What Happened to Trevor Lawrence’s Ankle?

What Happened to Trevor Lawrence’s Ankle? In a critical game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Jacksonville Jaguars faced an unexpected setback as their star quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, suffered a concerning injury. The incident unfolded with just above four minutes remaining in the game, leaving fans and the football community anxious about the extent of Lawrence’s injury and its potential impact on the Jaguars’ season.

The Critical Moment

Leading the charge against the Bengals with a tied score of 28-28, Trevor Lawrence faced a game-changing moment. A tackle behind the line of scrimmage resulted in an awkward bend of his right ankle, prompting immediate distress. Lawrence attempted to get up, but the visible pain forced him to collapse to the turf, throwing his helmet away in frustration. The nature of the injury hinted at its seriousness, raising concerns among Jacksonville fans.

The Locker Room Episode

Following the injury, Lawrence was assisted by medical personnel to the locker room, underlining the severity of the situation. The image of Lawrence requiring help and the frustration evident in his actions painted a worrisome picture for the Jaguars. The injury occurred late in the game, making it highly unlikely for Lawrence to return, despite the official designation of “questionable.”

Incident DateSeptember 2023
EventTrevor Lawrence’s Injury during Jaguars vs. Bengals Game
Injury TypeAnkle Sprain
Game SituationScores Tied at 28-28
Incident DescriptionTackled behind the line of scrimmage, Lawrence’s right leg bent awkwardly
ReactionThrew helmet in frustration, collapsed to the turf
Medical AssistanceTaken to the locker room with assistance
Further ExaminationTaken to X-Ray room
StatusInitially listed as questionable, pending further testing
Postgame StatusOn crutches, wearing a walking boot
Backup QuarterbackC.J. Beathard took over
Game OutcomeBengals won 34-31
Team’s RecordJaguars fell to 8-4
Impact on AFC Playoff RaceSignificant impact on the playoff race
Remaining GamesAgainst Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, and Tennessee Titans
Lawrence’s Performance (Pre-injury)Completed 67.3% of passes, 249.6 yards per game, 12 touchdowns, 7 interceptions
Pro Bowler StatusPro Bowler in his second NFL season (previous year)

The X-Ray Revelation

The broadcast later disclosed that Trevor Lawrence was taken to the X-Ray room for further evaluation. Although officially listed as questionable, the prospects of his return looked bleak. Comparisons were drawn to the scenario where Joe Burrow, the Bengals’ starter, was replaced by Jake Browning in a previous game against the Baltimore Ravens, leading to a successful performance.

Concerning Trend of Quarterback Injuries

Trevor Lawrence’s injury adds to a growing list of quarterback injuries this season. Notable names like Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, and Kenny Pickett have faced injuries, highlighting a concerning trend in the NFL. Despite protective measures, quarterbacks are sustaining injuries at an alarming rate, possibly indicating the heightened strength of defenses this season.

Source Confirmation

According to reports, Trevor Lawrence left Monday’s game against the Bengals with what is now being reported as an ankle sprain. The injury occurred late in the fourth quarter when Lawrence’s right leg was awkwardly bent during a tackle. The immediate response, with Lawrence slamming his helmet to the turf, suggested the severity of the injury.

Postgame Reports and Diagnosis

Postgame reports indicated that Trevor Lawrence was initially listed as questionable with an ankle injury. The initial diagnosis pointed towards an ankle sprain, pending further testing. Head coach Doug Pederson, in a postgame statement, mentioned ongoing evaluations and further tests for Lawrence. The quarterback was seen on crutches and wearing a walking boot after the game, hinting at the seriousness of the injury.

Impact on the Jaguars and Playoff Race

The potential significance of Trevor Lawrence’s injury looms large over the Jaguars and the AFC playoff race. The Jaguars, at 8-3 before the game, had an opportunity to secure the No. 1 seed in the AFC with a win. However, the loss drops them to 8-4, trailing the 9-3 Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens. Lawrence’s role as a critical component of Jacksonville’s success emphasizes the potential impact of his absence in the upcoming crucial games against the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, and Tennessee Titans.


As the football world awaits further updates on Trevor Lawrence’s injury, the uncertainty surrounding his return raises questions for the Jaguars’ season. The emotional and physical toll of the injury, coupled with the broader trend of quarterback injuries in the league, underscores the challenges faced by star players. Jacksonville fans, who regarded Lawrence as their MVP, now eagerly await news on when he can return to the field and continue leading their team.


Q: What is the nature of Trevor Lawrence’s injury?

A: Trevor Lawrence suffered an ankle sprain during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Q: How did the injury occur?

A: Lawrence’s right leg was awkwardly bent during a tackle, resulting in an ankle sprain.

Q: What is the current status of Trevor Lawrence’s injury?

A: The initial diagnosis is an ankle sprain, and further tests are underway to assess the extent of the injury.

Q: How will Trevor Lawrence’s absence impact the Jaguars and the AFC playoff race?

A: The absence of Trevor Lawrence could have a significant impact on the Jaguars’ season and their position in the AFC playoff race.

Q: When can we expect updates on Trevor Lawrence’s condition?

A: Updates on Trevor Lawrence’s condition are expected after ongoing evaluations and further tests, as mentioned by head coach Doug Pederson.

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