Pastor Kurt Schilling Car Accident Details

In Saukville, Wisconsin on December 17, 2023. Pastor Kurt Schilling lost his four kids – Daniel, Fabian, Lilian, and Daniela Schilling in a car accident. This has left the small community in shock and sadness.

What Happened

A truck crashed into an SUV, causing three people to die instantly. Another person from the SUV, taken to the hospital with serious injuries, also passed away later. The truck driver went to the hospital too.

Pastor Kurt Schilling Car Accident Details
Pastor Kurt Schilling Car Accident Details (Image By

About Pastor Kurt Schilling

Pastor Kurt, originally from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, is well-known in Saukville. He works as a National Architectural Coatings Consultant and is an active member of Emmaus Lutheran Church. The Schilling family is known for their kindness, and the loss of all four children has deeply affected the community.

Community Response

People in the community are still trying to understand what happened. Without clear information, the shock and sadness are intense. To help the Schilling family, a GoFundMe campaign called “Gonzalez Children” was started by Trisha Loehrke from Weyauwega, Wisconsin. The goal was $40,000, and as of today, it has raised $6,906.

Community Unity

The support for the Schilling family isn’t just about money. People are leaving kind messages on the GoFundMe page, showing that the community stands together during tough times. Even small donations make a big difference.

Law Enforcement’s Role

The police are investigating the accident. They got a call about the crash, and they think alcohol might have been involved. The investigation aims to find out exactly what led to this sad event.

Condolences from the Community

People in the community are expressing their sadness on social media. Angela Parker Eastwood shared memories of Pastor Schilling’s time at Redeemer Lutheran Church. Others, like Renee Buhrow, left messages on the GoFundMe page, expressing their sympathy.

Details In Short:-

  1. Date of the Car Accident: December 17, 2023
  2. Time of the Accident: Evening, around 9:13 pm
  3. Location: Saukville, Wisconsin
  4. People Involved: Pastor Kurt Schilling’s children – Daniel, Fabian, Lilian, and Daniela Schilling
  5. Fatalities: Three people died at the accident scene; another person from the SUV died later in the hospital.
  6. Injured: The driver of the pickup truck was taken to a health facility.
  7. Community Response: The Saukville community has come together to support the grieving Schilling family.
  8. Fundraising Campaign: A GoFundMe campaign, “Gonzalez Children,” was initiated by Trisha Loehrke to assist with burial expenses.
  9. Fundraising Goal: The campaign aimed to raise $40,000.
  10. Current Fundraising Status: As of now, the campaign has raised $6,906.
  11. Law Enforcement Involvement: The Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the accident, with initial indications suggesting alcohol might have played a role.
  12. Community Messages: Messages of condolences and support are pouring in on social media and the GoFundMe page from community members, expressing their sorrow for the tragic loss.


Q1: What caused the car accident?

A1: The police are still figuring out what happened. A truck hit an SUV, leading to the deaths of Pastor Kurt Schilling’s four children.

Q2: How is the community helping the Schilling family?

A2: There’s a GoFundMe campaign called “Gonzalez Children” to help with funeral expenses. It has already raised over $6,906.

Q3: Any updates on the police investigation?

A3: The police believe alcohol might have played a role in the crash. They are looking into the details to understand what exactly happened.

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