Who does Jackie End Up with in “My Life with the Walter Brothers”?

A complicated love triangle involving Jackie, the protagonist, and the Walter brothers, Cole and Alex. The show strategically introduces the audience to Cole, the older and more popular brother, and Alex, the younger, kinder sibling. The tension builds as both brothers express their feelings for Jackie, creating a dynamic that sets the stage for an emotional rollercoaster.


Jackie’s Dilemma

Jackie finds herself in the midst of this romantic entanglement, dating Alex but harboring feelings for Cole. The narrative skillfully weaves through their interactions, creating suspense as viewers wonder who Jackie will ultimately choose. The climax of the series comes when Jackie and Cole share a passionate moment in the last episode, leaving fans eager for answers.

In “My Life with the Walter Brothers,” who is Jackie ending up with?

After concluding the series, many viewers, including this writer, were left pondering the burning question: Who does Jackie end up with?

Alex’s Confession

In the final episode, Alex drops the bombshell “I love you” during Haley and Will’s wedding, catching Jackie off guard. Her speechlessness in response raises doubts about whether she reciprocates Alex’s feelings. The subsequent scene of Alex drowning his sorrows in alcohol suggests a potential mismatch between the characters.

From a viewer’s perspective, Jackie and Alex may not be a perfect match. Jackie, an independent young woman grappling with family tragedy, may not find the depth of connection with Alex that she shares with Cole.


Series StartIntroduction of Jackie, Alex, and Cole, setting the stage for the love triangle.
Episode 5Jackie and Alex share a romantic kiss in the barn, officially starting their relationship.
ThroughoutMoments of tension and chemistry between Jackie and Cole, hinting at a deeper connection.
Season FinaleJackie and Cole share a passionate moment, leaving viewers in suspense about her choice.
Post-FinaleAuthor Ali Novak hints at a potential sequel on her website, dependent on the show’s success.
October 2023Fans await confirmation of a second season from Netflix, uncertain of Jackie’s final decision.

Hope for Jackie and Cole?

In the book, Jackie returns to NYC with Cole and Alex’s brother, Danny Walter, as friends, without establishing a romantic commitment. However, this deviation sparks hope for a potential second season, allowing Jackie and Cole’s paths to cross again.

Jackie and Cole’s compatibility becomes evident as they navigate their individual grief, providing a common ground for a deeper connection. The series finale, although leaving the relationship open-ended, hints at the possibility of Jackie and Cole’s paths converging once more.

The Future: Team Cole’s Hopes

As a fervent member of Team Cole, the prospect of Jackie going back to Alex is met with reluctance. The desire to see Jackie and Cole’s relationship evolve further adds to the anticipation for a potential second season. While waiting, fans engage in creating and watching My Life With The Walter Boys edits on platforms like TikTok, savoring every moment of the characters’ unresolved destinies.

Season 2

The burning question of who Jackie chooses remains unanswered without confirmation of a second season. Netflix has neither affirmed nor denied the possibility of a continuation. Author Ali Novak, responsible for the source material, hints at a potential sequel if a TV show adaptation materializes, leaving fans in suspense.

The uncertainty surrounding a second season leaves viewers eagerly awaiting news about Jackie’s love life and the future trajectory of My Life With The Walter Boys.


“My Life With The Walter Boys” joins Netflix’s roster of compelling teen dramas, and its ambiguous ending has left viewers theorizing about Jackie’s next steps. Whether she pursues an internship or returns home out of homesickness, the unresolved love triangle promises intrigue and potential drama in a prospective second season.


Q1: Is there a second season confirmed for My Life With The Walter Boys?

As of October 2023, Netflix has not confirmed or denied a second season. Author Ali Novak has hinted at the possibility, contingent on the success of the TV show adaptation.

Q2: Who does Jackie end up with in the series?

The series concludes without revealing Jackie’s final choice between the Walter brothers. The unresolved love triangle sets the stage for potential developments in a second season.

Q3: How does the series differ from the original novel?

While the book doesn’t establish a romantic commitment between Jackie and Cole, the series introduces the possibility of their paths crossing again, deviating from the novel’s ending.

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