Joseph Bible Story for Kids

Joseph Bible Story for Kids – We saw how Abraham settled in Canaan. Where he also had children, one of whom was named Isaac. While living in Canaan, Isaac had two children, Esau and Jacob. Jacob betrays his brother and runs away from Canaan. Leaving Canaan, he reaches Aram where he works with his maternal uncle Laban. Jacob works with Laban for a long time and marries his daughter Leah and Rachel.

Jacob then has 12 children, one of whom was Joseph and this story is about the same Joseph. If you have not read the story of Abraham and the story of Esau and Jacob, then you must read this story and understand it better.

When Jacob was returning from Aram to Canaan, God gave him the name ‘Israel’. The meaning of this name is ‘God Contended’, ‘Wrestles with God’, ‘Triumphant with God’.

Israel (Jacob) loved Joseph the most among all his children. He had 12 children, including 11 boys and a girl. Joseph was the son of Israel (Jacob) and Rachel. His brothers were jealous of him that Dad loved him more and this jealousy was going to cause trouble for Joseph.

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One day on Joseph’s birthday, Israel (Jacob) gave a colourful coat to him. That coat was very luxurious and beautiful in appearance. Joseph would wear his father’s coat happily, but because of this, the jealousy within his brothers had increased.

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Joseph’s Dream

One day all the family members were sitting together to have dinner then Joseph told everyone about his dreams.

Joseph said to all, “I saw a dream, brothers. In my dream, I saw that we are all planting wheat bundles in the field. After planting the wheat bundles in the field, all of you bundles was bowing my wheat bundles. “

Joseph Bible Story for Kids
Joseph Bible Story for Kids

The brothers listened to Joseph and said, “You have gone mad. What do you want to say? Do you want to tell everyone that we will be your slaves or servants? That will never happen.”

“Hey, brothers why are you getting angry. Okay leave it, Let me tell you another story.” Joseph told his brothers.

Joseph said, “I saw in my dream that the sun, the moon and the 11 stars are bowing me.”

Joseph Bible Story for Kids
Joseph Bible Story for Kids

Hearing this, his brothers became even angrier and everyone said, “Oh well, now you say that our father, our mother and we will all bow to you and will enslave you.”

“Father, why don’t you tell him something? Since everything he is saying is rubbish.” The brothers told Dad.

Father said, “This is not a useless dream, this is a dream shown by God.”

After this, all the brothers got up and left. But not everyone knew what was going to happen in the future. Did Joseph’s dream have any meaning? What did God want to tell him in his dreams? To know this, read the story till the end.

Conspiracy of Brothers

As before, all the brothers were engaged in their work. They were all feeding the herd. Then they saw that Joseph was coming towards them. There was no one around. They thought that it is a good opportunity for them. Now everyone thought of killing Joseph. They caught him as he approached.

“Hey brothers, what are you doing? Leave me, it hurts” Joseph told his brothers.

The brothers said, “Today we will not leave you. What you said will not happen. You will not rule us.”

After saying this, the brothers took off Joseph’s coat and threw him into a nearby pit. After some time they saw that some traders were coming towards them. In such a situation, they thought that they would sell his brother, Joseph to the traders. They let Joseph out of the pit and sold him to the merchants in exchange for 20 silver coins. They were going to Egypt.

Now the brothers thought that what would they say to their father when they go home? For this, Joseph’s brothers killed a goat and dipped Joseph’s fancy coat in its blood. They went from there and showed that coat to their father. They all told their father that Joseph was killed by wild animals. Israel was very sad to hear this. He cried for him.

Joseph in Egypt

After that, those merchants took Joseph to such a place in Egypt where people were sold. The people bid for Joseph and he was bought by Potiphar of Egypt. Potiphar was the head of the Egyptian army and an officer of Pharaoh. Now Joseph was Potiphar’s slave. Potiphar gets Joseph to work in the fields. Joseph was very hardworking and did all the work well. Potiphar’s property greatly increased because of him.

Potiphar, observe Joseph’s honesty and true passion. He was impressed by him. So he decided to make him the secretary of his estate. Now Joseph’s life had become better.

Joseph in Jail

Joseph was beautiful in appearance and he talked in a good manner to others. For this reason, Potiphar’s wife was attracted to Joseph. She starts thinking about, how can she attract Joseph to her?

One day, Potiphar went to another city for work. Then his wife saw an opportunity and called Joseph and said, “Hey Joseph, come in, I want to talk to you.”

Joseph did not want to go in, but Joseph had to go inside the room after repeated pleading of Potiphar’s wife. As soon as he went in, Potiphar’s wife told him his plan. But Joseph believed in God and it was a sin for him to do so. This would have insulted God. That is why he refused and ran away from the room.

After this, Potiphar’s wife was very angry and thought to implicate Joseph. As Potiphar returned, his wife told him, “Joseph came to my room and he started forcing me.”

Hearing this, Potiphar was very angry and ordered Joseph to be imprisoned. Joseph had to stay inside the prison for years.

Dream of Pharaoh

It had been 2 years since Joseph spent in prison. On the other hand, the pharaoh of Egypt was worried about what his two dreams meant. The pharaoh of Egypt had two dreams, which he was very distraught to know the meaning of. He asked all his advisors what it meant but no one knew the actual meaning of it.

Pharaoh received the news that a prisoner named Joseph was correct in explaining the meaning of dreams. Knowing this, he called Joseph from the prison and told him his dream.

Pharaoh narrated his first dream to Joseph, “I dreamed that 7 healthy and fat cows came out of the river and began to graze. Shortly thereafter 7 thin-skinned cows came out of the river and ate those 7 cows. “

“What did you see in another dream?” Joseph asked pharaoh.

Pharaoh told the second story, “I saw in a second dream that seven withered bundles of grain which devoured seven fat bundles of grain.”

Joseph carefully listened to Pharao’s stories and then explained, “Master, these two stories of yours mean that 7 years of Egypt will be very good, which will be very green. But right after that 7 years will be very dry.” In which animals will die it will be great famine. Everyone can suffer from starvation”

After hearing this, the pharaoh ordered everyone to collect more grain production in these 7 years so that it can be used in the event of famine.

Joseph Became Vizier

As Joseph had said, in the seven years of the beginning, the best crop was ever grown in Egypt, in which people saved a lot of grain for further. Joseph had become a vizier between this. The vizier is the one who is the most powerful person in the country after the king. He had many rights.

Joseph Bible Story for Kids

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