Story of Jesus for Kids With Audio

Many prophets of the Bible had predicted that the son of God would be born on this earth and would bring people along the path of God. That son of God will be named Jesus and he will be born for the salvation of the people. God loves humans so much that he sent his child to this earth. So let’s know the story of Jesus for kids. If you want to listen to audio stories about Jesus you will find them at the end of this post.

Birth Story of Jesus For Kids

Mother Mary

The story begins with Nazareth a place where a virgin woman lived named Mary. Mary was to be married to Joseph of Bethlehem. Mary was a religious woman who loved her God and had great faith in him.

One day God sent an angel to Mary. That angel’s name was Gabriel. Gabriel came to Mary and said to her, “Mary I am Gabriel. An Angel sent by God. I have brought you a very important message from God.”

Mary had never seen anything like this, so she was terrified at seeing that angel.

“Don’t worry Mary, I won’t harm you,” Angel said, “the son of God is going to be born from your womb. Name him Jesus. He will be very great and will be known as the son of God.”

Hearing this, a doubt arose in Mary’s mind that she had not been married yet. How can she become a mother in such a situation? Mary asks the angel to remove the doubt, “I am not married, is it possible that how can I become a mother without marrying?”

“Everyone believes that it is not possible for your cousin, Elizabeth, to become a mother. But, she too will have a child. That child will make way for Jesus. His name will be John,” Angel told Mary. Having said that, the angel left.

Mary tells her future husband Joseph that she is going to have a child. Now Joseph got upset in such a situation how could this happen? When Joseph was thinking like this, an angel came into his dream and said, “Joseph, I can understand your concern. But you don’t need to panic. Trust Mary. You name that child Jesus. That child is the son of God.”

Listening to that angel, Joseph’s mind was filled with all the dilemmas. Joseph then accepts Mary as his wife and marries her.

Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem

Joseph was a resident of Bethlehem who was inside the Roman empire at that time. The ruler there wanted to keep a list of his people. He wanted to add more people whose names were not included in that list. For this, he ordered that wherever the native is present, he should appear there and write his name on the list. Joseph and Mary had to go to Bethlehem to write their name on the list.

Both Joseph and Mary left Nazareth and headed to Bethlehem. The distance between the two places was too long and the means of transport was not so good in those days. It was a difficult journey for them. It took them a week to reach there. They reached Bethlehem at night. Mary was very tired.

Upon reaching Bethlehem, Joseph looked for a rest house to stop. But on that day all the rest house was not empty. Mary was pregnant at the time and upon seeing her, a person felt pity for her. He gave them a place to spend the night in his stable.

Birth in Stable

Mary began to feel that her son was about to be born. So she told her husband Joseph, “Joseph, the baby is going to come out. This baby will be born tonight.”

At that time, shining stars were seen in the sky. The animals were making sounds there. Then Mary gave birth to a child in that stable. They named him Jesus, as Gabriel told them. Both were happy as soon as the baby Jesus was born. They tied the young Jesus with a warm cloth and made his bed with a straw lying nearby for him to sleep. After making the bed, they put the little Jesus to sleep there.

As soon as the news of his birth was received by the rest of the people, everyone started coming there to see him. They all kneel down in front of the little Jesus and remember God. The birth of Jesus was a miracle for all.

Jesus was born on 25 December and this is why we celebrate Christmas on 25 December every year in his memory.

Birth Story of Jesus For Kids

Story of Jesus’ Baptism For Kids

In the story of Jesus’ birth, we read that an angel named Gabrielle told Mary that a baby boy named John would be born before Jesus. He will be born to Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth. God sent John with an important purpose. John was about to get people ready for Jesus’ arrival. He was about to prepare the way for Jesus.

John grew up giving the message of God to everyone. Also, told everyone that the son of God is among us. People would listen to him and believe in him. John received a message in the desert that he had to proclaim the punishment of sins and to perform the Baptism. This is what he has done since then.

Now Jesus was 30 years old. At that time John used to give Baptism to people along the banks of the Jordan River. This is the same Jordan River from where Joshua carried the ark of the covenant to across the river with the Israelites.

One day John was giving Baptism to people in the Jordan River like before. While giving Baptism, John was telling the good messages of God to the people, in the meantime, a person came to him. He was no other Jesus. In the same Jordan River, Jesus took Baptism from John.

After taking Baptism of Jesus, the Holy Spirit of God descended upon him like a dove. Then a voice came from heaven, “You are my dear son. I am pleased with you.” This is how Jesus was baptized.

Story of Jesus’ Baptism For Kids

Stories of Jesus’ Miracles For Kids

Jesus Turned Water into Wine

This story is about the time when Jesus was present in Galilee. There was a place called Cana in Galilee where a wedding was being celebrated in that place. It was the third day of the celebration. Mother Mary was also present at that wedding and Jesus and his followers were also invited there.

The wine was given to the people in celebration. The wine was being distributed to everyone there too. People would be given as much wine as they wanted to drink. But while sharing the wine, they encountered a problem. The wine was finished before time and the people were not even properly distributed wine. Now everyone became upset in such a situation.

Mother Mary went to Jesus with this problem. She told Jesus, “The whole wine is finished before time.”

“Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”

After this Jesus went to the place where the wine jars were kept. Mother Mary told the workers, “Do what he says.”

Jesus told those people to fill the water in that jar. After this Jesus said to those people, “Go share it among the people.”

People drank that water and they found it very tasty. That water had become wine. Everyone had never tasted that tasty wine.

Everyone told the groom, ” Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine. After the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.”

So this was Jesus’ first miracle in which he turned water into wine.

Jesus Turned Water into Wine

Jesus Fed 5000 People

As Jesus progressed, the number of his followers also increased. He used to roam from place to place and preached God’s message to people. One day when people heard that Jesus and his disciples were coming to a place. So they started to gather at that place before his arrival.

When Jesus arrived there, he saw many people who wanted to see more miracles from him and know about God. But Jesus did not want to address such a large crowd. Because they knew it is difficult to tell such a large crowd about the kingdom of God.

But, seeing such a large crowd, he came to understand that this crowd is like a herd of sheep which has no Shepherd. In such a situation, they will go wandering. So he thought of stopping there. Everyone waited for Jesus to say something.

Time was running out and people started feeling hungry. A disciple of Jesus came to him and said, “You send them all back everyone is hungry. We cannot arrange food for them.” Those disciples were worried about food for everyone. But Jesus knew what he will do. God loves everyone he will give food for everyone to eat.

In such a situation, a small child came. He had 5 loaves and 2 fish. He gave that 5 loaves and 2 fish to the disciples of Jesus.

Jesus told his disciples to distribute those 5 loaves and 2 fish among them. All his disciples were surprised how could this happen? How can they distribute these 5 loaves and 2 fish to people?

But they started sharing. They continued to distribute food but it was not getting over. And in this way, he fed food to 5000 people. This miracle is more famous than other miracles of Jesus.

Story of Jesus Feeding 5000 People

Jesus Walks on Water

Jesus used to show miracles to people and to his disciples. The main reason for doing this was that people and their disciples did not fully believe in him and that Jesus is the son of God. In such a situation, he had to perform so many miracles to win the trust of the people. Similarly, he performed another miracle in front of his disciples. He showed it to his disciples by walking on water.

That day, after feeding a lot of bread and fish to 5000 people, it was time to leave. Jesus came there by his boat. That is why he sent his disciples to find the boat.

When his disciples went to fetch the boat, Jesus turned away from them and went to pray atop a mountain. After finishing his prayer he went towards the lake’s shore to see his disciples. He saw that the boat was far from the shore and their disciples were also on the boat.

At that time there was a very strong wind. Due to the strong wind, his boat was driven away from the lakeshore. Jesus wanted to reach that boat. Now Jesus started walking in the water and he kept going. Just think what a scene it must have been like when Jesus walked on the water.

Jesus approached the boat as he walked. On the other hand, his disciples saw him but could not understand what it was. One of them said that there is a ghost. They were all afraid. Jesus shouted, “I’m here. Don’t be afraid!” He then called Peter.

Peter gets out of the boat and starts moving toward Jesus. But the strong wind distracted him and he fell into the water. Jesus held his hand and raised him up.
His disciples saw the whole scene. Everyone was shocked! After this, the faith of the disciples was further increased towards Jesus.

Jesus Walks on Water

Jesus Heals a Blind Man

One day Jesus was walking on the road with his disciples he saw a blind man sitting on the road. That blind man was blind since childhood. He could not do any work because he could not see with his eyes. Therefore he used to beg.

A disciple said to Jesus, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

Jesus told his disciple that the blind man had not committed any sin, nor did his parents. This is blind because through this God will show his sovereignty to others.

What happened after that was very amazing. Jesus was going to do a miracle. Through this people would know that he is the son of God and he has come to save everyone.

Jesus spit on the ground and raised the soil from that place. He wet that soil with his saliva. He applied that wet soil to the blind person’s eyes. “Go,” Jesus said, “go and wash it with the water of Pool of Siloam.”

Hearing this, the blind man quickly went to the Pool of Siloam and washed the mud on his eyes with the water there. After doing this, the man opened his eyes. Now he could see everything.

Those who knew him were surprised to see him this way. He tells everyone that Jesus has healed his eyes.
In this way, once more the one above was glorified.

Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Audio Story of Jesus for Kids

Birth of Jesus Audio Story

Audio Story of Jesus’ Baptism

Audio Story of Jesus Turned Water Into Wine

Audio Story of Jesus Fed 5000 People

Audio Story of Jesus Walks on Water

Audio Story of Jesus Heals a Blind Man

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