Who Is Britney Ujlaky? What Happened To Britney Ujlaky?

In the quiet town of Nevada, tragedy struck on March 8, 2020, when 16-year-old Britney Ujlaky mysteriously disappeared. The chilling details of her disappearance and subsequent murder have opened out, revealing a harrowing tale of betrayal, deception, and heartbreak.

March 8, 2020Britney Ujlaky disappears
December 7, 2023Shocking details of Britney’s murder revealed
May 23, 2022Bryce Dickey sentenced to 20 years for the crime
August 10, 2022Dickey’s sentence extended by 50 years, no parole
March 15, 2020Bryce Dickey found guilty of the crime

The Disappearance

For Jim Ujlaky, Britney’s father, that fateful day remains etched in his memory. As reported by Stephanie Thompson on “Dateline,” the nightmare began when Jim couldn’t reach Britney. The usual calls and texts went unanswered, and the agonizing silence became torture. Britney’s routine of checking in every hour abruptly halted.

16-year-old Britney Ujlaky mysteriously disappeared.
16-year-old Britney Ujlaky mysteriously disappeared.
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Jim vividly recalls, “When I got my truck, I started calling her, and it went right to voicemail.” For a father accustomed to his daughter’s hourly check-ins, the growing panic was palpable. Britney’s absence raised concerns that transcended the ordinary teenage escapades.

Unmasking the Culprit

Fast forward to December 7, 2023, when shocking details about Britney’s murder surfaced. Samadrita Roy’s report highlights the investigation’s twists and turns, ultimately pointing to Britney’s long-time friend, Bryce Dickey, as the perpetrator.

Contrary to initial beliefs that Britney’s disappearance was a runaway case, physical evidence at the crime scene shattered those illusions. Britney considered Dickey a big brother, and the revelation that he was the perpetrator was devastating for her parents.

Five Shocking Details About Britney’s Murder

  1. Trusted Friendship Shattered: Britney considered Bryce Dickey a big brother after meeting him at a local radio competition. The revelation of his involvement in her murder was a heartbreaking betrayal.
  2. Gruesome Crime Scene: The crime scene at Burner Basin revealed a blood-stained pair of boots and a used condom containing DNA from both Britney and a male, later matched to Bryce. Additional items, including a knife and a blood-stained sweatshirt, heightened the horror.
  3. Deceptive Leads: Dickey misled investigators with false information, creating a diversion by describing a “pretty tall” man with a cowboy hat and a green Ford F-150. Video surveillance footage debunked his claims.
  4. False Claims of Consensual Sex: Bryce Dickey initially claimed consensual sex with Britney before her disappearance. However, autopsy results contradicted his statement, revealing rape and suffocation.
  5. Extended Sentence: In a shocking turn of events, Bryce Dickey, initially sentenced to life with parole after 20 years, had his sentence extended by 50 years, with no possibility of parole after 20 years.

The Aftermath

As the truth emerged, the small Nevada town grappled with grief and shock. The pain of losing a beloved member lingered, as Britney’s family and friends struggled to reconcile the image of a trusted friend turned murderer.

In the wake of this devastating event, justice was served with an extended sentence for Bryce Dickey. However, the scars left on Britney’s family and the community are indelible, serving as a poignant reminder of the fragility of trust.


What led investigators to Bryce Dickey?

Physical evidence at the crime scene, including DNA and personal belongings, implicated Dickey in Britney’s murder.

Were there any misleading leads in the investigation?

Yes, Bryce Dickey provided false information, diverting attention with claims of a mysterious cowboy, later debunked by surveillance footage.

How did the community react to the shocking revelation?

The small Nevada town was plunged into mourning, struggling to come to terms with the betrayal of a trusted friend.

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