Who Is B-Phlat’s Husband?

Who Is B-Phlat’s Husband? In the lively world of comedy, B-Phlat, born Beverly Perkins in 1969, has tickled many funny bones with her “Baby Hair, Super Fresh” charm. Today, let’s explore the question buzzing among fans: Who is B-Phlat’s husband?

Early Life and Learning

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Phlat’s journey started with a fine arts degree from Fontbonne College. Her quest for knowledge led her to Drexel University in Philadelphia, aiming to become a museum curator. However, fate had different plans.

Who Is B-Phlat's Husband?
Who Is B-Phlat’s Husband? (Image By latestinbollywood.com)

B-Phlat Wiki/Bio

Name: B-Phlat
Birth Name: Beverly Perkins
Date of Birth: 1969
Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Nationality: American
Occupation: Comedian, Writer, Podcaster
Education: Fontbonne College, Drexel University
Marital Status: Married

Career and Triumphs

B-Phlat’s comedy journey started unexpectedly in 1995 at a Philadelphia talent show. Winning propelled her into comedy, standing out with a unique style that avoids common comedic themes. Her inspiration encourages self-improvement and empowerment, drawn from personal experiences.

Rise to Stardom

B-Phlat’s comedic brilliance has graced shows like the 2023 E! Channel Celebrity Game Face hosted by Kevin Hart and the 2018 Comedy Central series “This Is Not Happening” hosted by Roy Woods, Jr. She’s also been on Showtime’s “Comics Without Borders,” “1st Amendment Stand-Up Comedy,” and “Comics Unleashed.”

Spouse, Relationships & Family

Now, let’s address the mystery: Who is B-Phlat’s husband? While she keeps her personal life private, we know she is currently married to her husband, also her manager. Details about her family and siblings are kept under wraps, but she sees her fans as her extended family.

Net Worth and Earnings

In the comedy world, B-Phlat has climbed financial heights. Estimated between $1 million and $5 million in 2023, her wealth comes from comedy shows, tours, endorsements, her podcast, merchandise, and other ventures.


Q: Tell us more about B-Phlat’s education.

A: B-Phlat graduated in fine arts from Fontbonne College and pursued a Master’s in Business and Arts Administration at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Q: How did B-Phlat start her comedy career?

A: B-Phlat’s comedy journey kicked off unexpectedly in 1995 at a talent show in Philadelphia, where she won and discovered her knack for making people laugh.

Q: Who is B-Phlat’s husband?

A: B-Phlat’s husband, who also manages her, remains a private figure, and she keeps details about her personal life discreet.

Q: What is the source of B-Phlat’s wealth?

A: B-Phlat’s wealth comes from comedy shows, tours, endorsements, her podcast, merchandise, and other ventures.

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