How to Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 1

How to Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 1. The story is about a child who is a prince and his unlucky mother Astelle, who was once an empress for one day. Astelle is married to Prince Kaizen, but the two were separated a day later. Astelle leaves the palace but takes a secret along with her. That secret was that she was about to become the mother of Prince Kaizen’s son. Let’s know how Astelle saves her child from those who are told to take advantage of her child.

How to Hide The Emperor's Child
How to Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 1 /

Just a day after Astelle became a princess, the news of Kaizen’s father’s death comes. Upon hearing this news, Kaizen tells his wife Astelle, “You divorce me. My father’s wish was for both of us to get married. But there was not a single moment in which I wanted to marry you. And anyway you didn’t want to marry me. You don’t love me.”

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Upon hearing this, Astelle is saddened and begins to think how lovingly Kaizen gave her the necklace. Astelle’s entire life has been kaizen. Astelle can’t live a moment without kaizen. She begins to think about how she studied history, politics, military tactics, various arts, and literature for kaizen. Kaizen learns the difficult ways of meeting. It has been ten years while doing this, the whole ten years Astelle has sacrificed herself. She can’t imagine that their relationship will end like this. This is the person for whom she has lived her whole life. Thinking about all this, Astelle says to the prince, “Yes, I don’t love you.”

“I lied to you like you wanted to,” said Astelle to herself. After all this, she left there.

“I will never regret my decision,” Astelle told herself.

She takes Astelle’s secrets with her as she leaves that place, that she was pregnant and has a Kaizen baby in her stomach.

Six years pass and she starts working in a bakery.

“Miss, I’m going to close this shop early today. That’s why you can go now.” The shop owner said to Astelle.

Upon hearing this, Astelle said to the store owner, “Yes, but before I leave let me settle all this.”

When the two were talking among themselves then a voice comes from afar “Mom! Mom!” This voice is of the mistress’s son who has brought news out of curiosity. “I told you that you don’t have to run like this. Still you.” The mistress told her son.

In such a situation, the mistress’ son could not stop his curiosity and started saying, “It is not necessary at all right now. The important thing is that the royal soldiers have come to our village. They are wearing full armor. “.

Upon hearing this, Astelle panics and immediately leaves there and ran on the way to her home, she wonders how did they find her after all? She had left the place very meticulously so that no one could find her. Then she reaches her home. His son was sleeping on the bed. Astelle speaks of “Theor.”

How to Hide The Emperor's Child
How to Hide The Emperor’s Child /

“What happened, mom?” Theor asks his mother.

Astelle looks at her son and begins to think, “I know I can’t hide him forever but…”

Then someone knocks on their door. They are none other than royal soldiers who had come to take Astelle to the palace. They take Astelle and her son Theor to the palace.

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How to Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 2

“We brought them.” The soldier said to the King.

“It’s been 6 years, Astelle,” Kaizen told Astelle.

On hearing this, Astelle goes into thought and starts remembering the old things. She tells herself, “Kaizen, the one and only emperor of the Lestiel Empire. The man I loved with all my heart.”

After this, she bows down and salutes her king. Just then the Kaizen comes near her and asks, “Why were you running away from me? What did you think? I would catch you and kill you?”

Just then Theor comes running toward his mother and grabs her. Then the attention of the Kaizen falls on Theor. Seeing an unknown child, Kaizen asks Astle, “Wait, who is this child?”

This was the moment Astle thought about it over and over again and had prepared herself for this moment for six years.

As soon as Kaizen ascended the throne, he began to punish the nobles whose roots were rotten. But the Lord of the North revolted due to which he had to lose his entire family. As a result of this rebellion, the whole empire was divided into two parts.

The royal faction is made up of petty nobles and aristocratic factions. Astelle’s father, Duke Leston, became the head of the aristocratic faction.

How to Hide The Emperor's Child
How to Hide The Emperor’s Child /

Due to the fierce battle of these 6 years, many Nobel men were killed in the end. Because of this, the condition of the country was still critical. But despite all this, Astelle’s father was alive. Astelle’s only concern was how she would hide her child. Because she knew very well that people would use her son for power and war. That is why she is scared that her son should not be taken away from her. For this reason, she has to keep his child hidden from others. Astelle replied to the king, “This child is my Nephew.”

“Is he the son of Liston single?” The king said to Astelle.

“Not my straight brother, Sigmund’s. My cousin left this kid.” Astelle told King Kaizen.

Sigmund was the heir to the Callenberg family, who had been killed in the civil war half a year earlier.

I remember that ever since Sigmund planned to have his illegitimate child, who was born to a maidservant, his heir, maternal grandfather of Astelle, Marquis of Callenburg,

Send the birth certificate and blood test results proving the illegality of the child.

Estelle’s maternal great-grandfather, Marquis of Callenburg,

Send the birth certificate and blood test results proving the illegality of the child.

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