Ryan Drew Sparks, Tulsa: The Missing Case Of a 31-Year-Old Man

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, people are worried about 31-year-old Ryan Drew Sparks. He went missing after taking a break from work at Sparks Holiday Lighting and Sparks Property Care & Repair. This has led to a big effort from the community and the police to find out what happened.

The Disappearance:

On December 11, 2023, Ryan left his job for a short break but didn’t come back. His phones were off after 6 P.M., and this worried everyone. The community and the police are trying hard to figure out where he is. It’s a tough situation for Tulsa, and people are really concerned.

The case of a 31-year-old man, Ryan Drew Sparks, in Tulsa, is missing. (Image By maugiaoso9-bd.edu.vn)

Community Support:

The people in Tulsa are coming together to help find Ryan. Everyone is working together, showing how strong the community is in tough times. The search for Ryan is a big deal for everyone in Tulsa, and people are trying their best to support his family.

Details About Ryan Drew Sparks:

Name: Ryan Drew Sparks
Age: 31
Residence: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Occupation: Owner/Operator of Sparks Holiday Lighting and Sparks Property Care & Repair
Education: Thomas Edison Preparatory School, Richland College
Circumstances of Disappearance: Left job site for a break, never returned

Discovery of the Body:

The search for Ryan sadly ended when his body was found. The police are now looking into what happened before his death. It’s a sad situation, and people are trying to understand what happened.


Q1: Why did Ryan Drew Sparks go missing?

A1: Ryan took a break from work and didn’t return, making people worried and leading to a big effort to find him.

Q2: Has Ryan Drew Sparks been found?

A2: Yes, sadly, they found Ryan after searching for him. Now, the police are looking into what happened.

Q3: How is the Tulsa community helping in finding Ryan?

A3: People in Tulsa are working together to find Ryan, showing how strong the community is when someone needs help.

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