Who Is Patrick Kenney, The man who died in freak knife accident?

Patrick Kenney Jr., a 42-year-old man from Massachusetts, passed away after an accidental knife injury. This incident happened on Saturday night in the parking lot of Kowloon restaurant in Saugus, leaving the community in sorrow.

Who Was Patrick Kenney?

Patrick Kenney Jr., a family man, faced an unfortunate end on Saturday night due to an accidental incident involving a knife. The incident occurred after 9 p.m. in the Kowloon parking lot. Patrick was found injured and later lost his life at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Patrick Kenney Jr.
(Patrick Kenney Jr. PHOTO: GO FUND ME)

The Incident:

Details about Patrick’s death are limited, but it is known that he suffered a fatal knife wound from a knife attached to a lanyard around his neck. Authorities believe it was accidental, and there’s no indication of others being involved.

Timeline of the Incident:

9 p.m.Patrick Kenney Jr. found injured in Kowloon parking lot.
Post-InjuryRushed to Massachusetts General Hospital.
Subsequent DaysDeath ruled as accidental; investigation ongoing by authorities.

The Scene and Reactions:

Bob Wong, who owns Kowloon, expressed sadness over the incident. The Kenney family, regular customers at the restaurant, was reportedly going through a tough time. The family sees the incident as a freak accident and a “horrible tragedy.” Patrick Kenney Jr. is survived by his wife Lauren and two young children.

From Another Perspective:

Reports from Daily Mail provide additional insights, highlighting that Patrick was fatally wounded by a knife attached to something he wore around his neck. The reason for wearing the knife is unclear, and authorities are investigating this unusual aspect.

Family’s Reaction:

The Kenney family, mourning Patrick’s loss, described it as a “profound sorrow.” A GoFundMe campaign, started by Lauren Kenney’s sisters, Liz and Bridget, has raised over $15,000 to support the family during this challenging time. The family seeks privacy as they navigate through this difficult period.

Investigation and Statements:

Authorities are actively investigating Patrick Kenney Jr.’s death. The Wong family, owners of Kowloon, issued a statement urging people not to draw conclusions until the investigation is complete.


The sudden death of Patrick Kenney Jr. has left the community in sorrow. As investigations proceed, questions linger about the circumstances of this incident. The Kenney family, grappling with the aftermath of this unexpected event, receives support through the GoFundMe campaign initiated by Lauren’s sisters.


How did Patrick Kenney Jr. die?

Patrick suffered a fatal knife wound in what authorities are calling an “accidental” incident.

What is the significance of the knife attached to Patrick’s lanyard?

The knife, attached to Patrick’s lanyard, played a role in the accidental incident. The reason for wearing it remains unclear.

How is the Kenney family coping with the tragedy?

The family described it as a “horrible tragedy” and has requested privacy as they try to make sense of Patrick’s untimely death.

What is the purpose of the GoFundMe campaign initiated by Lauren Kenney’s sisters?

The GoFundMe campaign aims to support Patrick’s wife Lauren and their two young children during this challenging time, raising funds for their future educational needs.

What is the current status of the investigation into Patrick Kenney’s death?

The death remains under investigation by both the police and the district attorney’s office, with the Wong family urging people not to jump to conclusions until the investigation is completed.

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