Steven Schwartz, DC: 85 Year Old Man Stabs Wife Over Pancakes

Steven Schwartz, DC: 85 Year Old Man Stabs Wife Over Pancakes. On a quiet Sunday morning, tragedy unfolded in a Northwest D.C. home as 85-year-old Steven Schwartz allegedly stabbed his 81-year-old wife, Sharon Schwartz, over a breakfast dispute involving pancakes. The devastating consequences of the altercation have left the community in shock and disbelief.

The Pancake Dispute

Steven Schwartz, DC: 85 Year Old Man Stabs Wife Over Pancakes
Steven Schwartz, DC: 85 Year Old Man Stabs Wife Over Pancakes
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Steven Schwartz revealed to Detective Jeffery Clay that the argument erupted when Sharon suggested he should have pancakes for breakfast to regain lost weight due to recent physical and psychiatric disorders. The elderly man, grappling with health issues, recounted that his wife, described as a “bit of a taskmaster,” was only trying to help him recover. Sharon’s love for her husband, wanting him to be well, took a tragic turn in the confines of their home.

Sunday morning, as Steven hesitated about consuming pancakes, a dispute ensued, leading to a plate crashing against the wall. In a moment of rage, he reached for a carving knife, resulting in a fatal confrontation. A concerned neighbor, hearing a scream, promptly called for help, but by the time the police arrived, it was too late. Sharon Schwartz lay lifeless near the front door, having suffered a fatal stab wound to her heart.

A Glimpse into Steven Schwartz’s Mind

As authorities arrived, they found Steven clutching the murder weapon and unwilling to let go. A Taser had to be employed to subdue him. His self-inflicted stab wound added another layer to the grim scene. In the subsequent police interview, Schwartz, admitting his struggle with depression and paranoia, expressed a profound love for his late wife of 40 years.

Steven recounted leaning down to kiss his wife as she lay on the floor, describing it as “the most beautiful kiss.” At the hospital, he reportedly told medical staff, “She doesn’t deserve this. I deserve it. She does not. I killed her. Oh, my Lord.”

Schwartz Faces Second-Degree Murder Charge

The District of Columbia has formally charged Steven Schwartz with second-degree murder while armed. During his appearance before the court via video, Schwartz entered a not-guilty plea. The judge, finding probable cause, ordered him held without bond until the preliminary hearing scheduled for January 2, 2024.

Details In Short

  • Date: December 16, 2023
  • Location: Northwest D.C. home in the 1300 block of Corcoran Street NW
  • Individuals Involved:
  • Steven Schwartz, 85 years old
  • Sharon Schwartz, 81 years old
  • Incident Time: Sunday morning
  • Incident Trigger: Breakfast dispute over pancakes
  • Context: Sharon suggested pancakes to help Steven regain lost weight due to health issues
  • Escalation: Dispute led to a plate crashing against the wall, prompting Steven to grab a carving knife
  • Outcome: Fatal confrontation resulted in Sharon Schwartz suffering a fatal stab wound to her heart
  • Community Reaction: Shock and disbelief among neighbors
  • Emergency Response: Concerned neighbor called for help upon hearing a scream
  • Legal Proceedings: Steven Schwartz charged with second-degree murder while armed
  • Court Appearance: Not-guilty plea entered during a video appearance; held without bond until January 2, 2024, preliminary hearing

A Mix of Grief, Sympathy, and Bewilderment

The tragic incident has left the community grappling with a mix of emotions—grief over the loss of a beloved member, sympathy for the elderly couple, and bewilderment at the seemingly trivial trigger for such a catastrophic outcome. Friends and neighbors are left to ponder the complex dynamics that led to this fateful breakfast dispute.


Q1: What led to the fatal argument between Steven and Sharon Schwartz?

The argument reportedly erupted over whether Steven should have pancakes for breakfast, as suggested by his wife to help him regain lost weight due to health issues.

Q2: How did the police respond to the incident?

The police were alerted by a concerned neighbor who heard a scream. Upon arrival, they found Sharon Schwartz fatally wounded and Steven holding a knife, resulting in his arrest.

Q3: What charges does Steven Schwartz face?

Steven Schwartz has been charged with second-degree murder while armed in connection with the stabbing death of his wife, Sharon Schwartz.

Q4: What is the next legal step for Steven Schwartz?

Steven Schwartz’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 2, 2024, where he will face further legal proceedings.

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