Who Is Jolly Joseph And What Did He Do?

Who Is Jolly Joseph And What Did He Do? An Israel-affiliated trade vessel became the target of a drone strike, adding to the rising tensions in the region. Simultaneously, the true story of Jolly Joseph, a woman entangled in a web of deceit and murder, has been revealed in a Netflix documentary titled “Curry and Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case.” In this article, we delve into these two contrasting yet gripping narratives that have captured the world’s attention.

Drone Strike on Israel-Linked Trade Vessel

Who Is Jolly Joseph And What Did He Do?
Who Is Jolly Joseph And What Did He Do?
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In a incident reported by AFP, a drone strike inflicted structural damage on an Israel-affiliated merchant vessel in the Indian Ocean, 200 km southwest of Veraval, India. Fortunately, the crew escaped unharmed, and the fire onboard was swiftly extinguished. The vessel, a Liberia-flagged chemical/products tanker, had last called Saudi Arabia and was en route to India.

This unsettling event follows a series of drone and missile attacks by Iran-backed Houthis in the Red Sea, targeting commercial shipping. The attacks, allegedly in support of Palestinians in Gaza, have forced ships to alter their routes, navigating around the southern tip of Africa. The Indian Navy is actively responding to the situation, highlighting the increasing complexity of geopolitical dynamics in the region.

The Web of Lies and Tragedy Unveiled

While the world grapples with the repercussions of geopolitical tensions, a separate narrative unfolds, one that is equally unsettling. Jolly Joseph, a seemingly ordinary woman from Vazhavara village in Idukki, Kerala, turned out to be a serial killer, orchestrating a series of murders over 14 years.

Jolly’s Deceptive Beginnings

Jolly Joseph, born into wealth as the daughter of a cardamom farmer, projected an image of happiness and prosperity. Her marriage to Roy Thomas, the eldest son of the Ponnamattam family, seemed like a joyous union. However, beneath the surface, lies and deception were festering.

Roy, who was initially portrayed as a well-employed individual, turned out to be unemployed, and Jolly herself had lied about completing her post-graduation. The unraveling of these falsehoods set the stage for a series of tragic events.

Annamma Thomas

Jolly’s first victim was her mother-in-law, Annamma Thomas, driven by the fear of exposure. Annamma’s insistence on Jolly getting a job or continuing her studies prompted Jolly to forge a career as a guest lecturer, a ruse that ultimately led to Annamma’s demise in 2002.

Property Disputes and Cyanide Murders

As the layers of deception deepened, property tensions became the catalyst for Jolly’s subsequent murders. The death of Tom Thomas, Jolly’s father-in-law, in 2008, marked a sinister turn. Jolly manipulated circumstances to acquire Tom’s properties, utilizing cyanide supplied by her extramarital lover, Mathew.

The cycle continued with the death of Roy Thomas in 2011, who had inherited his father’s properties. Jolly cleverly convinced authorities of his suicide, securing her position as a landowner.

A Trail of Tragedy Continues

Jolly’s insatiable greed for a comfortable life led to the demise of her uncle Mathew and the elimination of obstacles in her path to marrying Shaju Zacharias. Her victims included Shaju’s daughter Alfine and wife Sili, all falling prey to cyanide-laced substances.

The dark secrets remained buried until Rojo Thomas, Jolly’s brother-in-law, approached the police in June 2019, seeking an investigation into the suspicious deaths. Autopsies on the exhumed bodies exposed the truth, leading to Jolly Joseph’s arrest in October 2019.

Human Emotions Amidst Tragedy

As the details of Jolly Joseph’s heinous acts emerge, one cannot help but feel a mix of anger, fear, and sadness. The unsuspecting victims, betrayed by someone they trusted, evoke a sense of sympathy. The greed-driven motives behind the murders add a layer of disgust to the narrative.

Gratitude is owed to Rojo Thomas for seeking justice and bringing to light the dark saga that unfolded within his own family. Grief envelops those who lost their loved ones to Jolly’s calculated cruelty. The emotions surrounding this case are complex, ranging from the shock of betrayal to the sorrow for lives lost.

Details In Short

  • Date: Jolly Joseph’s case spans over 14 years, from 2002 to 2016.
  • Location: The murders unfolded in Vazhavara village in Idukki, Kerala, India.
  • Names: Jolly Joseph, daughter of a wealthy cardamom farmer, and her victims including Annamma Thomas, Tom Thomas, Roy Thomas, and others.
  • Inciting Incident: Jolly’s lies about her education and her husband Roy’s unemployment set the stage for the first murder in 2002.
  • Method of Murder: Jolly used cyanide, often supplied by her extramarital lover, Mathew, to poison her victims.
  • Motives: Greed, property disputes, and a desire for a comfortable life drove Jolly’s murderous spree.
  • Discovery: Rojo Thomas, Jolly’s brother-in-law, played a crucial role in exposing the crimes by approaching the police in June 2019.
  • Legal Proceedings: Jolly Joseph was arrested on October 5, 2019, and remains in custody, facing trial for her crimes.
  • Netflix Documentary: “Curry and Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case” was released on December 22, 2023, revealing the true story behind the murders.
  • Geopolitical Context: Simultaneously, a drone strike on an Israel-linked trade vessel occurred near the Indian coast, highlighting global tensions.
  • Human Emotions: The case elicits anger, fear, sadness, and disgust, emphasizing the darkness that can reside in human hearts.
  • Conclusion: As legal proceedings continue, the quest for justice unfolds, exposing the intricate web of lies and tragedy that defined Jolly Joseph’s life.


In a world where geopolitical tensions manifest in drone strikes on trade vessels, a more insidious threat lurks within the seemingly ordinary lives of individuals. Jolly Joseph’s case serves as a chilling reminder of the darkness that can reside in human hearts. As the legal proceedings unfold, the quest for justice continues, shedding light on the intricate web of lies and tragedy that defined Jolly Joseph’s life.


Q1: What was the motive behind Jolly Joseph’s murders?

Jolly Joseph orchestrated a series of murders driven by greed, property disputes, and a desire for a comfortable life. Her victims included family members and individuals obstructing her plans.

Q2: How did the authorities initially perceive the deaths in Jolly Joseph’s case?

The initial deaths, including that of Roy Thomas, were perceived as natural or suicides. Jolly manipulated circumstances and convinced authorities, allowing her to escape suspicion.

Q3: How did Rojo Thomas become instrumental in exposing Jolly Joseph’s crimes?

Rojo Thomas, Jolly’s brother-in-law, approached the police in 2019, seeking an investigation into the suspicious deaths within the family. His actions led to the uncovering of the truth and Jolly Joseph’s arrest.

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