Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds All Chapters Explained in Short

Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds is an amazing manga story. In this story, there was a girl name Lua who had a different healing power from others. She has gone through pain and betrayal and now she will take revenge for it. In this post, we are going to explain you each and every chapter in short. Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds.

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Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 1

In the first chapter of this story, we are told about a girl. Her name is Lua, and she is the saint representative of the temple in which she is about to become a saint. Her job is that she has to heal people, if there is a wound or injury in someone’s body, she heals them. This is the work of a saint. But, there was a problem with Lua, when she healed someone’s wound or injury, the same injury would come to Lua’s body. This was a matter of trouble for her as this did not happen to the rest of the saints.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds
Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

Lua also has a good friend named Ariane. Ariane and Lua become good friends. While the two were talking to each other, they saw a young boy. The name of that boy is Sir Garrett. Sir Garrett had been cured by Lua before. Due to this Sir Garrett praised Lua and she remembered his words. Lua had started loving him in her heart. Sir Garrett is now the Knight commander.

One day suddenly Sir Garrett reached the temple injured. He was attacked by a demon. He was so injured that his whole body was covered with wounds. In such a situation, Lua completely cured him. But in return, all of Sir Garrett’s wounds are restored to her body. Lua was very weak and her whole body was covered with wounds. She was lying in bed for many days due to being so injured. No one came to see her. When she regained consciousness, she found something different and Lua was surprised to see it.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 2

At the beginning of the second chapter, Lua found that Ariane and Sir Garrett are to be engaged. She is deeply saddened to know of this as Lua is deeply in love with Sir Garrett. So she runs over to the two of them and finds Ariane and Sir Garrett talking happily. That’s when she goes up to Ariane and says “Ariane, why are you spreading all the wrong news about me?”

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

On hearing, this Ariane immediately tells Sir Garrett to “Get him out of here”. Then Sir Garrett pushes her and she falls down. Then after that Ariane tells her the bad things which makes her very sad. Both of them, Ariane and Sir Garret leaves. Lua was lying on the ground, and many people come to her and start saying vile things. Then she shows her strength and injures a man. This was the first time she had experienced his newfound power. Now she could even hurt others by touching them.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 3

In the third chapter of this story, we are told about the Goddess of Health. 100 years ago an epidemic broke out in the Zeen Kingdom. Only then a woman who had immense healing powers saved the people from this epidemic. Since then people consider her as Goddess of Health and her name is Lauche. She is the goddess of this temple whom people worship there. This temple is also independent of the royal family, which means that even the royal family does not interfere with this temple. People say that Lua also has the same powers as the Goddess of Health. And for this reason, she is the representative of the saint.

In this chapter, we are also told that the seat of the saint is vacant for the last 10 years and there is no other representative to fill that seat. Lua then reveals that she is an orphan since childhood and that she had a friend, Ariane, after coming to this temple. But then she also found out that Ariane was using her. Tells people to harass her. That’s how Ariane fooled Lua. Then a prince comes to Lua.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

The name of that prince is Swen Jedlown he has a terrible reputation and people consider him terrible. He comes to Lua and says that he knows about her powers and asks her if she is ready to take revenge for what she had faced from everyone or not.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 4

In this chapter, Prince Swen Jedlown takes Lua to the royal garden. They’re both of them talk about how the attacks of the demons have started increasing these days—the same demons who live in the forests. The prince tells her that the High Priest of the church is behind this. Lua is surprised to hear this as she has been taken care of him since childhood. Then the prince explains to her better, the way the attack on the people will increase, in the same way, people will get injured and come to the church to get their treatment done. Because of this, the prestige of the Church will increase even more than that of the royal house and the High Priest of the Church will become more powerful.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

The prince also told her that three Nobles supporting the High Priest in this. Swen then also tells Lua about the Yuan clan.

After telling all this, the prince tells Lua, “I need your help so that I can bring this work of the High Priest to the public and expose him.” In such a situation, the prince also told her that he is choosing her because apart from the power to heal, she also has the power to give pain to others. He can use this power in this work.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 5

Now, this curiosity arises in Lua’s mind that whether the things said by the prince are true or not. To know all these things, she goes to the royal library and reads some books from there. In those books, she learns about the Yuan clan that the prince had mentioned. Reading the book, it is revealed that the Yuan clan is a small forest-dwelling clan whose language is magical. Those who have golden eyes and golden hair, their skin black.

She also learned that the people of the Yuan clan can control the forest demon with their magic language. It was also written in that book that the people of the Yuan clan have a tattoo on their neck which is even more powerful than their language.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

While Lua was reading in the royal library, Prince Sven arrives. He talks to Lua and tells her that she should know about the High Priest. To know the truth she always peeps out of her room at night. One day she saw a man going out of the church. She followed him through the forest path till she reached the Tower of Prayer. There she saw that a boy from the Yuan clan went inside the tower and there were the High Priests inside the tower. So she began to wonder if there was an agreement between the High Priest and Yuan Boy. In such a situation, she thinks of going inside that tower.

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Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 6

In chapter six, Lua somehow manages to get inside the Tower of Prayer and there she overhears the conversation between the High Priest and the boy. It is revealed from both of them that with the help of that boy, the High Priest had caused the demon’s attack in the village. This lets Lua know that what the prince said was true.

Apart from the High Priest and that boy, a third person was also present there. It was none other than Ariane. Ariane’s aim is to become a Saint and use the others as puppets. The High Priest had made this plan. Ariane was helping him with his plan and they were going to use Lua on this plan. Lua was listening to all these things. Then those people heard her voice and then Shiji (companion of the prince) came and saved her.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds
Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

When Lua and Shiji come out, she finds Prince Swen there. After seeing all this, the prince again asks Lua again, “Are you with me or not?” The prince needs her strength. After seeing all this, Lua agrees to support the prince.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 7

Now Lua and Swen are going to work together. So that he can expose the High Priest and Ariane. The prince gave Lua a key that was the key to the prince’s mysterious greenhouse. Now both of them were about to meet there. Lua goes to the mysterious greenhouse that Prince Swen told her to visit. Going there she meets prince and asks what will be their plan. Then the prince gives her a book that tells about Viscount Rose-Desmond. Viscount Rose-Desmond is a debauched person. People know that he deals in a variety of things.

The prince tells Lua that he is one of the three Nobles who are assisting the High Priest. Viscount Rose-Desmond sends many things to the West. But the prince tells Lua that it is a camoflage. In fact, he sends various items to the Yuan clan and brings demons from there. So that he can fulfill the plan made by the High Priest.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter
Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

Now together they make a plan they will steal the document of that Viscount and with the help of that document collect information about Viscount Rose-Desmond and about the High Priest. The Prince has an invitation to Viscount Rose-Desmond’s birthday. There is a birthday ball organized and he has an invitation to that ball. In such a situation, both of them make a plan, both will go there together. Meanwhile, Ariane requests Sir Garrett to go to the ball as well.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 8

Sir Garrett gets ready to go to the ball. At the same time, his injured soldier comes from behind. Sir Garratt, seeing his soldier injured, requests Ariane to heal him. But, Ariane refuses to do so and says that others can fix it. Sir Garrett is little surprised to hear this. The wounded soldier is taken inside the church. Then only then the High Priest comes and calls Ariane. Ariane leaves with the High Priest.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter
Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

On the other hand, Lua is busy gathering information about the viscount and forgets that she does not have proper clothes to wear to the ball. So she writes a request letter to the High Priest to buy new clothes. But the High Priest rejects her request.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 9

Lua worries about what she will wear to the ball then a maid arrives in her room with a large suitcase. She hands over that suitcase to Lua. She opens that suitcase and sees it. It has a beautiful dress and a beautiful sandals. The suitcase contains a letter in which Prince Swen tells her that he has given this dress, especially for Lua. He also informs her that he has requested the High Priest to grant Lua leave so that she can rest for a few days.

Lua then looks in her wardrobe for something to wear and finds the earrings her mother gave her. But there is only one earring out of it and Lua had lost the other earring somewhere when she was child. In such a situation, she remembers her dead mother and thinks that her parents had died due to an unknown disease.

It is a matter of her childhood, one day Lua went out to play when she came back after playing she saw that her parents were dead. Since then she is an orphan.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 10

Now Lua prepares to go to the ball and the prince has sent a carriage to pick her up. With that, the prince sends Shiji as Lua’s bodyguard. Lua rides off in a carriage to attend the ball. They both reach the same place and there they meet Prince Swen.

The prince compliments Lua upon seeing her and tells her that she shouldn’t hide her hair. It is very beautiful. After this, they both go inside. The prince tells her about the viscount and tells her that we have to wait for the right time so that they can complete their work. Prince is from a high family, so he has to meet and talk with many people, in such a way he gets busy with others. On the other hand, Lua could easily move around then Ariane and Sir Garrett come there.

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Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 11

Seeing Lua, Ariane approaches her and starts talking to her. She gets a little surprised to see her in such a amazing dress and asks her whether she has come here alone or with someone. Along with that she also starts making fun of her. Then after some time there Prince Swen comes to Lua and tells Ariane that he is with Lua. Seeing this, Ariane says that a prince and an orphan are together.

On this, the prince tells her that he keep working for the betterment of the people, and that is why he had given Lua some of his work to do. As a thank he have called her there. Just then Ariane leaves and Prince Sven tells Sir Garratt that he had bad taste about girls. Ariane was a little jealous seeing Lua with the prince.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 12

As the song plays at the ball party. People start dancing among themselves. The same prince asks Lua for dance but Lua told him that she does not know how to dance properly.

Then after some time, Lua sees that a maid has a knife in her hand and she understands that she is about to kill someone with that knife. Lua tells the prince. That prince goes and stops that maid. They both bring the maid out and ask her the reason why she wants to kill the viscount.

She tells that once upon a time she used to work as a maid at the viscount’s place. But she wanted to leave that job as she was about to get married. That’s why she went to the Viscount’s office to tell him. The viscount coerced him.

The maid was about to marry a baker named Alan. Alan gets very angry knowing all this. In anger Alan went to Viscount. Alan asks Viscount to apologize to his fiancee ie the maid. But the viscount refused to do so and got Allen’s bakery closed as well. Because of this, she wanted to kill him. Lua explained to her that she should not do that either. Viscount is in Lua’s target and they will avenge this together.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 13

After this, the prince sends the maid to her house. They both go inside to attend the ball party again when Lua’s favorite song plays. Seeing this, the prince holds her and requests her to dance.

Both of them start dancing together and the people present are very happy to see both of them dancing. The prince then notices one of Lua’s earrings in her ear. He also has a similar earring which he got in his childhood from a girl who had fixed it.

Since then he was looking for that girl and today the same girl was dancing with him. In such a situation, he thinks that he is ready to do every work for him. The prince is now ready for Lua to be both his sword and his hand.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 14

Meanwhile, Viscount comes to that party and his eyes fall on Lua. Seeing Lua’s beauty, the viscount is infatuated with her and comes and talks to her. Lua wants to take advantage of this and fulfill her plan. That’s why she tries to woo this viscount and in this way the viscount falls into the trap Lua has spread.

The viscount invites Lua to his room and then leaves. Meanwhile, Lua talks to Prince Sven and tells him all that she will go to the viscount room to complete her plan. Rajkumar tells him that he will be there nearby, if there is any problem or trouble, you call him, and I will reach out immediately.

After this Lua goes to that viscount Desmond’s room. As soon as he enters the room, the viscount asks him to drink wine, and Lua refuses, saying she does not drink fine. Then he catches Lua and makes her lie on the bed and asks her what is the purpose of her coming here.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 15

Shiji was told to keep vigil around that fort. Then he sees Ariane with a man at the gate of a warehouse. Shiji then wonders what is Ariane doing here except for a ball party. Then he senses that there is a demon in that warehouse and goes to the prince and Lua to tell them.

On the other hand, Viscount asks Lua, what has she come to do? Does he want money, status, or fame? That’s when Lua starts trapping Viscount in her words. Now Lua tries to touch the viscount with her palm in any way she can.

She touches the viscount’s neck with her palm, trapping him in her words. Only then the viscount’s whole body starts itching. Lua tells him that she had poisoned the wine and that the poison starts with itching and after a few minutes the person who poisoned it dies. To avoid poisoning, it is very important to take its antidote. Lua asks him to be such a fool.

Viscount gets very scared after hearing all this and asks Lua for an antidote. Lua tells him that she will give the antidote only if he gives her the documents of the transaction that took place between her and West. On hearing this, he tells him where the document is kept. He tells Lua that the document is kept in a drawer in the next room and that the key is behind the painting. Then after that Lua makes him sign a paper.

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Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 16

The document that Lua gives the viscount to sign states that the viscount will pay compensation to the maidservant with whom he had wronged and tortured her mentally and physically. After this Lua scares him more that he has to live or die if he wants to live then sign that document quickly.

Fearing, the viscount signs that document and also puts his seal on it. After this viscount asks for antidote from Lua but Lua tells viscount that there is no antidote you will die slowly like this.

After this Lua leaves the room and the same Prince Sven also comes. Then together they go to the room where the document is kept. Lua takes out the key from behind the painting and opens the drawer. There they find that document, then Shiji comes there and tells them all that he saw.

He told that he saw Ariane with a Yuvan clan boy in front of the warehouse. As far as he thinks there is a demon in that warehouse. Then there is a sound of screaming from outside. The three go outside together and find that the ball hall is possessed by a demon that is injuring people.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 17

Ariane and the High Priest plan to have a demon attack the ball. The reason for doing this is that many noble people are present in that ball party and some of them are worried that the authority of the church is increasing day by day. That demon is made to attack only those people so that the High Priest can be benefited. Simultaneously, Ariane wants to attack Lua as well. Ariane orders the monster to attack Lua.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 18

Sir Garrett helps the men out. Sir Garret doesn’t have his sword with him and that’s why he can’t fight this demon. On the other hand, Prince, Shiji and Lua come to that hall. The prince gets his sword from Shiji and prepares to fight the monster.

Prince Swen orders Shiji to go and capture the boy from the same Yuvan clan that will be nearby. On the other hand, Swen tells Lua to keep the document with her and she leaves, otherwise their trouble may increase. She thinks that if Ariane is behind this, then she will definitely get her attacked, so she makes a plan.

The people of the Yuan clan can control a demon, but they cannot identify it with an exact human. Lua then distracts the demon. Then Prince Sven attacks the monster. The demon gets injured and Lua touches him and knocks him unconscious. Lua learns that her magic works on monsters as well.

Both of them bravely defeated the demon. All the people present there were praising both of them a lot. Ariane was burning seeing all this. On the other hand, Shiji had caught the boy of that Yuvan clan. Now he was about to be taken to the prince and Lua.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 19

After all, this is done, the prince shows viscount Desmond’s document to the people and tells that the viscount is behind all this. The viscount and the boy from the Yuan clan are taken away as captives but attacked on the way. Yuan boy is killed in the attack and the same viscount is shocked now he is in jail but can’t do anything because of the shock.

All this makes Lua think that the truth of the High Priest was not revealed to everyone, but in spite of all this, she was able to do justice to the maids with whom the viscount had done wrong. After all this she asks Rajkumar the next plan.

The prince tells her that he has been invited by his father, the king, and he has also invited Lua. On the other hand, Ariane is jealous of the past.

Prince Sarid the First Prince is worried on hearing all this because he fears that Prince Sven is slowly gaining the limelight and becoming a public favourite. Then his fiancee Diana comes and discusses all these things with him.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Chapter 20

The High Priest is troubled by Ariane’s actions and then begins to wonder how the prince can kill a demon. Then he also feels that maybe Rajkumar already knew about his plan.

The High Priest can no longer use the demon because the viscount is now in prison. Only viscounts used to smuggle demon, now without them it is not possible to do so.

Suddenly, Sir Garrett appears in the High Priest’s office. They have to ask him about the saint. In fact, Sir Garrett wanted to know about Lua, that’s why he came to the High Priest. But the High Priest tells them that he is busy now. The high-priest requests him to come some other day.

On the other hand, Lua thinks that she has to go to meet Raja. The king had called him. The king wants to reward him for his work in killing the monster together with Prince Sven. Lua thinks that after all this, she is becoming more and more admired among the people, and in such a situation, the Saint representatives may also be in trouble with her.

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