Who is Jafeth Torres-Diaz? What Happened to Jafeth Torres-Diaz?

Who is Jafeth Torres-Diaz? What Happened to Jafeth Torres-Diaz? On the Southwest Freeway in Houston, Texas, Jafeth Torres-Diaz, a 19-year-old carjacking suspect, became the central figure in a deadly shootout with the Houston Police Department. The incident, which took place on Saturday, November 11, involved a high-speed chase and a dramatic confrontation that left Torres-Diaz dead and a police officer injured. Here’s a detailed account of the events that transpired on that fateful day.

The Shootout

Six officers' bodycam footages were released nearly a month after the chaotic shootout that halted Southwest Freeway traffic on a Saturday.
Six officers’ bodycam footages were released nearly a month after the chaotic shootout that halted Southwest Freeway traffic on a Saturday.

The chain of events began when officers from the Houston Police Department identified a car reported stolen in connection with a recent carjacking. The driver of the stolen vehicle, later identified as Jafeth Torres-Diaz, refused to stop when officers attempted to pull him over. The ensuing pursuit led to a dramatic conclusion on the main lanes of the I-69 Southwest Freeway near Chimney Rock Road.

As Torres-Diaz crashed the stolen car into several other vehicles, Officer John Gibson, a member of the Houston Police Department, approached the scene. In a matter of seconds, the situation escalated dramatically. Torres-Diaz, armed and determined, opened fire, striking Officer Gibson in the leg. The officer’s body camera captured the intense exchange of gunfire.

Heroic Intervention of Good Samaritan

Amidst the chaos, a bystander emerged as a hero. John Lally, a Good Samaritan, risked his life to save Officer Gibson during the shootout. Lally’s body camera documented the harrowing scene as bullets flew past him while he bravely dragged the injured officer across the freeway and behind a truck to safety. This act of courage played a crucial role in ensuring the survival of Officer Gibson.

Torres-Diaz’s Defiant Actions

Despite being hit by gunfire, Jafeth Torres-Diaz displayed a chilling determination. In a desperate attempt to continue the confrontation, he tried to reload a magazine into his gun. Officers at the scene, captured by their body cameras, repeatedly instructed Torres-Diaz to drop his weapon. However, he defied their commands and attempted to enter another vehicle.


As Torres-Diaz persisted in his refusal to comply with the officers’ orders, a second round of gunfire ensued. The police, faced with a suspect who had already been hit but continued to pose a threat, took lethal action. Five officers, boasting a combined experience of over 27 years with the department, fired at Torres-Diaz. Officer Gibson, despite being injured, did not discharge his weapon during the encounter.

Details In Short:

  1. Date: November 11, 2023
  2. Time: Around 10 a.m.
  3. Location: Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas
  4. Individual Involved: Jafeth Torres-Diaz
  5. Age: 19 years old
  6. Incident Type: Carjacking and high-speed chase
  7. Police Officer: Officer John Gibson
  8. Injuries: Officer Gibson shot in the leg, three others injured in the crash
  9. Good Samaritan: John Lally
  10. Outcome: Jafeth Torres-Diaz shot and killed by police
  11. Hospitalization: Officer Gibson released from the hospital

The Incident

Following the intense gunfire exchange, Jafeth Torres-Diaz was pronounced dead at the hospital. Officer Gibson, who sustained a gunshot wound to the leg, has been released from the hospital and is on the path to recovery. In addition to the officer and the suspect, three other individuals involved in the crash were taken to the hospital for injuries sustained during the collision.


Q1: Who is Jafeth Torres-Diaz?

Jafeth Torres-Diaz was a 19-year-old individual involved in a carjacking incident that led to a high-speed chase and a deadly shootout with the Houston Police Department.

Q2: What happened during the confrontation on the Southwest Freeway?

The confrontation on the Southwest Freeway involved Jafeth Torres-Diaz, a carjacking suspect, engaging in a shootout with Houston police officers after crashing a stolen vehicle. Officer John Gibson was shot during the incident.

Q3: How did Officer John Gibson survive the shooting?

Officer John Gibson survived the shooting with the assistance of a Good Samaritan, John Lally, who risked his life to drag the injured officer to safety during the intense gunfire exchange.

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