Old Man Turns Into a Zombie & Eats The Teen That Took His Daughter’s Seat

Old Man Turns Into a Zombie & Eats The Teen That Took His Daughter’s Seat, Something really strange happened on Guangzhou’s subway Line 4, turning a regular day into a scary experience. A retired teacher, Chen, aged 67, had a serious disagreement with a 28-year-old man named Wu. What started as an argument over a subway seat ended in a way that nobody could have expected.

The Scary Fight:

This weird incident took place on October 7, 2012, and it left people on the subway completely shocked. Wu wanted a seat and went past Chen, which made Chen really mad. He scolded Wu for not respecting older people, and things got out of control. The argument turned physical, and Chen did something really strange—he bit Wu. This turned the subway car into a scene from a horror movie, with both of them covered in blood. People tried to stop the fight, but they couldn’t.

Old Man Turns Into a Zombie & Eats The Teen That Took His Daughter's Seat

Surprisingly, even though it was a big fight, both Chen and Wu only got minor injuries. Nobody pressed charges against them, and later, they said sorry for what happened. This strange incident left people who saw it really upset, and it became a big topic on social media.

Trying to Understand What Happened:

People are now trying to figure out why Chen acted so strangely. Some people say it was like he turned into a zombie, like in movies. Experts are looking into this to see if there’s a medical or mental health reason for what happened.

This strange event has made people feel all kinds of things—some are mad, some are scared, and some just can’t believe it. The police are looking into it to find out why this happened on Guangzhou’s subway.

What Comes After:

This strange event has made people worry about safety on the subway and has also made them think about how people should treat each other. Some are asking if there’s enough security on the subway, and others are talking about how people need to be more respectful. It’s not just a strange event; it’s making people think about bigger things.

People in Guangzhou are feeling a lot of emotions—sad because things like this shouldn’t happen, disgusted because of the violence, and confused about why it happened in a public place. It’s also making people think about how we can help people with mental health issues in our community.

Social Media Talk:

After the news came out, everyone started talking about it on social media. People were shocked and scared, and they shared their thoughts using #GuangzhouZombie. On Twitter, @InvestigativeMind said, “If you want to know more about what happened, follow me for clear and detailed information.”

Details In Short:

  1. Date: October 7, 2012
  2. Time: Not specified
  3. Location: Guangzhou, China, Subway Line 4
  4. Individuals Involved: Old Man (Retired Teacher): Chen, 67 years old, Teenager: Wu, 28 years old
  5. Incident Type: Altercation over a subway seat
  6. Trigger: Wu pushing past Chen
  7. Confrontation Details: Heated exchange over respect for elders ,Escalated into a physical fight ,Chen biting Wu
  8. Result: Both covered in blood, witnesses unable to intervene
  9. Injuries: Minor injuries for both Chen and Wu
  10. Legal Actions: No charges filed against either individual
  11. Apologies: Both Chen and Wu later apologized for their actions
  12. Social Media Impact: Trending hashtag #GuangzhouZombie, sparking discussions on mental health, subway safety, and social etiquette.


Q1: Did anyone get seriously hurt in the fight?

A1: Surprisingly, both Chen and Wu only had small injuries even though it was a big fight.

Q2: Did the police do anything about the fight?

A2: No, the police didn’t charge Chen or Wu, and both of them said sorry later.

Q3: Why did Chen start acting like a zombie?

A3: Experts are checking to see if there’s a medical reason for Chen’s strange behavior.

Q4: Are people talking about this on social media?

A4: Yes, social media is full of people talking about it, and they’re using #GuangzhouZombie to share their thoughts.

Q5: How are people feeling in Guangzhou about this incident?

A5: People in Guangzhou are feeling different things—sad, disgusted, and confused about why this happened in a public place. It’s making them think about bigger issues like safety and how people treat each other.

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