The Three Wishes-Jinn Story For Kids in English

The Three Wishes-Jinn Story For Kids in English. Long ago there lived a boy named Sultan in Baghdad. Who spent his childhood wandering from place to place. His parents passed away in childhood and had to struggle a lot to pursue his life. Due to this, he would get frustrated many times and sit on the beach.

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One day he was sitting on the seashore and was thinking. He thought of a miracle with him so that he would become the richest man and not have to wander around to run his life. Thinking this, he started pleading with the God and then he sat there quietly.

After a while, a beautiful glass bottle came to him from the waves of the seas. There was a lid on that bottle. That bottle contained a paper and something was written on it. Sultan opened the bottle cover. As soon as he opened the lid, a genie came out from inside. Sultan fell on the sand. He was afraid.

Then the genie said, “What is your command, my master. I am your slave from today and will be your slave till I fulfill your three wishes.”

After listening to genie, Sultan understood that he had found something that could fulfill his wishes. He said to the genie, “Well, can you fulfill my wishes?”

“Yes, but I can only fulfill your three wishes.”

The Sultan asked for his first wish, “Well, first of all, I want you to build a house for me that will be the best in the world. Seeing that every human’s eyes get torn!”

After that the genie started going round and round. It seemed that a tornado had come and he reached another place with the Sultan.

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The jinn stopped and asked the Sultan, “Is this place right for your house?”

Sultan was taken to a place which was very good for his house. Seeing that place, Sultan said to the jinn, “This place is very good. You can build my house here.”

As soon as the Sultan had said so, a tremendous lightning began to strike at that place. A palace was appeared. After some time the Sultan’s house was fully ready. Then the jinn told Sultan, “My master, one of your wishes has been fulfilled. Now you have two wishes left. You can ask for those wishes immediately.”

“No, no, not now, I will ask you later.” Now Sultan had his own palace in which he lived very comfortably. He also had servants, maids and cooks to cook delicious dishes.

Few days passed. Sultan started thinking that what other wish he should ask for? Thinking this, he went towards the market. In the market he saw some children who were hungry and were asking for food from others. On seeing those children, the Sultan remembered his childhood. In his childhood, he had to live in poverty in the same way. So he got depressed after seeing them. He wanted to do something for those poor children. That’s why he went to his palace and said to the jinn, “I want to ask for my second wish.”

“Ok Master, tell me your wish.”

Sultan asked for his second wish, “I want no child to be hungry from today. They never have to ask others for anything to eat.”

The jinn heard the sultan’s wish and he fulfilled it. After fulfilling the sultan’s wish, the jinn said to him, “My master, your wish is fulfilled. You used your two wishes. Now you have only one wish left. Do you want to fulfill it now?”

“No, I will tell my third wish only by thinking.”

Sultan was happy that he had his own palace and the children did not have to starve anymore. A few days later the Sultan remembered that he had a third wish left. But he was also wondering what would happen if he asks for a third wish? Will that genie be gone or will there be something else? Now the Sultan was thinking what was going to happen next? Then he remembered that there was a paper in the glass bottle on which something was written.

The Three Wishes-Jinn Story For Kids in English
The Three Wishes-Jinn Story For Kids in English

He immediately started searching for his bottle. As soon as he got it, he took out that paper. That was written on the paper –

“Any person can ask for three wishes from this genie, but after three wishes are fulfilled, that person will have to live in this bottle for the whole life. Then the genie will be free.”

The Sultan got scared after reading this. Now he was thinking again and again what he would do next? Just then, he got an idea and called the genie.

The genie appeared in front of him and said, “What is your command, My master?”

“I want to fulfill my third wish.” The Sultan told the jinn.

As soon as the jinn heard this, he started to be happy from inside. He was thinking that he would be free forever and would not have to live in a bottle. Then the Sultan asked for his third wish, “My third wish is that from now on you will be my slave all my life and after I die you will go back to this bottle.”

Hearing this, the genie shouted angrily. But there was nothing he could do. If he refused to do so, he would have to go to hell for eternity. The Three Wishes-Jinn Story For Kids in English

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