Tower of Babel Story for Kids With Audio and PDF

Tower of Babel Story for Kids. Long ago, when sin was increasing in the world, God brought such a flood to punish everyone from which no one could escape. God has finished everything. But he only gave a chance to live to those who were not sinners. One of them was Noah and his family. God showed Noah the way how he had to survive this catastrophe. Noah made his ark and saved himself and his family. He was able to successfully save his family and other animals by following the path shown by God. Noah slowly grew his family and his family created more families. In this way, the population of the people of this world started increasing.

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As the family of the people grew, so did the greed, jealousy, sin, etc. of the people started increasing. Some people began to consider themselves to be like God. People thought of making a tall building that would have been a tower. People wanted to reach heaven with the help of that tower. And many people wanted to put themselves in the place of God. Everyone started building that tower together. Gradually the height of that tower started increasing.

God was watching these actions of human beings. Man is also a very strange creature who wants to come to heaven without doing anything and some have started thinking of himself as God. In this situation, God thought of teaching everyone a lesson. They all spoke the same language. God changed everyone’s language. After this, no one was able to talk to each other. Everyone got confused, no one was able to understand anyone’s point and no one was able to explain his point to others.

Tower of Babel Story for Kids
Tower of Babel Story for Kids –

Such people started fighting among themselves and one by one people started leaving that place and leaving from there. People would have been needed to complete Babel’s tower but people started leaving from there. Because of this, the tower of Babel could not be completed. In this way, God again taught everyone a lesson.

Jared and his brother were living together when everyone had left the place. Both loved God and prayed to him. Now the language of both of them was different, yet they both wanted to be together.

One day Jared prayed to God that the language of the two brothers should be the same so that both of them could talk to each other. They wanted to live together like a family. God listened to his prayer and made their language the same. After this, both started talking to each other and started living with each other like a family. These later came to be called Jaredites.

That is why it is said that we should always follow the path shown by God, by this we will never do wrong.

Tower of Babel Audio Story for Kids

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Tower of Babel Story for Kids PDF

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