Rick Ford Missing: What Happened To Thomas Richard Ford?

In Mountain Springs, Texas, folks are puzzled and worried about their neighbor, Thomas Richard Ford, known as Rick Ford. He hasn’t been seen since December 6, and the town is coming together to find him.

Where is Rick Ford?

The last anyone heard from Rick was on December 6. He was on his way to Dallas Love Field Airport, driving a silver Chevy Cruze with a damaged right side. But here’s the mystery – no one knows if he made it to Dallas, and that’s causing a lot of concern.

Rick Ford wearing a red shirt and hat.
Rick Ford wearing a red shirt and hat. (Image By hausanew.com)

The Community’s Response

The people in Mountain Springs are like a big family. When one of their own goes missing, they all jump in to help. Rick’s wife, Jade, is worried sick, and the whole town is keeping an eye out for any sign of him.

The Emotional Side

This isn’t easy for anyone. Imagine your friend or neighbor just disappearing. It’s like a big question mark hanging over the town. The worry is real, and the hope is that Rick will come back home safe and sound.

The Missing Poster Of Rick
The Missing Poster Of Rick (Image By hausanew.com.ng)

Coming Together

The community is doing everything it can to find Rick. Friends, neighbors, and even people who don’t know him well are joining the search. Everyone is hoping to spot Rick or his car and bring him back home.

Update: A Sad News

The search took a sad turn. Rick’s family and friends confirmed that they found his body. The details about what happened weren’t shared immediately, making it even sadder.

Cinder Lakes Ranch, where Rick worked, thanked everyone for trying to find him. They shared how loved Rick was and how much his passing hurts.

Timeline Of the Incident:

December 6, 2023-Rick Ford was last heard from, traveling to Dallas Love Field Airport.
December 8, 2023-Concerns rise as there is no confirmation of Rick’s arrival at the intended destination.
-Community mobilization begins as friends, family, and neighbors join the search efforts.
-Rick’s distinctive silver Chevy Cruze with hail damage becomes a focal point in the search.
-Jade, Rick’s wife, urges anyone with information to contact the police or reach out to her.
December 8, 2023-Update: Rick’s body is found; details surrounding his passing are not immediately disclosed.


Q1: When did anyone last hear from Rick Ford?

A1: The last time anyone heard from Rick was on December 6.

Q2: What’s special about Rick’s car?

A2: Rick drives a silver Chevy Cruze, and the right side is a bit damaged.

Q3: How can people help find Rick?

A3: If anyone knows anything, they should tell the police or contact Rick’s wife, Jade.

Q4: How does the town feel about Rick’s disappearance?

A4: The town is worried and wants Rick to come back home safely.

Q5: What’s the latest news about Rick?

A5: Sadly, Rick Ford’s body was found, bringing a lot of sadness to the community.

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