Who Is Emma Cameron, The Miss Rodeo America of 2024

In the world of rodeo, Emma Cameron shines as the new Miss Rodeo America for 2024. Let’s get to know who she is and what this means.

Emma Cameron: A Quick Introduction

Emma Cameron, hailing from Miss Rodeo New Mexico, is the newly crowned Miss Rodeo America for 2024. Beyond being a rodeo queen, she holds the official role of spokesperson for rodeo matters. As the latest titleholder, Emma steps into the shoes of Miss Rodeo America, representing the rodeo community with authority and pride.

Miss Rodeo America’s Job:

Miss Rodeo America’s role is to be the official voice for rodeo. The competition selects an ambassador to speak officially about rodeo matters. Beyond this, there is a focus on mentoring and supporting young women in the competition, providing them with opportunities to learn and grow. The crowned Miss Rodeo America becomes a spokesperson, not only representing the sport but also contributing to the education and development of aspiring individuals within the rodeo community.

Miss Rodeo America.
Miss Rodeo America. (Image By Sherry Smith)

Emma Cameron’s Journey:

Emma Cameron’s journey to becoming Miss Rodeo America began as Miss Rodeo New Mexico. Preceded by Kennadee Riggs, who previously held the same position, Emma now steps into the role of Miss Rodeo America. This transition marks her ascent from representing New Mexico to becoming the official spokesperson for rodeo nationwide. As she follows in the footsteps of Kennadee Riggs, Emma Cameron embraces the responsibilities and honors that accompany the prestigious title of Miss Rodeo America for the year.

Congratulations to Everyone:

Congratulations extend not only to Emma Cameron but also to every dedicated cowgirl who participated in the competition. The recognition goes beyond the crowned winner, acknowledging the collective efforts and hard work put in by each participant. It’s a celebration of their commitment, showcasing the spirit and resilience of these cowgirls throughout the demanding competition. The applause is a testament to the passion and dedication they brought to the arena, making the competition a remarkable showcase of skill and determination for all involved.

Other Winners:

There were other cowgirls who did great too. We don’t know much about them, but they deserve a mention.

The first, second, third, and fourth runner ups
The first, second, third, and fourth runner ups (Image By cowgirlmagazine.com)

Miss Rodeo America’s Travels:

Emma will travel a lot during her time as Miss Rodeo America—about 100,000 miles! She’ll go to many rodeo shows and events to tell people about rodeo, its sponsors, and the opportunities it brings.


2023Emma Cameron becomes Miss Rodeo New Mexico
2024Emma Cameron becomes Miss Rodeo America
2024Emma takes over from Kennadee Riggs
2024Other cowgirls recognized as winners
2024Emma starts her travels as Miss Rodeo America


Q1: Who is Emma Cameron, and why is she important in 2024?

A1: Emma Cameron is Miss Rodeo America for 2024. She talks officially about rodeo.

Q2: What is the Miss Rodeo America competition for?

A2: It chooses someone to talk officially about rodeo and helps young women in the competition learn new things.

Q3: Who was Miss Rodeo America before Emma, and what did she do?

A3: Kennadee Riggs was before Emma, and she did the same job—talking officially about rodeo.

Q4: Why are we saying congratulations?

A4: We’re congratulating Emma and all the cowgirls who took part in the competition. They all worked hard.

Q5: What will Emma do as Miss Rodeo America?

A5: Emma will travel a lot—about 100,000 miles! She’ll go to rodeo shows and events, telling people about rodeo and its sponsors.

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