A Pound of Flesh Akbar Birbal Story in English

A Pound of Flesh Akbar Birbal Story in English. This story dates back to the time when Emperor Akbar rules in India. At that time, there were two merchants in Agra who would give money to the people and take interest on it. One of them was Nekiram, who used to give money to people on low interest rates. He was honest with others and he used to give them interest in cheap rates. On the other side, the second merchant was Baliram. He used to cheat people and looted the needy people by giving them higher rates of interest. Whoever took money from him in interest, he used to spend his whole life in paying his interest.

One day a friend of Nekiram came to visit him, whose name was Kamal. He seemed very upset. As soon as he came to his friend Nekiram, said to him, “Friend, I want 500 gold coins. I need it very much now. Can you give me this?”

Seeing his friend Kamal upset, Nekiram thought of helping him. He said to him, “Kamal, I don’t have so many gold coins right now. But I can give you 300 coins right now and I bring you the remaining two hundred coins from Baliram.” After this Nekiram went to Baliram and asked him for 200 gold coins. In such a situation, Baliram agreed to give him 200 gold coins but he put two conditions in front of Nekiram.

Baliram said to Nekiram, “I will give you this coins but I have two conditions. The first condition is that you will have to pay 50 gold coins in interest along with these 200 gold coins.The second condition is that if you are not able to return this amount to me on time, then you will have to cut a pound of flesh out of your body.”

On hearing this condition of Baliram, Nekiram was shocked but due to compulsion he accepted these two conditions. He took the gold coins from Baliram then he went to his friend. Nekiram gave his friend a total of 500 gold coins. While giving gold coins, he told his friend, “friend, if I will not return it on time, then my life may get in trouble.”

Hearing this, Nekiram’s friend Kamal told him, “Nekiram you are my good friend and I will not put your life in danger. I will come and give you money on time.” Saying this, Kamal left from there.

Six months had passed, and after 6 months, the time had come that Nekiram had to return 200 gold coins of Baliram. In such a situation, Baliram went straight to Nekiram and started asking for 200 gold coins. Then Neki Rama said to him, “Yes, I am just going to return you gold coins. Actually the thing is that my friend has not returned yet. Let him come and then I will return your money at evening”

On hearing this, Baliram left from there and started waiting for it to be evening. Time passed and as it was evening, Baliram again approached Nekiram and said to him, “Your time is over. You have not returned my money yet. Now you have to give a pound of flesh of your body as promised.”

As both of them were talking, a crowd started gathering around. Baliram was fixed into his words that he was asking a pound of flesh from Nekiram’s body. But Nekiram kept pleading with him again and again, “My friend Kamal must have come. He might have had some compulsion. Because of this, he is still haven’t arrived. Please give me one or two more days. I’ll give you your money back.”

Baliram was not listening even after Nekiram’s plea. He took out the sword from his sheath then a soldier came there looking at the crowd and asked them what was happening here. Then Baliram told him the whole thing. Seeing the matter, the soldier decided that he would take this problem to the king’s court and get it right.

The soldier took both of them at the court and then the soldier told the Emperor Akbar everything. Emperor Akbar, hearing all the things, asked Birbal to solve it. While talking, Kamal reached the court. He had come to return the money to his friend as promised. Seeing this, Emperor Akbar said, “Baliram, you are getting your money, take this and end this matter now.”

But now Baliram wanted something else. He told Emperor Akbar, “Pardon me, but now I do not want this money. Now, as promised, Nekiram will have to give a pound of flesh of his body.” Hearing this, Emperor Akbar started trying to convince Baliram that it would not be right to do so. If he is getting the money back, Baliram should end the case.

A Pound of Flesh Akbar Birbal Story in English
A Pound of Flesh Akbar Birbal Story in English

At the behest of Emperor Akbar, Baliram said, “You are the king, we will have to obey you, but what about this promise? If the promises made in the business are not fulfilled, then the trust of the people will be lost. Ok I will leave this but on my second condition. And that is Nekiram have to leaves this place and he will close his business.”

On hearing this, Nekiram began to speak to Emperor Akbar, “My home is here and I have been living here since childhood. I don’t have any other place, where I will go?”

While all those things were happening, Birbal said to Baliram, “Well, you can cut a pound of flesh from Nekiram.” On hearing this, Baliram became happy inside. He was just about to cut the flesh out of Nekiram’s body by taking out the sword from his sheath.

Birbal again said, “Wait, before cutting the flesh from Nekiram’s body, you have to take care that you only and only cut flesh from his body. Blood must not flow from its body because you want only and only flesh as promised.”

On hearing this, Baliram threw his sword down and said that it is not possible for him to do so. Emperor Akbar was enraged after seeing all this and said to Baliram, “I know what your intention is. You want to remove Nekiram from your business. So that you can get ahead in your business. Your intentions seems clear from your words. We have also heard from people that you cheat with them and charge high rates to them. Because of this I punish you that you will spend 1 year in jail. Soldiers! immediately catch him and put him in a cell. “

In this way, Emperor Akbar made a fair judgment and once again Birbal gave proof of his cleverness to the people. A Pound of Flesh Akbar Birbal Story in English.

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