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Puss in Boots Story for kids. Years ago, there lived a Millman in a city. He had three sons. The youngest of those three sons, Marquis, was his dearest. Time passed and his sons grew up. With age, the Millman started getting sick. And one day he died. The Millman gave the entire mill to his eldest son. Gave her donkey to the second son and a cat named Puss to his youngest son, Marquis. Knowing this, Marquis’s eldest brother started laughing at him and threw him out of the house. In such a situation, Marquis took his cat Puss with him and left from there.

On the way, he found an empty hut where both of them started living. Now Marquis was worried about how he would spend his life ahead. In this concern, he said to his cat, “Puss my friend, I have nothing to eat, so how can I take care of you?” Upon hearing this from his boss, Puss said, “You don’t have to worry about that. I will take care of everything.”

Marquis was astounded to hear this as he was seeing a cat speaking for the first time. Then he said, “You are a cat and you can speak! but how can you help me?” Upon hearing this, Puss said, “I can do a lot for you, my lord. You just have to bring me a boot and a bag for me.” Hearing this, Marquis was even more surprised and wondered what the cat would do with a boot and a bag?

Puss in Boots Story for kids
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Marquis had some money left, now he was going to buy a boot and a bag for Puss from that money. After this, the Marquis took the puss and took it to a shoemaker. Going there he said, “I need a boot and a bag for my cat.” The shopkeeper was surprised to hear that why would a person buy a boot and a bag for a cat? Then the shopkeeper brought a boot and a bag for Puss. Marquis gave money for the boot and bag to the shopkeeper. Marquis put on boots to Puss and handed the bag in his hand. After this, Puss said, “Master, now you go to your house and see what I do.” Saying this, Puss went towards the forest. On the way, he stuffed some carrots in his bag.

After reaching the forest, he opened his bag in front of the rabbit’s hole. After some time two rabbits came out and entered that bag then Puss caught them. Then he went straight towards the house. Upon reaching home, Puss gave those rabbits to Marquis. He cooked it and then both of them ate it together.

The food was so much that it was saved even for tomorrow. Marquis was happy with all this. Despite having enough food, Puss went on the hunt again the next day. Even today he was going to hunt rabbits. After hunting the rabbit, he went straight toward the king’s palace. Seeing the cat, the guards of the palace started shouting at him. Then Puss said, “I have brought a gift for the king, let me in, or else the king will punish you.”

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The guards were surprised to see a talking cat. They let the Puss in. The king, queen, and princess were sitting there as soon as Puss reached inside the court. They were surprised to see a cat in the boot. Puss said, “King I’m Puss Marquis’s servant. My master Marquis has sent you a gift.” The king, queen, and princess were all astonished to see that cat speaking. He had never seen such a thing. The king accepted the gift. Then the puss left. After going home, Puss told everything to Marquis.

Similarly, Puss would bring food for his master Marquis and also take gifts to the king’s place. In this way gradually Puss started becoming famous in the whole city. One day Puss went hunting. After the hunt, he headed straight to a fort that was close to the city. That fort was very luxurious and was not less than a palace. There lived a monster in that fort who was very terrible and would eat whatever came in front of him. When Puss reached the fort there the monster came and said to him, “A cat who wears boots and has a bag in his hand. You are Puss, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am Puss and I have come to meet you, I have heard that people are very afraid of you,” Puss said. Hearing this, the monster angrily said, “Yes, I am the same and you are lucky because I do not eat cats.” Similarly, when the two started talking, Puss asked the monster, “I have heard that you can take the form of any animal. If so, I would like to see you change.” On hearing this the monster turned into a lion and started roaring loudly. Hearing his roar, Puss said in horror, “I agree with your ability. But you are taking the form of a big animal, can you take the form of a small animal?”

Hearing this, the monster turned into a small mouse. Then Puss immediately took it in his mouth and ate it. In this way, Puss killed that monster. After all this, he returned to his home. After a few days, Puss insisted to his master that he would go to the river today and take a bath. Marquis agreed to this and both of them went out to take a bath in the river. First of all, Marquis took off his clothes and went to the river. Then Puss took his clothes and hid them behind a stone.

A road passed by the river through which the king’s chariot passed daily. This was well known to Puss. When Puss saw the king’s chariot approaching, he cried, “Help, help my master. Some thieves have stolen my master’s clothes.” The king knew this voice very well. He asked his charioteer to stop the chariot. There was also his queen and princess in the chariot. The chariot also had a royal dress. The king asked to give that dress to the Marquis. Marquis came wearing that dress. He was looking like a prince in it, seeing that the princess too was fascinated by him.

After this, the Marquis thanked the king. Then Puss said, “Your Majesty, you have helped us, you have to come to our palace for a feast today.” Marquis was surprised to hear about the palace as he did not have any palace. But he trusted Puss. The king said, “Well, today we will have a feast with you.” Both Puss and Marquee climbed on the chariot. After this, the Puss took him to the same palace where the monster lived. The king was surprised to see the palace because it was a very luxurious palace.

They entered the palace. And all sat down together at the dinner table. Puss had arranged the royal feast. Everyone started eating food. The king was very impressed with the Marquis and said to him, “You are very nice. And I was very impressed to see all this. Will you marry my daughter?” On hearing this Marquee was amazed and said, “It is my good fortune that you considered me worthy of a princess. I am ready to marry your daughter.”

Hearing all this, everyone present there was very happy. Both the princess and the Marquis were very happy with each other. In this way, a cat made a normal boy a prince.

Puss in Boots Story for kids PDF

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