Where To Find Knotroot Rods in Fortnite?

In the big world of LEGO Fortnite, finding Knotroot Rods is a bit of a challenge. These rods are like hidden treasures, making the game more interesting. Let’s dig into the details and tips from two cool sources – fortniteinsider.com and pcinvasion.com.

The Spot for Knotroot Rods

Let’s start with a cool fact: Knotroot Rods are hiding in caves. Sometimes, you can even find them in chests inside these caves. The tricky part is that caves can be different in each world, but the good news is, you usually find one not too far from your home.

Getting In and Around

To start your adventure, go and check out a cave. Just interact with it, and you’re in for the fun. But, here’s the catch – once you’re inside, you can’t use your map. It adds a bit of excitement as you explore the twists and turns in the dark.

Knotroot Rods can be found in Fortnite.
Knotroot Rods can be found in Fortnite.(PC Invasion)

Gear Up

Before going deep into the caves, make sure you have the right tools. The common Forest Axe won’t do the trick. You need to craft the Uncommon Forest Axe, and for that, you have to upgrade your Crafting Bench. Get 8 Planks of Wood and 3 Shells for the upgrade.

Crafting the Uncommon Forest Axe is another step. You’ll need 3 Bones and 3 Wooden Rods. It’s like making your superhero weapon!

Into the Cave

Once you have your cool Uncommon Forest Axe, it’s cave time. Look around, and you might spot chests inside the cave. There’s a chance you’ll find Knotroot Rods there. But the main game is with twisted vines in the cave.

Twisted Vines

These twisted vines are like magic. Take out your Uncommon Forest Axe and chop them down. That’s how you get Knotroot Rods. Easy, right? But, be careful – caves have their challenges. Skeletons, spiders, and rollers might want to say hello. Stay safe out there!

Insights from pcinvasion.com

Pcinvasion.com spills the beans on Knotroot Rods too. The top spot is still caves, and you might need some food and charms before going in. The cool thing is, you don’t just find Knotroot Rods; there are chests in the caves too.

Combat Strategies

Pcinvasion.com brings up an important point. Your common Forest Axe won’t do much. You need the Uncommon Forest Axe or better to break the roots and get Knotroot Rods. The journey to chests is exciting but watch out for those rollers and skeletons chasing you.

Smart Moves

Finding Knotroot Rods in chests can be a bit like a game of luck. Sometimes, after exploring a whole cave with around 10 chests, you might find only one Knotroot Rod. So, maybe, check out another cave and try again. And if you’re in a hurry, the best way is to use the Uncommon Forest Axe to get them faster.

Conclusion :

In the hunt for Knotroot Rods, LEGO Fortnite players dive into an exciting mix of exploration, crafting, and battles. The caves, with their mysteries and dangers, become the stage for a gaming experience that needs both skill and strategy. As the community keeps figuring out the secrets of Knotroot Rods, one thing is for sure – the journey is as important as reaching the destination in the LEGO Fortnite world.


Q1: Can Knotroot Rods be found outside of caves?

A: No, Knotroot Rods are exclusively located within caves in the LEGO Fortnite universe.

Q2: Is the common Forest Axe sufficient for obtaining Knotroot Rods?

A: No, players must craft the Uncommon Forest Axe to have a chance at harvesting Knotroot Rods.

Q3: How many chests should I expect to find in a cave?

A: The number of chests may vary, but thorough exploration may reveal around 10 chests in a single cave.

Q4: Are Knotroot Rods commonly found in chests?

A: Insights suggest that Knotroot Rods in chests might be rare, with players often discovering only one after exploring numerous chests.

Q5: What is the recommended strategy for avoiding enemies in the caves?

A: Swift navigation is crucial; avoid lingering at chests to evade relentless pursuit from skeletons in the caves.

Q6: Can Knotroot Rods be obtained without encountering enemies?

A: While chests offer an alternative, cutting twisted vines with the Uncommon Forest Axe is the primary method, often leading to encounters with skeletons, spiders, and rollers.

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