6 Best Gautam Buddha Moral Stories in English With Audio

Gautam Buddha Moral Stories in English – Gautam Buddha’s childhood life was spent in luxury. He had all the things in his life so that he could lead a good life. But even after getting all that, he was not satisfied with all those things. His mind was always distracted to know the truth. That truth was the ultimate truth of life, Mahatma Buddha left his home to know everything. After this, there were many changes in his life and we can learn a lot from these changes, that is why we have brought some such stories of Mahatma Buddha’s life in this post. These stories will definitely bring changes in your life as well. So let’s read “Gautam Buddha Moral Stories in English” –

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Buddha and Beggar – Gautam Buddha Moral Stories in English

Once a beggar was upset with his life because he had to beg to run his life. He had to beg for everything. He would remain unhappy about this and thought about how his life would change. Thinking that he would be disappointed.

Every day he would see that many frustrated people, people with tears in their eyes and troubled by various worries were going towards Gautam Buddha and they were very happy while returning. That beggar could not understand what Gautam Buddha used to do to them so that they would become very happy? While returning there was neither a lot of money in the hands of the people nor gold and silver, then what happened that people were so happy while returning from Buddha?

Thinking all this, the beggar also decided that he too will go to Mahatma Buddha and see what is happening there that unhappy people go to him and become happy?

He walked to meet Buddha. Where Buddha was present, there was a very long queue, so that beggar also got in the queue. He started waiting in the queue for his turn. His turn came and he reached near Buddha.

He said to Buddha, “Buddha I am very poor. I have nothing. I have to beg others even to run my life. Now you tell me that how can I live my life and how can I do it better? “

On hearing all this the Buddha said, “You are not poor. You think so because till date you have never done anything for anyone. Neither have you ever donated anything to anyone. Nor have you done anything for others.”

Hearing all this, the beggar was in dilemma. To allay his confusion, the beggar asked, “I am a beggar. How can I donate to people and help people? I have to ask others to run my own life.”

After hearing all this, Gautam Buddha kept quiet for a while and then said to him, “You have a hand with which you can serve people and do good to others. Also you have mouth so that you say good things and encourage others. You can help others by doing all this. It is not necessary that donations be made only with money. We can also donate education if we want. If the God has given someone a perfectly good body, then he is not poor. He is simply poor in mind. He should move away from this thought and serve others. “

After listening to all these things of Buddha, that beggar became very happy and his mind was satisfied now.

Moral of the story – We all waste time worrying that we are poor but this is not true. The truth is that as long as our body is completely better, we can use it to move forward and improve our life. If a person just pays attention to his poverty and does not try to change it then he is a fool.

Apart from this, we also learn from this story that donations, not only money, education, food, good thoughts, etc. should also be made. If you do not have money, you can education others or you can also share good thoughts to others. This makes society better.

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Buddha and Beggar Audio Story for kids

Don’t Have to Accept Everything – Gautam Buddha Moral Stories in English

Gautam Buddha preached from place to place and shared good thoughts. He would help others to overcome the sufferings of their lives. People would be very happy to hear his words. That is why everyone used to like him very much. But there were some people who were jealous of Gautama Buddha.

Once, Gautam Buddha was traveling with his disciples, then a person came to him and started abusing Buddha. Even after hearing all this, Mahatma Buddha did not react. He remained calm and silent. In such a situation, the man again abused Gautam Buddha and started saying bad things about his ancestors, but still Mahatma Buddha did not give him any response and he kept calm.

Seeing all this, his disciples and the people around him were wondering why Mahatma Buddha is not giving any answer to that person?

After some time the person calmed down on his own. Then, the Buddha said, “If someone gives us a gift, it is up to us whether we take it or not. If we accept it, it comes to us. Whereas if we don’t accept it So it goes to the same person who gave the gift. Similarly, it is up to me to accept or not to abort this person. We should never react immediately. We should always calm down and think about right or wrong. It helps to avoid the worst and also gets rid of troubles. “

After hearing all these things of Buddha, that person became embarrassed and immediately fell at Buddha’s feet and started apologizing to him. The Buddha forgave him and went ahead.

Don’t Have to Accept Everything Audio Story for kids

Wisdom of Buddha – Gautam Buddha Moral Stories in English

Once upon a time, Gautama Buddha was on a journey with his disciples. While walking on the journey, Buddha felt thirsty, so he asked one of his disciples to go and fetch me drinking water.

Now, when that disciple looked around, no source of water was found anywhere. But when he tried more, he found a source of water on the way.

There he saw that some people are washing clothes in the source of that water. Then suddenly a bullock cart from there passed over the source of that water. In such a situation, all the water there became dirty and the water became muddy. Then he thought that how can he take that dirty water and muddy water for Buddha?

So he went back empty-handed and went to Gautam Buddha. He told everything to Buddha. Buddha said okay don’t worry. We all sit here and relax in the shade of this big tree.

After some time Gautama Buddha asked the same disciple to bring water again. Now that disciple went back to the same water source. Going there he saw that the water was absolutely clean and potable. Now he took that water for the Buddha. He gave that water to Gautam Buddha.

Buddha told everyone that the way mud or dust spread in the water. But after leaving it for a while, all his mud or dirt sat down and the water cleared back.
In the same way, our brain is also. When our brain is disturbed, then give it time and calm it down. Our brain will also be calm after a short time.

No decision should be taken with a restless mind. All we have to do is to keep our brains calm for a while so that we can make good decisions. Children’s stories.

The moral of the story- Is decisions taken from a restless mind are always wrong. We should always make a decision with a calm mind, which reduces the chances of making mistakes.

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Wisdom of Buddha Audio Story for kids


Biggest Right – Gautam Buddha Moral Stories in English

We know Gautama Buddha very well who founded Buddhism and brought many changes in people’s lives. This story is of his childhood when he was young and he was not known as Gautam Buddha but Siddhartha. He also had a cousin named Devdutt. Let’s know about this story –

There was a garden near the palace of King Śuddhodana(Father of Gautam Buddha) where Siddharth used to sit and enjoy nature. One day while he was sitting in his garden, an injured swan fell near his leg. There was an arrow in his body. On seeing the swan, it seemed that some hunter has hunted him.

Seeing the swan in trouble and seeing it fluttering, Siddhartha’s heart melted and he wanted to help the swan.

He first took that arrow from the body of that swan and bandaged it with ointment on the injured place. After doing all this, Devdutt came to Siddharth looking for something.

As soon as Devdutt approached Siddhartha, he said, “Well, it is with you. Bring it to me. I have hunted it. I had to work very hard to hunt it and I have the right to it.”

On hearing this, Siddharth said to Devadatta, “No, this swan was injured and came to me. I helped it and saved his life. That’s why I have the right over it.”

There was a debate between the two brothers over the rights of that goose. Now they wanted to know who has more right over that swan? So both of them decided that they would go to the king. Siddhartha’s father was the king of Kapilavastu.

They both went to the king Śuddhodana. As soon as they reached the king, Devdutt first said, “Maharaj, I have the highest authority over this swan because I have hunted it. Because of this, you ask Siddharth to give me this swan.”

As soon as Devdutt’s point was completed, the king pacified both and then asked him what was the whole matter?

In such a situation, Siddhartha told the king the whole thing and said to him, “Father the thing is that this swan was hunted by Devdutt but this swan got injured and came near my feet. Seeing it injured, I treated it and fixed it. Now tell me that the highest authority on this goose is mine. “

The king considered this matter well. After considering it, he said one of the biggest things in the meeting was, “the right to save more than the one who is killed is the highest. Therefore, the biggest authority over this swan is only and only for Siddhartha because he saves that swan. He did not kill it, but treated that swan after seeing it injured and saved its life. After the king had said this, Devdutt understood the matter very well. He also knew that the protector has more rights than the one who killed.

Moral of the story- From this story we understand that the protector is greater than the one who kills and his authority is greater than the one who is killed. That is why we too should help others and help troubled people. By doing this we make the society around us better. A good society is the hallmark of a good country. That’s why you also pledge from today that you too will definitely help others.

Biggest Right Audio Story for kids

Character Analysis

If we talk about the nature of Siddhartha, he was very calm and always forward in helping others. When he saw the swan in trouble, he immediately got up to help him. It comes to know that Siddharth got sad by seeing others in trouble.

If we talk about Devdutt, he was a fighting boy who lacked patience. He did not hesitate to kill creatures which is wrong. He was the opposite of Siddharth.

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Gautam Buddha Moral Stories in English
Gautam Buddha Moral Stories in English

Rage an Enemy – Gautam Buddha Moral Stories in English

Once upon a time, Lord Gautama Buddha was sitting with his disciples and preaching to them. He then told his disciples, “Anger is the greatest enemy of everyone. The person who is angry not only hurts himself but also harms others. He burns in the fire of vengeance and ruins his life.”

After his preaching was over, one of his disciples stands up and says to him, “You are a hypocrite! Your words are contrary to the way of life of men. You do not follow what you say, in your life. And tells others to do it all.”

When his disciple was saying these things to Gautam Buddha, Gautam Buddha did not react and he was sitting silent. But, in such a situation, the person became even angrier and in anger, he spits on the mouth of Gautam Buddha! Even after this, Mahatma Gautama Buddha did not get angry and he was calm. He wiped the spit from his face and he sat quietly.

Seeing all this, that disciple did not understand what he would do. Enraged, he left that place and went to his house the next day. By the time he reached his home, his mind had calmed down. In the end, he realized that he had made a big mistake. He has sinned. He began to say to himself in his mind, “What have I done. I have insulted Mahatma Buddha. How can I commit such a sin? I made a big mistake. I have to go and apologize to him.”

Saying this, he immediately went to Gautama Buddha but Gautama Buddha was not at that place. In such a situation, the disciple wandered from place to place and started searching for him. As soon as he got the Buddha, he fell at his feet and started saying to him, “Forgive me. I have made a mistake and have insulted you. I have committed this great sin.”

Seeing all this, Gautam Buddha said to him, “Calm down, tell me what’s the matter? Who are you?”

When Gautam Buddha asked this, he was shocked. He started thinking about how Mahatma Buddha could forget him. He had insulted him.

Thinking this, he asked Mahatma Buddha, “I am the same disciple who insulted you yesterday and you forgot me so soon.”

“We should leave the things of yesterday. Whether it is good or bad, we should not think about it again and again. I leave the past and go forward and so should all of us.” Mahatma Buddha said to that disciple.

The disciple was even more impressed after hearing these things of Mahatma Buddha and said to him, I will obey everything from today.

Rage an Enemy Audio Story for kids

Gautam Buddha and Angulimal – Gautam Buddha Moral Stories in English

Many years ago there was a state called Magadha in India. That state was very rich. There was a village called Sonapur in the state where people used to do all their work during the day. But at night, all the people went inside their houses and no one came out of their houses at night.

People used to do this for only one reason and that was Angulimal. Angulimal was a very dangerous bandit who looted and killed people. He used to wear the garland of the slain man by cutting their fingers to maintain fear among the people.

Angulimal used to live in a cave in Magadha. People were afraid to pass through the forest in which he lived. Because everyone was very afraid of the Angulimal.

One day Gautam Buddha was passing through Sonapur when he saw people worried. Seeing people upset in this way, Gautam Buddha asked all of them, “What’s the matter, why are you all so scared?”

In such a situation, people answered the questions of Mahatma Buddha, “There is a bad outbreak of a robber here. He loots and kills people and cuts their fingers and wears them by making garlands. That is why the people of our village are very scared. Now you tell us what to do. “

“Well, that’s the case. Then where does he live?” Mahatma Buddha asked the people.

In such a situation, a person came forward and said to Mahatma Buddha, “He lives in the jungles. There is a cafe inside the jungles where Angulimal lives.”

After hearing all this, Mahatma Buddha walked toward the forest to meet Angulimal. The people of Sonapur village tried hard to stop him but still, he did not stop and walked towards the forest.

As he approached the forest, Angulimala came out of his cave and stood with a sword in his hand. Gautama Buddha ignored Angulimal and proceeded. Seeing this, Angulimal began to chase Buddha. While chasing, Angulimal shouted loudly and said, “Stop! you monk.”

“I stopped. When will you stop? When will you stop doing violence?” Mahatma Buddha said.

Angulimal got angry and then he said to Gautama Buddha, “Hey Monk, don’t you know me? I am the most powerful man of this kingdom.”

“I do not believe that you are the most powerful man.” Gautama Buddha said.

Hearing this, Angulimal said, “Well, if you think so, then you tell me what I should do that you will believe?”

“You go and pluck 10 leaves from that tree.” Mahatma Buddha said.

Angulimal did the same at the behest of Mahatma Buddha. He went to the tree and broke ten leaves from it. Then Buddha said, “Now go add these leaves back to that tree.”

Hearing this, Angulimal was amazed and said to Mahatma Buddha, “What a ridiculous joke. How can anyone break the leaves and join them back to the tree?”

In such a situation the Buddha said, “You call yourself the most powerful and cannot add these leaves. If you cannot join something, do not break it. If you cannot give life to someone, do not kill them.”

Hearing this, Angulimal’s eyes opened. He fell at Buddha’s feet and started apologizing to him. Henceforth Angulimal stopped doing bad things and became a disciple of Mahatma Buddha.

Moral of the Story – This story teaches us that no matter how bad a person is, he can change.

Gautam Buddha and Angulimal Audio Story for Kids

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