Kuchisake Onna Horror Story for Kids

Kuchisake Onna Horror Story For Kids. Japan is prosperous and powerful country which is very much ahead in technology. The people there do not believe much about the mythological saga and the things of ghosts. We too, after hearing all these things, call it a lie or concoction(false created stories). We all deny these things and refuse to believe all these things.

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This is the matter of Japan. Where in 1970 a woman’s story was spread all over the place. Some consider her to be a real woman and some consider her to be a ghost. But what did the woman do that made everyone afraid in Japan? The woman’s name was Kuchisake Onna. So let’s know the horror story of Kuchisake Onna –

There was a fear in Japan that there were sudden deaths. Everybody who died had a long cut mark in their mouth. But how did that mark come? And how did people die? Kuchisake Onna used to do this.

It is said that Kuchisake Onna used to go to the people. There was a mask on her face. Her mouth and nose were covered with that mask. Only both of his eyes were visible. She goes to the people and asks them, “Do I look beautiful or not?” But most of his victims were children.

When she asked this question to the children, many children would say to her, “Yes, you look good.” When someone gave her this answer, then she removed her face mask. The children were scared and shouted at seeing her face. Then she would come out with a sharp scissor and cut their mouth. Due to the cutting of the mouth, too much blood would come out which would have killed them.

But many people would also say to her, “No you don’t look pretty.” Then, What would Kuchisake Onna do with them after hearing this? In such a situation, she would immediately remove her face mask and attack the the person and cut on their face. After that they used to die.

Now the question arises that what happened to Kuchisake Onna that she would have done this? So let’s know about this –

It is said that Kuchisake Ona was the wife of a samurai. That samurai was awesome. Both loved each other very much. That samurai goes out for several days mostly for war. Sometimes it would take him months to return home. One day when the samurai returned from the war after several days, he saw that his wife’s affair was going on with another man. Seeing that, the samurai became very angry. He immediately took out his sharp sword and made a long cut in the mouth of Kuchisake Onna. After making the cut, his face used to look like this, which you can see in the picture below.

Kuchisake Onna Horror Story For Kids
Kuchisake Onna Horror Story For Kids

After this happened, Kuchisake Ona fell to the ground. The samurai got on his knees and asked her, “Are you still proud of your beauty? Now you go and ask people whether you look beautiful or not.”

Since then, the story of Kuchisake Onna has been very popular among people. Kuchisake Onna’s havoc lasted a few months in Japan, and then suddenly disappeared one day. News of the deaths and havoc of people also stopped coming.

So this was the story of Kuchisake Onna. If you like it, then definitely share it with your friends. Kuchisake Onna Horror Story For Kids.

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