Our Tyrant Became Young Summary

Our Tyrant Became Young Summary. What if you are a great emperor of an empire and suddenly you change into a kid of 4 years old? What will you think first? How did this happen? Does someone do it? Who will benefit from this? there are various reasons that someone can do this. The same thing happens in the story “Our Tyrant Becomes Young”. To solve his problem he did many things. Did he find out the solution to his problem? Here in this post, we will tell you the summary of the story Our Tyrant Becomes Young.

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Our Tyrant Becomes Young

At the beginning of this story, there was a girl who was living in the 21st century. The world was going through a pandemic, the plague was spreading all over the world. One day that girl was outside and suddenly a car hit her. When she woke up she found her in a well, all the people take her out of the well.

There she saw that the people there looked very different. It seemed as if she had come to some other place. It looks like she is in past. After some time she came to know that she has come to such a place whose stories she used to read in a book. She didn’t know how to get back. Because of this, she thought of staying there. She needed some money to live in that place, so she started prophesying to people.

She had read that book completely so she knew which main events were going to happen. People were surprised to hear his accurate prediction. Day by day the girl was becoming popular among the people. In such a situation, she was praised even in front of the king, everyone started knowing about her. People used to call her Lipi the Prophet.

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Lipi In Front of Tyrant

One day Lipi was called to the king’s court. As soon as she appeared in the court, the king and one of his soldiers were standing in front of her. The tyrant’s name was Persilion. There Lipi saw the tyrant as a small child, in such a way that the little ruler told her his problem. The tyrant asked her when will he return to his old condition. He asked whether there is any solution for this or not.

At that time, Lipi did not know what had happened to the king. So she told the king that it was a curse, and she had to find out who had done this. To find out, she requested the king to keep her with him. She will stay with the emperor to find out what has happened to him due to which the emperor has become a small child who was 4 years old.

Now Lipi has to find out who has done this to him. In real life, things are a bit different here from the story Lipi had read. Initially, the king and his guards don’t believe her then she tells them something that only the king knows. Hearing all this, the king and his guards believed that she is a prophet. Seeing all this, the king agreed to keep her with him.

Now, Lippi had to find out about the things that happened to the king. Lipi had to find out, who has done such magic with the king, due to which he has become a small child of 4 years. The problem with the king was that, in that condition, he cannot come in front of anyone and tell everyone that he has become a small child. If he does so, his troubles may increase.

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