15 Best Story Books For Kindergarten To Read Aloud

Best Story Books For Kindergarten To Read Aloud. We always try to make our child better. We always want that they should learn good things, good habits, morals etc. But, the question is how can we do that? There are many ways to do so and one of them is reading good stories. But, right now it is about reading. In the starting phase of their education, they must know how to read? Kindergarten is a stage where children learn to read and by developing reading habit they can increase good Command in their language. So, keeping that thing in mind we pick some best story books for kindergarten students. By reading these books they will enjoy reading and learn many things.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Read Aloud

In this story, there is a bus driver who has to leave the bus and leaves it for a short time. He assigns a task to the reader of this book that the reader has to monitor the bus and the reader must not allow the pigeon to drive the bus. The pigeon adopts a lot of tricks to allow the reader of this book to run the bus. But the child has to take care that he/she has to obey the driver of the bus. The pigeon also performs various actions so that it can convince the reader of this book. Now it is up to the child whether he/she lets the pigeon run the bus or not. Children will be very happy after reading this book. To read this story, click on the late image below

Story Books For Kindergarten To Read Aloud
Mo Willems (Author)

The Cat in The Hat

The story begins with a child peeping outside sitting in front of a window with his sister. The weather outside is very cold and it is raining. Suddenly a cat comes there and tells the two children that it will entertain both of them and will show a lot of tricks. A fish present there is refusing the children not to allow it. But still, the cat has started showing its own tricks. It shows various tricks to them and also makes mistakes! Children like this story very much. If your children also like cats, then this story will be a very good choice for your child. To read this story, click on the image below –

Story Books For Kindergarten To Read Aloud
By – Dr. Seuss

Very Hungry Caterpillar

The story begins on Saturday night. An egg laid on the leaf at night which breaks in the morning the next day. A hungry caterpillar came out of the egg! The caterpillar is very hungry. He eats an apple on the first day and two fruits on the next day. On the third day, it eats three fruits. In this way, he starts eating a lot of things as the day progresses. Despite eating so many things, his hunger does not disappear. It is still hungry! One day after eating lots of food, it starts to have a lot of pain in its stomach. Then it starts eating back the leaves of the trees and its stomach pain was gone!

This story tells the children very well how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Through this story, the author has told the journey from caterpillar to butterfly. From this story, we can also conclude that eating good foods will cure us. That is why it will be very good for children to read this story. To read this story, click on the image given below –

Story Books For Kindergarten To Read Aloud

Eric Carle (Author)

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

This story is about a cat who loves his shoes very much. Wearing his white shoes, he goes out to roam around. On the go, he starts singing songs and continues to sing throughout the journey. A variety of things start coming in his way on which he keeps moving with his shoes. The color of his shoes also changes! Because of this, he walks around wearing colorful shoes! Through this story, the child has been taught various colors. To read this story, click on the image given below –

Where The Wild Things Are

This is the story of Max who fakes up at home by wearing his fox costume. Because of this, he is sent to the room without supper. Angry, he lies on his bed. Then his room starts changing into a forest. He goes to an island with the help of a boat. Max finds strange frightening beasts on the island! He imitates them and becomes the king of all. But after some time he gets bored of them all, he returns to his house. After returning home, Max gets hot food when he comes home.

This story is based on imagination. By reading these kinds of stories, children can also advance their imaginations by thinking different things. They can strengthen their imaginations. Click on the image below to read this story.

How to Trick the Tooth Fairy

This story is about a girl named Kaylee. She pranks people in various ways and makes them stupid. Sometimes she puts marbles on the floor for Santa and cookies filled with toothpaste! So sometimes she scares her sister. In this way, she pranks in all sorts of ways. One day, her first tooth was broken. Now she thinks that she will also prank with the tooth fairy! Will, this joke of hers succeed, or does the fairy will prank Kaylee with her magic?

This story is very funny for children. To read this story, click on the image given below –

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Oh! Alphabets. If you want to teach your children the English alphabet through a rhyme, then this book would be a great choice. In this book, the author has made a story by writing the letters in English in order. In this, all the alphabets are trying to climb one coconut tree after another. Slowly they climb the coconut tree in order. First climbs ‘a’ then ‘b’ and ‘c’ follow them. Starting from a to z all climbed the tree. Due to heavy load, the coconut tree bends, and all the alphabets fell down.

With the help of this story, children can learn English alphabets in order very well. That’s why you should definitely add this book to your list. To read this story, click on the image given below –

The Rainbow Fish

This story is about a fish. One of the fish is completely different from the others. Because the scales are colorful and shiny on its body which makes it different from other fish. Other fish want to play with this rainbow fish but due to pride, it does not play with them.

One day a bluefish chases this rainbow fish and asks it for a colorful shining scale after chasing it. Do rainbow fish give blue fish its scale? Or does Rainbow Fish refuse blue fish’s request to know read it?

If your children like stories related to fish, then they will also like this story very much. To read this story, click on the image given below –

Go, Dog. Go

This story is about dogs. In it, many dogs are seen in different places. It is understandable to read this story that this story has a good effect on the grammar of children. Most of the prepositions have been used in this. By reading the story, children can learn about various prepositions so that their English can become even better. This book will be very effective for children in their early stages. That is why children must read this story. To read this story, click on the image given below –

David Goes to School

Story of David, who is going to school. Does he have any trouble going to school or does he bother others? Does he follow school rules? Does David know how to treat others at school? It is all told in this book. David goes to school and does a variety of activities that are not allowed in school. For this reason, his teacher repeatedly forbids him to do these things. In the end, David learns how to stay in school and what not to do in school. Through this story, you can teach your children how to stay in school. To read this story, click on the image given below –

Creepy Pair of Underwear

A little rabbit goes shopping with his mother where he has to buy underwear then he saw creepy underwear. He started requesting his mother so that she would buy this creepy underwear. The rabbit’s mother refuses him again and again but somehow he convinces his mother. He reaches home happily and goes to sleep wearing it at night. But at night, the creepy underwear starts frightening him because the underwear glows with a green light in the darkness of the night.

Now he wants to get rid of the underwear. To get rid of it he first puts it on the bottom of the laundry box but still, he cannot get rid of it. Then he throws it in the dustbin but still, he did not get rid of it. Even the couriers it to China but still, he does not get rid of it!

The rabbit does different things in the same way so that he can get rid of that kind of underwear, but what happens in the end? Does he get rid of him? This story is a little bit weird for the children, but they will like it very much. Click on the image below to buy the book of this story.

The Snow Day

Peter wakes up and sees that there is a lot of snow outside, it is covered with snow everywhere. Peter gets very happy seeing the snow around there. To play outside, he took his breakfast and goes out wearing warm clothes.

Now in this story, it is further told how he plays and enjoys the snowy season. If your children also like snowy weather, then they must read this story. To buy this story click on the image below –

Doctor De Soto

This story is of a rat who is a dentist, yes a rat! A dentist, who is very much liked among other animals. He fixes their teeth and solves their problem. He had a small chair for small animals and takes the help of a ladder for big animals. There are other arrangements for very big animals too.

He doesn’t allow dangerous animals which can harm him like cats etc. Even he put a signboard in front of his house on which he has clearly written that he does not allow dangerous animals to come in.

One day a fox comes to his door who wants to get his teeth fixed, but whether the fox is telling the truth or he is doing a trick? It can only be understood by reading the story. To read this story, click on the image below

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

In Go, Dog Go book, we have seen that most preposition has been used in that book but adjectives have been used the most in this book. If you want to teach your children adjectives well, then you must use this book. Fishes are mentioned in this story. There are different types of fishes, some are new fishes, some are old fishes. Here all kinds of fishes like fat, thin, good, bad, etc. are mentioned. Children who are starting English will find this book very useful and they will get good knowledge about adjectives. To read this storybook, click on the image below –

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

This is the story of a small T-rex who is going to school for the first time. He is very scared thinking about school and he is wondering if someone will become his friend or not? At first, he thinks that his friends at school will be the rest of the other dinosaurs. But when he goes to school, then he saw that all the are human children! Seeing the children of humans, he gets tempted. He stuffs them all in his mouth at once but ejects them when the teacher scolds him.

In this way, the first day of his school starts, but do the children become his friends in the future or they run away from him of fear? It will be known only by reading this story. If your child is interested in dinosaurs, then they should read this. To read this story, click on the image given below –

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