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10 Horror Stories For Kids

A Scary Story for Kids Do you like scary stories? If you do, then you’re in for a treat! This story is about a little girl who goes into the forest to find her way home. She’s been walking for hours and she’s getting tired. Suddenly, she hears something rustling...

Spooky Story For Kids 0

5+ Spooky Stories For Kids to Read

Spooky Stories For Kids to Read. A spooky story is a story that is meant to scare people. It often contains elements of the supernatural, such as ghosts or witches. Spooky stories are often told around a campfire or at bedtime to children in order to scare them. Ben and...

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Kuchisake Onna Horror Story for Kids

Kuchisake Onna Horror Story For Kids. Japan is prosperous and powerful country which is very much ahead in technology. The people there do not believe much about the mythological saga and the things of ghosts. We too, after hearing all these things, call it a lie or concoction(false created stories)....

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