Birbal and Tiger’s Cage Story-Akbar Birbal Story in English

Birbal and Tiger's Cage Story-Akbar Birbal Story in English

Birbal and Tiger’s Cage Story. In earlier times, the kings of two different sultanates used to send riddles to others and ask them to solve it. Due to this, the ruler of Iran also sent a puzzle for Emperor Akbar. In this story we can know how this puzzle was solved. So let’s know Birbal … Read more

The Magical Donkey Story in English – Akbar Birbal Story in English

The Magical Donkey Story in English - Akbar Birbal Story in English

The Magical Donkey story in English – Akbar Birbal Story in English. Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar gave his queen a beautiful gold necklace. That gold necklace was very valuable. On which diamonds were studded with jewels. The Queen was overjoyed to see that and thanked King Akbar happily. The Queen saw her wearing … Read more

The Oil Seller and A Butcher-Akbar Birbal Story in English

The Oil Seller and A Butcher

The Oil Seller and A Butcher. One day Birbal was sitting in his house and resting. While he was resting, someone knocked on his door. Hearing the sound of the door, Birbal ordered to his servant, “Ramu, go and see who has come now?” If you want to read this story in Hindi you can … Read more

Field of Gold-Akbar Birbal Story in English

Field of Gold

Field of Gold. Sometimes Emperor Akbar used to punish big to the people, their workers, or soldiers for a small mistake. This happens only when humans start getting more angry. Emperor Akbar was getting old. Due to this, he used to get angry too much and in anger, he used to give big punishments to … Read more

The Persian Trader-Akbar Birbal Story in English

The Persian trader

The Persian Trader. When Emperor Akbar was in court a soldier came to Emperor Akbar and told him that an Iranian Persian businessman had come out to him with a complaint. Hearing this, Emperor Akbar invited the merchant of Iran to the meeting inside. Read this story in Hindi – Farsi Vyapari – Akbar Birbal … Read more

List of Fools – Akbar Birbal Story in English

List of fools

List of Fools. Emperor Akbar sometimes comes with such desires, which people were very surprised to hear. This happened once when Emperor Akbar handed over a task to Birbal. Emperor Akbar gave Birbal a task. Akbar asked Birbal to make a list of 6 most stupid people. So let’s know about this story- Read This … Read more

The Honest Trader – Akbar Birbal Story in English

The Honest Trader

The Honest Trader. It is very important for a king to be honest. A king should always do justice to others. Emperor Akbar always used to do justice to the people and justice was done to whoever came to him. This story is also about justice. So let’s know the story of an honest trader … Read more

The Jackfruit Tree – Akbar Birbal Story in English

The Jackfruit Tree

The Jackfruit Tree story in English written. Birbal was a very good person. He would also take care of the people around him. Along with this, he also loved nature very much and mostly he also spent with tree and plants. That is why he lived mostly in Emperor Akbar’s garden. A gardener named Mir … Read more

Magical Sticks – Akbar Birbal Story in English

Magical Sticks

Magical Sticks. Manilal was a very hardworking merchant. He would work diligently throughout the day. Whatever would be the profits from work he tie it in a bundle and return home in the evening. In that bundle he had all the money which he earned throughout the day. He kept his day’s earnings in a … Read more

A Trip to Heaven – Akbar Birbal Story in English

Journey From Heaven

A Trip to Heaven. One of the minister of Emperor Akbar was very jealous with Birbal. He was very jealous of Birbal’s wealth, fame and popularity. His name was Abdul. One day he thought of taking revenge on Birbal and removing him from his post. For this he hatched a conspiracy with the royal barber … Read more

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