Three Little Pigs Story for Kids With Moral

Three Little Pigs Story for Kids. A sow(female pig) lived in a dense forest. That sow had three children. One was named Piggy. The second was named Wiggy and the third was Diggy. Mother took good care of those three pigs and loved them very much.

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Now, all three were grown ups, that’s why mother thought that they should work for themselves. That’s why she told the three, “My three little pigs, you are now grown up. That’s why you have to go and stand on your feet and do something for yourself. Now you all will go and work for your future.”

Three little pigs story for kids

Saying this, mother asked all three to pursue. The three pigs got ready and left the house together. It was already night while walking, so the three thought that they would stop under the banyan tree and rest there. While they were resting, Piggy said to them, “The three of us will go separately and build our house. After that we will leave there separately.”

Wiggy agreed with Piggy so he said to both, “Yes you are absolutely right my brother. We will go separately and build our house. We will prepare our future in that house.”

But their third brother Diggy was the most sensible of the three. He knew that if all three would be together, they would stay strong because there is strength in unity. Explaining the same thing, he said to both his brothers, “My brothers, it will be better if we stay together. This will make us stronger and able to support each other in any problem. That is why I want the three of us to live together.”

But the two brothers did not want this and they began to deny him.

“No, no, we’ll just go and set up a different house.” They both spoke together.

In such a situation, Diggy again said, “Ok, let’s do one thing. All three of us will build our own house separately but our house will be next to each other.”

Three Little Pigs Story for Kids
Three Little Pigs Story for Kids

The other two brothers agreed to this and both of them said yes. The very next morning, the three set out in search of a good place. While walking, they found a river bank where there was a large plain. All three of them thought that this place would be the best to build a house. Because there is food to eat here and water will be easily available for drinking. So all three thought of building a house there.

Three brothers chose their own land. Now all three were about to make their home.

Diggy wanted to build his house with straw. That’s why he went to a farmer and bought a lot of straw from him.

On the other side, Viggy wanted to build a house made of wood. That’s why he first thought of going to a woodcutter. He went to the woodcutter and bought from him all the things which are used to build wooden houses.

Diggy was the most sensible as we know. That is why he wanted to build the strongest house so that it would last for years, which would remain strong in strong storms. Due to this, he thought of building a house made of cement and bricks. To buy all this he went to a businessman. Diggy went to him and bought eveything that help him to build his house.

All three had bought their goods. Now they started building their own house. Piggy’s house was built very quickly because it doesn’t take much time to build a house with straw. After completing the house, Piggy said, “Oh wow! My house got ready very quickly. Now I will go inside the house and drink tea comfortably.”

The same Wiggy saw that his brother’s house was ready early. That is why he too worked hard and built his house overnight. After building the house, he said, “Well, my house is also ready. Now I can go and sleep comfortably.”

But Diggy wanted to build his house firmly. The house of both was ready, but Diggy’s house was not built yet. He was just building the foundation of the house. Waking up the next day, Diggy immediately started working on building his house. While he was working, both his brothers came to him and started making fun of him that he had not yet prepared his house. But he did not listen to both of them and started making his home very comfortable. After working for about 4 days continuously, his house was ready. When his house was ready, he said, “Finally it is ready. It is the strongest and can easily endure all the troubles.”

One day a wolf was passing by there. Then he saw those three pigs. Seeing them at the same time, he thought that he would eat all. He stood up and thought about how delicious all the three pigs are.

Thinking this, he went straight to Piggy’s house and knocked on his door and said, “Open your door and let me in.”

Hearing the sound of a wolf, Piggy sitting inside, was very scared. But he cheered and said, “I will not let you in and you cannot do anything to me anyway. I am sitting inside my house and this house is the strongest.”

“Well, you will not let me in. I am very strong and can blow up your house in a blink.” Saying this, the wolf filled the air inside him and blow it with full force. He had blow the wind so fast that Piggy’s house flew all over. Piggy goes to the house of Wiggy by rolling.

As soon as he reached Wiggy’s house, Wiggy asked him the question, “What are you doing at my house and why did you came here rolling?”

Piggy did not listen to him and he hid under the table fearfully. After getting under the table he said, “Close the door quickly. If not the dreaded wolf will come inside and will eat us!”

Wiggy immediately ran towards the door and locked it. The wolf came to Wiggy’s door this time and said, “Open the door and let me in.”

Hearing this, the two brothers were frightened but Viggy cheered and said to him, “I will not let you come in. You cannot spoil us anyway because my house is the strongest.”

The wolf again filled his mouth and blew rapidly. This caused Viggy’s house to completely blow up. Only his door stood. Seeing this, both brothers got very scared and ran straight to their third brother Diggy’s house.

Going to Diggy’s house, they immediately closed the door. Seeing his two brothers so scared, Diggy asked them, “What happened brother, why are you both so scared?”

“A wolf has come out and wants to kill us and eat.” Both of them told Diggy.

“Oh no! If that’s the case then we have to protect ourselves” Diggy said.

After this the wolf came to Digi’s house and knocked the door and said, “Open your door and let me in.”

“No we won’t let you come in. Wicked wolf. Get out of here. You can’t spoil us. Because this house is the strongest” Diggy said to the wolf.

Three Little Pigs Story for Kids
Three Little Pigs Story for Kids

After this, the wolf again filled the air in his mouth and blew forcefully. The wolf noticed that nothing happened to Diggy’s house. Again he filled the air in his mouth and blew it hard. Again, nothing happened to Diggy’s house.

The condition of the wolf had worsened. Tired of being exhausted, he fell down and remained there for a while. After waiting for a long time, Diggy opened the door lightly and saw that the wolf had fallen out. He closed the back door as he felt that the threat had not yet been averted.

After some time, the wolf stood again and he shouted, “Now you see I will break your door.”

On hearing this, the three brothers came near the door together and held it vigorously. The wolf went backwards and ran and hit the door. But the door did not break. He did this many times but his door was not broken.

So the wolf thought of doing something else. The wolf looked upward and saw the chimney of the house. He thought he would jump in from the chimney and go inside to eat all three of them.

He climbed on the roof of that house and started walking slowly. The three below could hear the sound of a wolf walking on the roof. The three brothers understood what the wolf was about to do? That is why they put a lot of wood in their fireplace beleow the chimney and set it on fire.

At the same time, the wolf climbed over the chimney and jumped into it. He went straight into the fire and died burning.

After this, all three sat there safely and then the three brothers understood how much strength is there in unity. After this the three started living happily together.

Moral of the Story – This story teaches us that we should build our house in a very strong way. Which can easily endure the biggest problems.

We should keep in mind that there is strength in unity. Three Little Pigs Story for Kids.

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