fox gets ready and goes to the stork to celebrate his birthday. The stork gave her food to eat but the stork gave the food in a narrow jug. The fox used to eat on a plate. By doing this the stork wanted to fool him. The fox understood that the stork was doing as she had done to him.

The fox understood that she was being fooled. That’s why she went away from there as an excuse.

Moral of the Story – This story teaches us that whatever we do, we should take good care of our guest and should not let others down.

The Blue Fox Story in English

Fox Stories in English

The Fox Without a Tail Story in English

A long time ago there used to be a fox in the forest. She was wandering here and there in search of prey that suddenly she heard a voice and then she felt pain in her tail. She kept screaming due to pain, “God, what happened? Why is it hurting me so much?” Saying this when she looked back, her tail was stuck on a trap which was kept by a hunter.

Fox Stories in English

She was in a lot of pain due to being stuck in the trap. Now she wanted to separate herself from the trap. For that she began to forcefully pull her tail. She tried hard and in the end she freed herself from the trap. In such a situation, when she looked back, her tail was broken. She had only a small portion of tail left and most of the tail was stuck in the trap.

She started crying after seeing this. She was wondering how she would meet the rest of her friends now? Without tail, people will make fun of her so that she will feel embarrassed. While thinking this, she started crying. After some time she starts wondering how to avoid embarrassment? Then a thought came to her mind and she went straight to her companions.

She gathered all her friends and then said to them, “Look at me my sisters, I have cut my tail. I have done this because there was no use to keep tail. When we go on hunting, it disturb us in the middle. When dogs chase us to catch us, then they can catch us by this tail. This tail is of no use to us, that’s why I want to say to all of you that you too cut your tail like me and get rid of it. You will benefit a lot by doing this. “

The fox was trying to fool his companions with her words. But then a fox said, “We know well that you have not called us here to show us the advantage. You are embarrassed that you have cut your tail. And that’s why you want us all to do the same. We are not stupid like you, go from here and live life without tail. “

Saying this the whole foxes left from there and that that fox started living with embarrassment.

This story teaches us that we cannot always fool people. In this story the fox was trying to fool his other friends but that did not happen.

The Hungry Fox Story in English

Fox Stories in English

So these were some stories about fox in English. If you like these stories then don’t forgot to share it with your friends.

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