25 Inspirational & Motivational Stories With Audio in English

Inspirational Stories For Kids & Motivational Stories For Kids in English. Whenever we start a task, we do it with great enthusiasm in the beginning. But as time goes by, we become lazy towards that task and do not do our work and waste our time. That is why we need inspiration and motivation from time to time. Children also do the same thing, that’s why we should boost their morale by telling to them inspiring stories and motivational stories from time to time so that they can keep moving forward toward their goals.

We should tell them an inspirational or motivational story if they lose their morale for their studies or sports or whenever in which they lose their morale. Hearing such stories increases the morale inside them. Keeping this in mind, we have brought here some inspirational and motivational stories for kids that you can narrate to your children and boost their morale.

Eagle and Hen

There was an eagle’s nest atop a banyan tree. Her egg was placed in the nest. There was a hen’s nest under that tree. One day suddenly a strong wind started blowing. Because of the strong wind, the eagle’s egg, which was placed in the above nest, fell down and it was directly mixed with the hen’s eggs. The hen took care of it as his own egg. When the time came, the egg broke out and an eagle’s baby came out. But the hen began to consider him her own child.

The child grew up according to the hen’s methods over time. The eagle’s child considered himself a chicken. He would fly as high as the chickens and run like them. One day he saw above that the other birds were rising to the heights of the sky. Then he asked his mother who is the bird that is flying so high?

His mother hen replied, “That’s the eagle.”

“Then why can’t we fly to such a height?” The eagle asked the chicken again.

Mother replied, “Because we are chicken.”

This story tells us that we have to do the work while enlarging our thoughts and thinking high. Only then can we reach greater heights. If that eagle’s child tried to fly high after seeing others, he would surely fly to heights one day. We have to be positive. That is why we too have to keep working while keeping our thinking high. We will definitely get successful one day or the other.

Eagle and Hen Audio Story

The Key To Success

Inspirational Stories For Kids & Motivational Stories For Kids in English

Two Villages

There was a pond between two different villages. Whose water was very clean and sweet. Both villages were named Vijayanagar and Sangrampur. The people of the village used to come to drink water from it sometimes because they too had their own pond in the village. Once in the summer, the ponds of those two villages dried up but the pond in the middle of the village did not dry up. It was always full. In such a situation, the people of both villages started coming to fetch water from that pond. Due to this, one day there was a fight between the people of both villages and now both of them wanted to assert their right over the pond.

The head of both the villages decided that they would decide it after a war. In such a situation, the two heads went to a monk and asked him, which one of them would win. Then the monk said that the people of Vijay Nagar will win. On hearing this, the people of Sangrampur became sad but still thought of fighting. The next day a fight ensued between the two. The people of Vijay Nagar were not fighting properly because the monk had said that they would win. But the people of Sangrampur were fighting with full force.

The people of Sangrampur won while fighting. All the people were surprised to see that the monk had said that the people of Vijay Nagar would win. But in contrast, the people of Sangrampur won. Then the people of both villages went to the monk and asked him the reason for this. Then the monk said, “I did not know which of you two is going to win. I just said that the people of Vijay Nagar will win. In the battle, the people of Vijay Nagar did not think it necessary to fight properly. They were fighting the war comfortably thinking that they would win, but this overconfidence drowned them. That is why never have confidence. “

This story tells us that we should be overconfident. This story also tells us that one should not run away with the fear of defeat. Knowing the truth, we should face the trouble firmly.

Two Villages Audio Story

Hard Work Leads to Success

Inspirational Stories For Kids & Motivational Stories For Kids in English

Michael Phelps

This is the story of Michael Phelps who is a swimmer. He told everyone at a press conference in 2008 that he would win eight gold medals at the next Olympics. Hearing this, all the people made fun of him and he was insulted. But he encouraged himself with these things. He used to listen to the people who make fun of him to motivate himself and practiced swimming for 12 hours a day.

One day, suddenly, his hand got fractured in a car accident. Then the doctor said that he could not take part in the next Olympics but he did not give up and he started practicing swimming with the help of his feet only. Then that happened what he said. He won a total of 8 Gold medals at the next Olympics and showed people that he says he does it. This story is a very inspirational story for kids. If you like the story of Michael Phelps, then do not forget to share it.

Michael Phelps Audio Story

Abdul Kalam, Failure to Success: Learn English

Inspirational Stories For Kids & Motivational Stories For Kids in English

Act of Kindness

It was a dark and stormy night. Phillip had been walking home from work and was now about half a mile away from his house. The rain was coming down in sheets, and the wind was gusting so hard it was difficult to walk straight. Phillip had seen this same weather pattern many times before and knew that it wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. He also knew that he would get soaked to the bone if he didn’t make it home soon.

Just as Phillip was about to give up and turn around, he saw a light in the distance. It appeared to be coming from a house on the side of the road. Phillip had never seen this house before, but he was very grateful for the light it was providing. He began walking towards the house, and as he got closer he could see that the light was actually coming from a lamp on the porch.

The porch was covered in vines, and the paint on the house was peeling. But even in its dilapidated state, the house emitted a warm and comforting glow. Phillip walked up to the door and knocked. A moment later, the door opened and a woman stood before him. She was older, with wrinkles around her eyes and gray hair pulled back into a bun.

“Hello,” said Phillip. “I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m caught in this storm and I’m freezing cold. Can I please come in and warm up for a bit?”

The woman hesitated for a moment, then stepped aside to let Phillip in. She led him into a small sitting room off of the entrance hall and gestured for him to sit down on the couch. Phillip sat down gratefully, hunching over to try and get some warmth into his damp clothes.

“Would you like something hot to drink?” asked the woman. “I’ve just made some tea.”

“Yes please,” said Phillip gratefully. The woman went into the kitchen and came back a few moments later with a cup of steaming tea. She set it down on the coffee table in front of Phillip, then sat down in an armchair opposite him.

Phillip took a sip of tea, letting its warmth spread through his body. The woman watched him silently for a few moments, then spoke up.

“You seem like a nice young man,” she said. “What are you doing out walking in this weather?”

Phillip told her about his job at the grocery store, and how he lived far away and usually walked home because it was cheaper than taking public transportation. The woman listened attentively, her face softened with sympathy.

“It’s not safe for you to be out walking in this weather,” she said finally. “You should go home now before it gets any worse.”

Phillip thanked her for her kindness, then got up to leave. The woman walked with him to the door, holding it open until he had safely made it outside. Then she closed the door behind him and went back inside her house.

Phillip turned around and looked at the house one last time before continuing on his way home. Even though it was old and run-down, it had felt like a haven of warmth and safety in the midst of that stormy night. And for that, he would always be grateful

The Way of Ants

Though she was one of the smallest creatures in the forest, the little ant was always determined to do her best. No matter how hard the task was, she would never give up – even when her friends told her it was impossible.

There was a dense forest in which a group of ants leaves there. in the morning they came out in search of their food. Throughout the day they collect food and store it in their food storage. They were leaving peacefully in that dense forest.

One day, a huge tree fell across the path that the ants used to travel to their food storage. It was so big that there seemed to be no way around it. So how she can reach for its food and feed her?

But the little ant didn’t give up – she started digging underneath the tree until she finally created a tunnel for her fellow ants to use.

Thanks to her determination, the ants were able to keep going – and they learned that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

Moral of The Story – We must not focus on what the problem is. We must focus on the solution to each problem then we can leave our life gratefully.

The Way of Ants Audio Story

A Young Girl

A young girl, no older than thirteen, sat on the curb outside her school, her head in her hands. It had been a long day, and she was exhausted. All she wanted to do was go home and rest. But as she looked up, she saw a group of kids walking by, laughing and joking. She knew that they were heading to the nearby park to play.

The girl considered joining them, but then she remembered how tired she was. She didn’t think she could handle another round of games. Besides, she was always the last one picked for teams. Her teammates always complained that she was too slow.

But as she watched the other kids playing, she began to feel a little envious. They looked like they were having so much fun. And then it occurred to her: maybe this was her chance to finally fit in. Maybe if she tried hard enough, she could be one of those kids who had fun all the time.

So the next day, the girl went to the park with her classmates. And even though it was tough at first, she eventually started to have fun too. She laughed and joked with her friends, and even managed to beat them at a few games. Best of all, she no longer felt like an outsider. She finally felt like part of a team.

Good Person in Life

Once upon a time, there was a young woman who had lost all hope. She had been through so many tough times in her life, and she felt as though she had no one to turn to. She was tired of being alone, tired of feeling pain, tired of being misunderstood.

One day, she met a man who changed her life forever. He showed her that she was worth something, that she mattered. He showed her the beauty of life, and how to laugh again. He made her feel loved and supported, and she finally began to believe in herself.

She started to see the world in a new light, and she realized that anything was possible if she just tried hard enough. She began to dream again and to chase after her dreams with passion and determination.

And the best part? She found happiness. She finally found happiness in herself, and that is the greatest gift of all.

That is why we should have good and helpful friends in our life. They always help us in our tough times.

Do Not Give Up

I was having a tough day. My boss had been on my case all morning, and I had a test in the afternoon that I was sure I was going to fail. As I walked home, I felt like the world was against me. Every step felt heavier than the last.

When I got home, my dog greeted me with a wagging tail. He was so happy to see me, even though I had been such a downer all day. It made me think about how much he cared for me, even when I was at my worst.

That’s when it hit me. No one is perfect. We all have our ups and downs, but the people who matter most to us still stick around. My friends and family love me regardless of how well I do in school or at work. That realization gave me the boost of energy I needed to finish my day strong.

When we face hardships, it’s easy to feel like we’re alone in the world. But that’s never really the case. There are always people who care about us, even when we can’t see it. So don’t give up! There’s someone out there who loves you, no matter what.

Facing The Challenge

I’m not sure where to start. I could tell you about how I was born into a family of nine kids and grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, or how I was always an outsider and never really fit in. But that’s not why I’m here today.

I’m here because I’ve been through hell and back, and I’m finally ready to share my story. It all started when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was only 18 years old at the time, and I had no idea what was happening to me. All I knew was that my life was about to change forever.

The doctors told me that cancer had spread throughout my body and that there was no cure. They said that I only had a few months left to live. At first, I was in shock. How could this be happening to me? I was just starting my life, and now it was all going to end.

But then something amazing happened. I decided to fight back. I refused to give up without a fight, and over the next few months, I underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It was tough, but I refused to give up.

And miraculously, against all odds, I survived. The cancer was gone, and for the first time in a long time, I felt like I had a chance at a new life. So that’s what I did – I grabbed onto that chance with both hands and never looked back.

I graduated from college debt-free, thanks to scholarships and grants. And then I started my own business, which has since become very successful. None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t fought for my life back when everything seemed so bleak.

So don’t ever give up – no matter how bad things seem right now. There is always a chance for hope and happiness around the corner. You just have to keep fighting until you find it.

Power of Intention

I remember the day my life changed forever. I was in college, and I had just been rejected from my dream job. I was crushed. I felt like a failure. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

That’s when my professor recommended I read The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It was the best advice I ever received. The book taught me that if I didn’t have a clear intention, I would never reach my goals.

I decided to apply the principles in the book to my own life. I set some new intentions for myself and focused on what I wanted to achieve. And it worked! Within a few months, I had landed my dream job.

The Power of Intention taught me that if you want something bad enough, you have to be willing to work for it. You have to be willing to sacrifice your time and energy and put in the hard work required to achieve your goals.

So don’t give up on your dreams. Follow your heart and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your goals. Remember, the only limits that exist are the ones that you impose on yourself.

Share Love in Return

This story is about a child who loves cycling. He cycled all day with his friends, but his cycle brake did not work properly. One day while he was riding a bicycle, a car came in front of him. Seeing the car, he got nervous and due to no brake, he crashed into the car directly. Seeing this, the owner of the car got out of the car and saw that there were scratches on his car.

The owner of that car did not shout at the child but instead bought him a new bicycle. The child was very happy after getting the new bicycle and also started crying. We should also get inspired by listening to such stories that we should also treat people well. When we do well with others, it will be good for us in return. That is why children never do bad things to others, always help others and make them their own.

Share Love in Return Audio Story

Jim Thorpe

Children, there are many of us who blame luck for spoiling work and put the whole burden on luck. But is it right or wrong to do so? This is a story that is based on this very thing. Actually, the thing is about an athlete named Jim Thorpe. He was an American athlete who would compete in the Olympics. Before the race started, someone stole his shoe. What would he do then? Would he start crying after blaming his luck or take part in that race?

Jim did not blame his luck, took off the worn-out shoe in a dustbin, and took part in the race. He also won the gold medal by participating in the race. That’s why children never blame luck if something goes wrong. If you blame luck, you will never be able to move forward. Whenever something bad happens to you, then remember this story.

Jim Thorpe Audio Story

His Own Way

Stories have the ability to inspire us, to show us what is possible. They can give us hope in the face of difficult challenges and remind us of our own strength. This is such a story.

It was the middle of winter and the cold wind was blowing through the streets of the city. But despite the cold, there was a group of people gathered outside a small building. They were there to support their friend, who was about to go inside and do something brave.

Their friend had battled cancer for many years and had finally been given the news that there was no more treatment that could help him. He had decided to end his life on his own terms, in his own way.

The people outside the building were there to support him, to tell him that they loved him and that he was not alone. They watched as their friend walked into the building, ready to say goodbye to this world.

But instead of sadness, they saw their friend walk out of the building with a smile on his face. He had found peace and closure in knowing that he had faced his death head-on. He had done it his way and he was proud of himself.

The people who had gathered outside were inspired by their friend’s bravery. They realized that they could face their own fears and challenges head-on, knowing that they were not alone. They left that day with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

Two frogs

Once a lot of frogs were leaping into the forest then only two frogs slipped. Because of this both of them fell into the swamp. Now both of them had fallen into the swamp and it was difficult for them to come out. All the rest of the companions were telling them that now both of them are going to die because whatever gets stuck in the swamp does not get out of there. Hearing this, a frog died trapped in that swamp. While the second frog came out of the marsh trying again and again.

As soon as he got out, the rest of the frogs asked him, “Didn’t you listen to us?” In response, the frog said, “I don’t hear it properly, that’s why when you were saying something, I felt that you all were encouraging me and motivating me. That’s why I kept trying again and again. And came out of that swamp. “

This story teaches us that we should keep trying till the end and not pay attention to what others have said.

Two frogs Audio Story

Story of Rabbit and Turtle

This story is about a rabbit and a turtle. The rabbit challenges the turtle to participate in a race competition with him. The rabbit is proud of its speed. The turtle is very slow to walk but still participates in the race. As soon as the race starts, the rabbit starts running at his speed but the turtle moves slowly. The rabbit goes on and on. After going some distance, he looks back and sees that no one was there behind him. Then he thought, “The tortoise is too lazy and he would come slowly. But I am much faster than him and far ahead of him.” Thinking that the rabbit went to sleep in a nearby tree and thought that he would get up after a while and take part in the race.

The rabbit kept sleeping but the turtle kept on moving. While walking, the turtle noticed that the rabbit was sleeping under the tree. Still, the tortoise kept moving forward. Suddenly the turtle reached the final spot and he won this competition. After some time, when the rabbit’s eyes opened, he saw that there was no one around. He felt that the turtle was still behind him. He went running and at the end, he saw that the turtle had won the competition.

This story teaches us that we should not stop until we reach our end goal.
And children always remember that losing or winning does not matter, but participation matters.

Story of Rabbit and Turtle Audio Story

Ups and Downs

The journey of life is full of ups and downs. No one knows this better than John. When he was younger, he had it all: money, fame, and a beautiful wife. But then his fortunes changed. He lost his job and his wife left him. John was devastated.

But John refused to give up. He started working odd jobs to make ends meet. And slowly but surely, he rebuilt his life. He started a new business and made new friends. John was finally starting to feel happy again.

Then one day, John received a call from his ex-wife. She told him that she was pregnant and wanted him back. John was overjoyed! He had always wanted children. He quickly agreed to take her back.

John’s story is a reminder that no matter how bad things seem, there is always hope for a better future. Never give up on your dreams!

Painter Without Hand

There are so many of us who waste our time just thinking, what do they not have? Rather, they do not care what they have. We should always pay attention to what we have and with that, we can do a lot. This story is also similar. This is the story of a boy whose name is Morris. His hands are not right since childhood, but still, he makes lots of beautiful paintings with these hands. People who are not able to make it despite having good hands. Morris has made over 700 world-class paintings and is also a motivational speaker. He inspires and encourages people. Children, always keep in mind that our goal should be clear, then we will move forward.

Painter Without Hand Audio Story

The Conversation

I was having a conversation with my friend the other day when she said something that really stuck with me. She said, “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving.” This is a concept that I have been trying to live by lately. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

When life throws us a curveball, we have two options: we can let it knock us down or we can use it as an opportunity to get back up and try again. I know which one I prefer. Life is full of hardships, but it’s also full of opportunities. We just have to be willing to look for them.

No matter what life throws our way, we can always choose to find the positive in it. We can choose to be resilient and never give up. We can choose to keep moving forward no matter what. When we make the decision to start living our lives this way, everything changes. We become unstoppable.

So don’t be afraid to face adversity head-on. Don’t be afraid to get back up after you’ve been knocked down. Don’t be afraid to keep moving forward no matter what. Because that is when you will start achieving your greatest successes.

Little Bruce Lee

We all should choose an idol in our lives and follow him to move forward. Because, from his life, we ​​can learn what we have to do. Kids who want to become astronauts, they can make Neil Armstrong or other astronauts their idols. Kids who love boxers, they can make Mohammed Ali their idol. In the same way, the rest of the children can also make their idols for others according to their interests. This story is also about a child who considers Bruce Lee as his idol and has learned all his stunts since childhood by watching his movies. He used to watch Bruce Lee’s films since childhood and was very impressed by him.

The child presses his fingers and walks to his fists. He is able to do all of Bruce Lee’s stunts and also match all his timings. The child is very popular among people and is featured on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The child’s name is Ryusei lmai, also known as Little Bruce Lee. The child considered Bruce Lee as his idol and tried to be like him. You too chose one of your idols and proceeded by following them.

Little Bruce Lee Audio Story


The story is about a dog whose owner was a professor. Who taught in a college in Japan? That dog was very loyal. He used to go to his master to leave the station and also to receive him. One day when he left his master in the station and then went to receive, his master did not come there. Because when the professor was teaching in class, he died of a heart attack. Therefore, he could not go to the station. But that dog kept waiting for his master, he kept waiting for him to come to the same place for 10 years and he died. The dog was named Hachiko, whose memorial still exists in Japan. Children’s loyalty should be inside every human being, and this animal has taught us all how loyalty is.

Loyalty Audio Story

Swami Vivekananda and The Monkey

This is the story of Swami Vivekananda, who was once passing through a forest carrying some food in a bag. Then some monkeys were chasing him. Perhaps the monkeys had got the aroma of food kept in the bag. Because of this, a lot of monkeys were chasing Swamiji. Swamiji was initially scared of the monkeys and due to this, he started running away. While he was running, he wondered how long he would keep running from these monkeys. He encouraged him and stood up and drove the monkeys away. He also faced them. After some time the monkey ran away from there.

This story teaches us a lot that we should never run away from trouble. Rather, we should face it firmly. In this story, the monkey came as a problem to Swami Vivekananda. Initially, he started running away from them, which boosted the morale of the monkeys and scared him more quickly. But when Swami Vivekananda stopped and confronted him firmly, all those monkeys fled. In the same way, we also have to face problems firmly, if we run away from the troubles then our troubles will only increase.

Swami Vivekananda and The Monkey Audio Story

Inspirational Stories For Kids & Motivational Stories For Kids in English
Inspirational Stories For Kids & Motivational Stories For Kids in English


This story is about a child who used to run away from their studies. Whenever he was asked to read, he did not do his studies. But rarely used to sit for some time for reading. When he sat to read, he would think about different things to defer his studies. Thinks he will read it later. One day the child sat with his book and saw that he had to read a lot. Thinking this, he closed his book and started playing. He thought he would study later. Then a few days later he saw that his studies had become even more. Seeing this, he closed the book again and thought that he would study later. While doing so, the whole year passed and the time of the examination came. He did not know anything when the exam was going on. He had the full burden of studies. Now he had to do a lot of studies together. But he did not have time now.

The child failed the examination due to a lack of studies. After failing, he felt very bad and on that day the child decided that he would do his studies on time and would never postpone his studies. Children, we should always do the same. We should study in time and we should not leave our studies for further, only then we can become good.

On-Time Audio Story

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