The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave Summary In Short

The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave Summary In Short. The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave in a beautiful manga story. In this story, there were an orphan boy and an orphan girl, both of them were adopted by a royal family. The name of that boy was Damian Clider. Damian Clider was a child of a royal family and his father died from falling from a cliff. Whereas the girl’s name was Ellie. She was a daughter of a famous female thief. Her mother was hanged to death because she was trying to steal things from a famous Earl’s Mansion.

The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave Summary In Short
The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave Summary In Short –

The boy was adopted by Duke Schuetz and the girl was adopted by him as a daughter-in-law. Duke found that very different from others. Here in this post, we are going to tell you the summary of the story of The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave.

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Clider and Schuetz

At the beginning of the story, we are told that there was Schuetz and Clider were close friends. Both the family forms Royal Empire. Schuetz was the warrior family and the Cliders handled the trade of the empire.

Duke Clider was the owner trade union and his family was even richer than the Emperor. Because of the greedy eyes on the Clider people got jealous of his wealth. The emperor was jealous of Clider. Because they have much more wealth than the royal family. Due to jealous emperor secretly eliminated them.

After the death of Clider, Duke Schuetz found his dead body but he did not find his child, whose name was Damien Clider. N

ow Duke wanted to search for his friend’s child to take care of him. Duke Clider’s will has been found. In that will, all the family fortune was given to his friend Duke Erhard Schuetz. Now the greedy eyes were on Schuetz.

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In the Orphanage

Ellie was a great intelligent girl who takes care of everyone in the orphanage. One day the director of the orphanage brought a child with her, whom she won in gambling. The name of that child was Damien.

This was the first time when Ellie saw Damien. In the orphanage, Damien was bullied by the other children who were older than him. Ellie felt bad for him that’s why she takes care of Damian even though she saves him from being bullied. In this way both, Damian and Ellie became good friends.

Duke was searching for his friend’s child. He was searching for a child who had blue eyes and black hair. During the investigation to find Damien Clider, Duke came to know that his friend’s child is in an orphanage. He immediately sends a message to that orphanage. Duke went there. In the orphanage, he met Ellie and she directed him toward the director’s office confidently. Duke was impressed by her because no one talks to him like that. She was confident, gentle, and had no fear of Duke. Now duke was in the director’s office.

The director of that orphanage collected all the children who had blue eyes and black hair except Damian. Damian was the child who also had blue eyes and black hair. He was not in the director’s office. Damian was sick and was in another room, Ellie was taking care of him. In the director’s office, he took out Damian Clider’s blue mana(a magical stone) to know who is Damian Clider among those kids. But Mana did not show anything there was no Damian Clider. Now he went to Damien where he saw Ellie with him. When he went near Damien the blue mana started glowing. By seeing that thing he knew that the sick kid is Damian Clider.

Now Duke found him and wanted to adopt him as his child and Ellie as his daughter-in-law. Ellie agreed to become his daughter-in-law, but there was a condition for that. Duke asked her about the condition. She told her that to change all the teachers and the staff from that orphanage because they were not taking care of the children. She also told him to improve the condition and lifestyle of that orphanage. Duke agreed to that and he immediately ordered to the punishment of all the teachers and staff.

Adoption of Ellie

Duke adopted Damian but he wanted that his future daughter-in-law, Ellie must be adopted by a royal family. So, Duke told Ellie to choose a royal family. In that case, she thought that why an aristocratic family will choose a girl whose mother was a thief. Then she heard about Baron Amanda,

She knew that Baron Amanda belongs to the north and the north is full of magical beasts and the main weapon there is money. Baron Amanda also had a small mineral mine there. Then she chooses Baron Amanda for that.

Baron Amanda didn’t want to adopt any child. He had a wife whose name was Viera. She was suffering from mental illness. Viera met Damian and Ellie in the garden. There Ellie talked with her in a great manner. She liked Ellie a lot. Viera told Baron about her, when she was telling him about her she was very happy. After a long time, Baron was watching her that much happy. Somehow he was also impressed with Ellie.

She requested them to take her to their mine. There she saw a different mineral. It was very dangerous and it can be used to make various weapons. But the problem was how will they make it.

Oeborg The Blacksmith Saved By Ellie

Oeborg was a blacksmith who used to make weapons and swords for Duke Schuetz. He make amazing swords and he was the one who can make swords from the mineral found in Baron’s mine. Schuetz was dominating the weapon market. Viscount Guantar wanted his dominance in the weapon market. So he planned against Schuetz.

Oeborg was losing his vision in one eye after the death of his daughter and he was taking treatment for his other eye. One day Ellie got to know about Oeborg when she was near the red lake with Damian. She also knew about the mineral.

One day Ellie went to Oeborg and showed him an arrow made with that mineral, which was given by Baron to her. Seeing that arrow he was amazed and curious about the material. Then he visited Baron Amanda. There they discussed his medicine. That day he did not apply for his medicine in his eyes, but he was able to see everything clearly.

Then they know that the medicine given by the doctor was poison. And all this was done by Viscount Guantar. After that, they both were punished and Oeborg made a sword with that mineral. this way Ellie succeeded in her plan.

Doing various things Ellie changed the problems of Schuetz and definitely, she was Duke’s best choice.

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