How Much Does Aitana López Earn Every Month?

A new trend is taking center stage – the rise of AI-generated influencers. Among them, Aitana López, a 25-year-old Spanish model, has captured the attention of thousands on Instagram. But what sets her apart is not just her vibrant pink tresses and enchanting smile; it’s the fact that Aitana López is not a real person but a creation of artificial intelligence.

The Birth of Aitana López

Aitana López was brought to life by the creative minds at Barcelona-based modelling agency, The Clueless. Founded by Rubén Cruz, the agency faced challenges in the summer of 2022, with projects often put on hold or canceled due to issues beyond their control. Cruz realized that many setbacks were attributed to the temperaments of human influencers and models, leading to the ingenious idea of creating their own influencer who would be free from the quirks and challenges of real-life personalities.

Barcelona-based modeling agency The Clueless, founded by Ruben Cruz, has created the AI influencer.
(Image: Instagram)

“We did it so that we could make a better living and not be dependent on other people who have egos, who have manias, or who just want to make a lot of money by posing,” explained Cruz in an interview with Euronews.

The Rise of the Digital Star

Aitana López quickly rose to prominence on Instagram, amassing an impressive following of 188,000 fans. Her popularity extends beyond the confines of Instagram, as she also shares her photos on Fanvue, a platform similar to OnlyFans. Reports suggest that in just a few months, she attracted over 121,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Her success has not only brought attention to The Clueless but has also transformed the agency’s fortunes. Brands now approach Cruz’s agency for various purposes, particularly in advertising, leveraging the virtual charm of Aitana López.

The Business of Being Unreal

Aitana López is not just an Instagram sensation; she has become a lucrative business. The AI influencer reportedly earns an impressive $11,000 every month, charging $1090 per advertisement. This places her in the league of high-earning influencers, despite being a digital creation.


2022The Clueless, a Barcelona-based modeling agency, faces challenges with projects being put on hold or canceled due to human influencers and models.
2022The Clueless decides to create Aitana López, Spain’s first AI influencer, to overcome the inefficiencies of working with human models.
2023Aitana López gains popularity on Instagram, accumulating 188,000 followers within a short period.
2023Brands start approaching The Clueless for various purposes, especially advertising, leveraging Aitana López’s virtual charm.
2023The AI influencer earns a significant income, reportedly making $11,000 per month and charging $1090 per advertisement.

Apart from her financial success, Aitana López has become the face of a sports supplement company, showcasing the potential for AI-generated models to become brand ambassadors and endorsers.

Aitana’s Daily Routine

Aitana López follows a carefully planned schedule, determined by weekly meetings with Cruz and his team. Unlike traditional models who undergo wardrobe changes, Aitana’s photoshoots involve AI tools and Photoshop to create captivating images.

Cruz emphasized the importance of giving Aitana a sense of reality to connect with her audience. “In the first month, we realized that people follow lives, not images. Since she is not alive, we had to give her a bit of reality so that people could relate to her. We had to tell a story,” explained Cruz.

Unveiling the AI Models

Aitana López is not alone in The Clueless’s venture into AI-generated models. Another creation, Maia, shares the spotlight. Even their names are intentional, incorporating “AI” to signify their artificial intelligence origins.

The success of Aitana López has not been without its surprises. Cruz revealed that the AI model has received direct messages from celebrities who were unaware of her non-existence. “One day, a well-known Latin American actor texted to ask her out. This actor has about 5 million followers, and some of our team watched his TV series when they were kids. He had no idea Aitana didn’t exist,” shared Cruz.


Q1: Who created Aitana López?

A1: Aitana López was created by designer Rubén Cruz and his agency, The Clueless, based in Barcelona.

Q2: How much does Aitana López earn per month?

A2: Aitana López reportedly earns $11,000 per month and charges $1090 per advertisement.

Q3: What sets Aitana López apart from traditional influencers?

A3: Aitana López is an AI-generated influencer, free from the quirks and challenges of real-life personalities, making her a unique presence in the digital realm.

Q4: How does Aitana López’s schedule work?

A4: Aitana López follows a carefully planned schedule determined by weekly meetings with Rubén Cruz and his team, utilizing AI tools and Photoshop for her photoshoots.

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