Who is Patrice Roberts’ Husband?

The passing of Ricardo Drue, a beloved Antiguan soca and R&B singer, has left fans and the soca community mourning. As the news broke on December 11, 2023, questions arose about his personal life, particularly his relationship with fellow soca artist Patrice Roberts.

Who was Ricardo Drue?

the loss of her fiancé and the father of her 7-year-old daughter, 34-year-old Ricardo Drue., Patrice and Drue

Ricardo Drue, born on July 31, 1985, in Antigua and Barbuda, made a significant mark in the soca music genre. With a musical journey starting at the tender age of 5, Drue’s contributions blended elements of R&B and reggae, earning him recognition and a net worth estimated between $1-5 million. Hits like “Water Pump,” “Rub Up on It,” and “Push Back” solidified his place in the Caribbean music scene.

Engagement to Patrice Roberts

The soca community celebrated when Ricardo Drue and Patrice Roberts, both accomplished soca artists, announced their engagement in July 2022. The revelation occurred during Drue’s annual “Druesday” show in Antigua, creating a moment of astonishment and joy for fans. The couple, parents to a 7-year-old daughter named Lily, shared their journey on social media, embracing their love publicly.

Ricardo Drue’s Legacy

Drue’s influence extended beyond his personal life to the soca monarch and road march domains in Antigua and Barbuda. Known for hits like “Vagabond” and “Professional,” he garnered a substantial following throughout the region. His sudden demise at the age of 38 has left a void in the Caribbean music community, emphasizing the impact he had on the genre.


July 31, 1985Ricardo Drue is born in Antigua and Barbuda.
Musical Training at 5Drue’s musical journey begins at the age of 5.
July 2022Ricardo Drue and Patrice Roberts announce their engagement during Drue’s annual “Druesday” show in Antigua.
2016Birth of their daughter, Lily.
December 8, 2023Patrice Roberts unveils a soca track inspired by her battle with anxiety.
December 11, 2023Ricardo Drue passes away at the age of 38.
December 11, 2023Patrice Roberts expresses profound grief on Instagram, sharing a video of the couple.

Patrice Roberts’ Struggle with Anxiety

Patrice Roberts revealed her struggle with anxiety just days before Ricardo Drue’s passing. On her Facebook page, she shared the challenges of living with anxiety, connecting with those facing similar battles. This revelation took place on December 8th, as she unveiled a soca track inspired by her personal experiences with anxiety, breaking the silence on mental health issues within the soca music genre.

The Future That Could Have Been

Ricardo Drue and Patrice Roberts, if married, would have joined the ranks of iconic soca couples, following in the footsteps of Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons. The couple’s engagement in 2022 marked a turning point in their relationship, strengthening their bond following the birth of their daughter in 2016.


Q1: Was Ricardo Drue married before his passing?

No, Ricardo Drue was not married. He was engaged to fellow soca artist Patrice Roberts, and plans for marriage were in the future.

Q2: What was Ricardo Drue’s net worth?

Ricardo Drue’s net worth was estimated between $1-5 million, reflecting his success in the soca and R&B genres.

Q3: How did Patrice Roberts react to Ricardo Drue’s passing?

Patrice Roberts expressed profound grief on Instagram, sharing a poignant video of the couple. The soca community and fans joined her in mourning.

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