Milk of An Ox – Akbar Birbal Story in English

Milk of An Ox. Everyone knows about the cleverness of Birbal. In those days, Emperor Akbar was pleased with the cleverness of Birbal and praised him. Everyone present in the meeting agreed that only the most intelligent and clever among them all is Birbal.

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Emperor Akbar said in praise of Birbal, “Birbal, we all have to agree that you are very clever and intelligent. There is no doubt to your cleverness. I believe that there is no one more intelligent than you in this country.”

All the courtiers in the court simultaneously said, “Yes, absolutely right. Perfect.” But one of those courtiers Sukhadev Singh was sitting quietly. Emperor Akbar caught sight of him. Emperor Akbar asked Sukhadev Singh, “What is the matter that you are sitting quietly? Don’t you believe that Birbal is the smartest and intelligent of all of us?”

“Yes, I do not believe that Birbal is intelligent and clever among all of us.” That courtier told Emperor Akbar.

“Well, if that’s the case, then you can take a test of Birbal. You can give Birbal a challenge. Let us see, can he do that challenge properly or not? If he does that then you will have to agree that he is clever and intelligent.”

In such a situation, Sukhadev Singh challenged Birbal and said, “Well, you should ask Birbal that he should bring milk of an ox for all of us.”

“Milk of an ox!” Emperor Akbar said cautiously, “How can this happen? How can anyone bring the milk of an ox?”

Then Sukhdev Singh said firmly, “If he is able to do this then I will assume that he is the smartest and intelligent among us all.”

“But, an ox doesn’t give milk!” An courtier said.

“If Birbal is clever, he can definitely bring the milk of an ox. You should ask him to accept this challenge.” Sukhdev Singh told Emperor Akbar.

Now in such a situation, Emperor Akbar asked Birbal to accept this challenge and Birbal also accepted the challenge happily. Birbal said to Emperor Akbar, “Huzur, I will bring the milk of an ox in front of you tomorrow.”

“I don’t know what you will do. But I’m very curious to know about it.” The king said.

After this, everyone left the court and then as soon as it was night, Emperor Akbar went to sleep on his bed. Emperor Akbar was in sleep then suddenly a sound reached his ears.

“Pat.” “Pat.” “Pat.”

That voice started bothering him. Emperor Akbar woke up and shouted loudly, “Soldier! Soldier! Who is making such noise in the middle of night. It is causing trouble to me. Go and stop him I want to sleep.” At the behest of the emperor, the soldier went and pacified the person. After some time, Emperor Akbar fell asleep again. After sleeping for a while, that sound started reaching his ears again.

“Pat.” “Pat.” “Pat.”

The voice started bothering him. This time he woke up in anger and again shouted, “Soldier, who is making that noise again and again? You bring him here. I will punish him.”

The soldiers went outside and saw that a little girl was washing clothes at the middle of night. Her voice was washing clothes reaching to everyone. The soldiers presented the girl to Emperor Akbar.

Emperor Akbar asked the girl, “What is the matter? Why are you doing in the middle of the night. Do you not know that it is time for everyone to sleep? You have spoiled my sleep.”

“Yes I know Huzur. I am washing clothes at night because my mother has gone to her mother’s village and my father has given birth to a child. So I had to come here to wash clothes immediately. I apologize for disturbing your sleep.”

“What did you say? Your father has given birth to a child. How can this happen? Are you stupid? A men can’t give birth to a child” The king told the girl.

“Sorry, but anything can happen in your country. If an ox can give milk then my father can also give birth to a child.” The girl told the emperor.

On hearing that girl, King Akbar understood that it was done by Birbal. He asked the girl to go back to her home and he happily slept in his bed.

As soon as the next day arrived, all the people attended the court. But Birbal was not there. The king called Sukhadev Singh and asked, “What is it that you look a little weak today? Did you not sleep last night?”

“Whenever I went to sleep last night, a voice would bother me. I couldn’t sleep because of it.” Sukhdev Singh told Emperor Akbar.

“Good! Such is the case. Actually that voice was to extract the milk of an ox. Ha! Ha! Ha” Then he told the whole thing happened that night to all the courtiers and they all understood that none of them are as clever as Birbal.

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