Fighting Goats and the Jackal Story in English

Fighting Goats and the Jackal Story in English. One day suddenly two goats started fighting among themselves in the forest. They both started attacking each other one by one. The first goat attacked the second with its head. Then the second goat also attacked the first goat with its head. Just then, a monk passing by started watching the battle of both the goats.

The battle of those goats had increased so much that they both started injuring each other. While fighting, both of them started bleeding. In such a situation, that sage started thinking that if both of them kept fighting like this, they would get injured and die.

When the goats were fighting among themselves, a hungry jackal was passing nearby. The jackal looked at those two goats. That hungry jackal started thinking of eating them both.

Seeing the blood of the goats’ body, the jackal began to covet even more. He was guessing the taste of goats by licking the blood lying on the ground. The jackal slowly go near those goats. Just then, that monk’s eye was on the jackal. Seeing the jackal, the monk felt that if the goat attacked him, he would not survive. He may also get hurt.

Jackal came even closer to the goats. Both of those goats caught sight of the jackal. On seeing the jackal, both of them stopped and started attacking that jackal. They both ran together and hit the jackal with their heads.

Fighting Goats and the Jackal Story in English
Fighting Goats and the Jackal Story in English

Jackal was shocked on this sudden attack on him. Both of those goats injured him. Fearing the wounded jackal fled from there. After this, both the goats calmed down and forgot their quarrel and left from. The monk also left from there.

Moral of Fighting Goats and the Jackal Story in English

From this story, we learn that in the midst of the quarrel of others, we should not interfere. It may cause us harm. In this story jackal was willing to interfere between the two fighting goats, because of that he had to face both of them. In the end he was injured.

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