The Wicked Kazi-Akbar Birbal Story in English

The Wicked Kazi-Akbar Birbal Story in English. This story is of a farmer named Saif Ali. He used to live in Agra. A few months ago his wife died, due to which he remained depressed. He used to wander throughout the day feeling depressed and frustrated. Saif Ali had also stopped cultivating properly.

One day when he was walking on the road a Kazi came to him and told, “What is the matter Saif Ali? I have been watching you for a few days that you have started feeling very sad. I know that your wife died. But you are still alive you have a future. You have to run your life, don’t you?”

Hearing Kazi’s words, the depressed farmer said, “I know Kazi Sahab but what do I do? I have been very disappointed since my wife died. I don’t feel anything good after she leaves. It seems that my life is also over.

The Wicked Kazi-Akbar Birbal Story in English

On hearing this, Kazi said to him, “You do one thing. You go to Ajmer and go there to the dargah of Khwaja. Going there you will get a new direction of your life.” Saif Ali liked Kazi’s suggestion and now he wanted to go to Ajmer. First he went to his house and collected his belongings and put them in a place. He also collected the money earned throughout his life and placed it in a bag. After this, he started thinking that he could not take all this money with him, that’s why Saif Ali wanted to keep it safe with anyone.

So he thought of Kazi and he went to him. He went to Kazi and said, “Huzur, I want you to take care of my money and when I come back from Ajmer I will take it from you.”

“Well, you tie this bag well and seal it so that when you come and look at it, it will be safe for you.” Kazi told Saif Ali.

After this Kazi brought his wax seal from inside and then Saif Ali tied a good rope on his bag and sealed it. After doing this, Kazi put the bag in a safe place.

Now Saif Ali relaxed and left for Ajmer. Saif Ali was very happy going to Ajmer. He finds a new purpose in his life. Now he wanted to teach poor children and serve them. On returning from Ajmer, he went directly to Kazi and asked for his bag of money. Kazi gave bag of money and then Saif Ali returned to his home.

On returning home, he opened his bag and saw that instead of gold coins, stones were kept in that bag. On seeing this, Saif Ali was taken aback and he went straight to Kazi and said to him, “Huzoor, there is only and only stone on my bag. But I had given you gold coins in it.”

On hearing this, Qazi said to Saif Ali, “I do not know this. You had given me bag and I kept it safe. Did you open the bag and show me what is inside it?” Saying this, Kazi drove Saif Ali out of there.

Saif Ali was very upset because he no longer had the income of his life. Troubled, he went directly to the court of Emperor Akbar and told him the whole thing. Saif Ali also showed Emperor Akbar the bag which was previously kept with gold but now it had stones. In such a situation, Emperor Akbar handed over this task to Birbal and asked him to find out the truth.

After the end of the meeting, Birbal reached his house and took a cloth and cut it from the middle. Taking the torn cloth, he went to his servant Ram and said to him, “Servant Ram this cloth is torn in the middle. Go get it stiched. You take it to a tailor who is the best. Remember, You have to get the stitch done in such a way that no one can know that this cloth was torn.”

After this Birbal’s servant went to the market with that cloth and came back a few hours later. He showed Birbal the torn cloth which was now completely stitched. Now there was no trace in that cloth. Then Birbal asked his servant, “Which tailor did you get this work done, servant Ram? Tell me his address.”

The Wicked Kazi-Akbar Birbal Story in English
The Wicked Kazi-Akbar Birbal Story in English

Then the servant told Birbal the address of the tailor. The next day Birbal arrived at the court when Emperor Akbar asked Birbal, “Have you found out the truth about Saif Ali and Kazi, Birbal?”

“Yes, yes, I have found out the truth of both. I request you to order Saif Ali and that Kazi to be summoned to this court.” After Birbal said, Emperor Akbar ordered to summon the two.

When both of them came to the court, Birbal called Mohan tailor and said to him, “Tailor, did you stitch any bag of Kazi?”

“Yes, Huzoor he came to me. A few days ago he came to me and told me to stitch his money bag.” Tailor told to Birbal?

“There is no one else to blame but he is Kazi who cut Saif Ali’s money bag and took out all the gold from it. Then got that bag stitched by this tailor. He cleverly put stones in that bag.” Birbal told the Emperor Akbar the truth.

As soon as the truth was revealed, Kazi started apologizing to the emperor. But Emperor Akbar did not listen to him. Kazi was jailed. Emperor Akbar also got back the lost money of Saif Ali. So this is how Birbal found out the truth. The Wicked Kazi-Akbar Birbal Story in English.

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