The Magical Donkey Story in English – Akbar Birbal Story in English

The Magical Donkey story in English – Akbar Birbal Story in English. Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar gave his queen a beautiful gold necklace. That gold necklace was very valuable. On which diamonds were studded with jewels. The Queen was overjoyed to see that and thanked King Akbar happily. The Queen saw her wearing that necklace at night and she was happy at her beauty. Emperor Akbar was also very happy to see the queen happy. At night the queen removed the necklace and placed it in her almirah.

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the magical donkey story in English

When she woke up the next day, that necklace was not present there. In such a situation, she called her maid and asked her where the necklace was. Maid said, “Sorry Queen I don’t know. You check once where you put that necklace.”

“I have looked all over the place but I cannot find my condition.” The queen told the maid. 

On this, the Queen decided that she would now go to Emperor Akbar and tell him this. She immediately went to Emperor Akbar and started saying to him, “Jahanpanah the necklace you gave me yesterday is missing from the room. I searched for it a lot but could not find it.

After listening to the Queen, the emperor summoned the soldier and ordered them to find the necklace throughout the palace. The necklace was searched throughout the palace but that necklace was nowhere to be found. Emperor Akbar wondered how it could get out of the palace? Just then a soldier came to him and said, “Jahanpanah, many things have been stolen in the palace for a few days and perhaps your queen’s necklace has also been stolen.”

“What? Stealing in the palace! How can this happen? Who dares to steal into the palace?” The king said.

The emperor immediately ordered Birbal to be summoned. Birbal visited the emperor and asked, “What is the matter that you called me?”

After Birbal asked this question, Emperor Akbar told Birbal about the theft. For a while Birbal started thinking and then he said to the emperor, “No one from outside can come here and steal. That is why I can claim that someone from inside the palace is a thief. As we know that The theft was from the Queen’s room. The Queen’s room is very safe and there are many guards. This means that the soldiers near the Queen’s room and one of her maid is a thief.”

Hearing this from Birbal, Emperor Akbar said to him, “If this is the case, Birbal, I command that you go and start your action.”

“I will have to go out for a while. I will go and bring a friend. He will help me resolve the matter. I want your permission.” Birbal asked the emperor Akbar.

Emperor Akbar told Birbal that he would send a soldier to call his friend and asked him to start investigation. Then Birbal urges him, “No, I have to go to bring him. He will not come with anyone other than me.”

“Okay then you go and bring your friend.” Emperor Akbar said.

Birbal went out of the palace and brought a donkey with him. Seeing the donkey with Birbal, Emperor Akbar was shocked and asked him, “Is it a joke, Birbal? You told me that you are going to bring your friend but you have brought a donkey with you!”

“Sorry Jahanpanah this is my friend and it is not a normal donkey. This donkey is special because it has magical powers. It is a magical donkey. With the help of it we can find out who is the real thief?” Birbal told Emperor Akbar.

The soldiers and the maidens were then summoned near the Queen’s chamber. Birbal kept the donkey away from everyone’s eyes in a nearby room. After doing so, Birbal said, “This donkey is a magical donkey. Whoever goes inside you will have to grab the donkey’s tail. You must hold the tail of the donkey and say that I have not stolen and I am innocent. Every watchmans and maids must do it. “

All the soldiers and maids went inside the room one by one. Everyone went inside and did what Birbal had asked them to do. Everyone goes inside the room and says, “I haven’t stolen anything. I am innocent”.

After this happened, Birbal sniffed everyone’s hand. “Jahanpanah I knew who the real thief was.” Birbal said, “As I said that the thief is one of these and I was right. The king, your soldier is the real thief.”

“Birbal, how can you say that this soldier is a thief?” Emperor Akbar asked.

After Emperor Akbar’s question, Birbal told him, “Actually, this donkey is a normal donkey that I have brought from a nearby merchant. I put a special perfume in its tail. Even if someone touches its tail, the scent of that perfume would come in his/her hand. But there is no fragrance from his hand. This means that this soldier did not touch the tail of the donkey. He did so Because this soldier was afraid that by doing this he would be caught and that’s why he did not even touch the tail of the donkey.”

After hearing all this, he started apologizing to the Emperor Akbar so that he would leave him. But Emperor Akbar did not forgive him and put him in prison. In this way Birbal used his mind to catch a thief again. The Magical Donkey Story in English – Akbar Birbal Story in English.

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